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October 25th 2016
Published: October 25th 2016
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Early SkyEarly SkyEarly Sky

Looking back after about an hours walking
We are heading to Finisterre where our Camino really ends; about 860kms of fun, sun, pain, rain, mountains, valleys, more medieval stuff than you could ever imagine, and just about the friendliest people you'll meet on this planet.

Today began in the soft lighting of the Plaza and backstreets of Santiago, but quickly dimmed as we entered dense forests with full overhead cover. It was like walking in a large tunnel with no end. Strangely, about 30 minutes into the dark appeared a small 2 man tent pitched by the path; now that's dedication for you. I just clicked my way by and wondered what that little 'parcel' contained. A little further on I encountered a narrow stone bridge. It was really only about 400mm wide so you couldn't use the poles to steady yourself so steady as she goes. It wasn't long but it was a fair drop into a creek if you fell.

Breakfast was at about the 9 km mark and after a coffee and croissant, I decided to just give the last 12 kms an uninterrupted go. There was one steep, unrelenting climb of about 3kms from Augapesada to Trasmonte. It was mainly natural paths
The Brits Love ItThe Brits Love ItThe Brits Love It

I think it's not just the sun and beer the Brits like about Spain. They seem to build ugly housing estates here just as they have in the home country. ( this is just the opinion of the author and does not reflect on the lovely people denigrated in this piece; no correspondence please, it's all about the houses!)
so, while very steep, it was enjoyable. Many paths today have been on asphalt surfaces and can be hard on your feet. The forest are predominantly eucalyptus trees and there were signs of fires that had passed through; ah well, they will plant gum trees.

The one thing I didn't see much of today was people. Walking today was very pilgrim free, and I read where only 10% of people who go to Santiago walk any further. Great, that's what I like to hear. Today, other than John, I saw 2 Chinese people, a Korean named Benedict and a Spanish guy.

Well, I'm showered, clean and might explore this wonderful ( read sarcastically) village. I know the industrial look is 'hip' these days, but not this industrial. The whole town looks a bit tired but I'm sure I'm about to learn otherwise . There is a large supermarket over the road from our room with a view and I need to buy up, so that is a first call. Fruit and veg are not high on the pilgrim diet and I like to keep a few things just to balance the body. Pics will show more,

The Smallest Old Bridge I've SeenThe Smallest Old Bridge I've SeenThe Smallest Old Bridge I've Seen

This was basically in someone's backyard.
is a 33+kms day so I'll be up early. It is the last big day of walking and the following 2 nights are in seaside villages.Can't wait., Adios

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Resting Spaniard. Resting Spaniard.
Resting Spaniard.

Sounds a bit like a yoga pose !

Village of TrasmonteVillage of Trasmonte
Village of Trasmonte

The top of the mountain . Had a coffee and chocolate to celebrate the long climb; any excuse.
Ponte MaseiraPonte Maseira
Ponte Maseira

The loveliest place I passed through today. Bridge, river, and village are all postcard stuff.

Medieval Village of Ponte Maceira...Medieval Village of Ponte Maceira...
Medieval Village of Ponte Maceira...

.......with double glassed windows.
A Tired MarkerA Tired Marker
A Tired Marker

Just resting against a tree. This was at the 4 km to walk mark and it was mainly natural paths through cool mossy forest from here.
Negreira Negreira

Pilgrim Statue. Is he: 1 Doing a Michael Jackson move. 2 Showing some leg Or 3 Having a scratch ...a small applause for the correct entry.
After 2 Hotel Nights...After 2 Hotel Nights...
After 2 Hotel Nights...

..paper sheets and pillow slips again. Feels more like the last months home.
Room With A ViewRoom With A View
Room With A View

Negreira CBD. It's all here; John even had a haircut.

26th October 2016

Glad you are still in one piece and haven't lost your sense of humour. Keep up the pace!
26th October 2016

34kms Today...
...1 was 500meters back to find out I was going the right way, then 500 meters back again. Going well, first in the Alburgue....again. Pick of the beds. Mine is always bottom bunk closest to the toilet. It's a nocturnal thing.

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