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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov July 20th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Dans la journée sur la route, je me disais, que lorsque j'avais préparé (sommairement) ce voyage, je devais encore avoir dans l'esprit, kilomètres et temps de route par rapport à l'Amérique du nord. Aujourd'hui pour 280km, il m'a fallu une bonne journée de volant. 50kmh, est bonne moyenne. En 2014, j'ai eu fait plus de 3 fois cette distance sans problème et sans fatigue. De Budapest à Chinisau, j'avais prévu 2 jours, je vais en mettre 4. Et je pense que pour la suite du voyage, je serais dans les mêmes écarts de temps. Pas grave personne ne m'attends à la maison. Hier au soir, j'étais content, en arrivant de bonne heure à l'hôtel, j'avais fini ma page d'écriture plus tôt que d'habitude, que le ciel paraissait se dégagé, j'en ai profité pour ... read more
château de Dracula
l'église de Sighisoara
figures locales

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov January 8th 2020

The place I was staying didn't have a kitchen, which meant I needed to find somewhere to have breakfast. In a big tourist town like Brasov, I thought that would be easy. I was proven very wrong. I had found a place online that looked quite good, but I had forgotten the name by the time I got in the right vicinity of the restaurant/cafe. There were quite a few places that looked shut, another cafe that was completely dead, normally that wouldn't bother me, but for some reason it did here. So, I ended up at Starbucks on the main square. I had a coffee and some kind of cheese, pesto, and I think tomato focaccia/ciabatta thing. It was quite nice. I enjoyed relaxing in the cafe as it wasn't too busy. Now, I was ... read more
Mount Tampa
Mount Tampa

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov January 7th 2020

When I got to the train station in Sibiu, I found out that my train was delayed by 40 minutes. Great, 4 minutes longer that I could have had in bed. The station was pretty cold, but at least there was free wifi. I love that all the train stations in Romania have free wifi. The journey to Brasov took a couple of hours. Second class was very comfortable (I had previously taken first class on my journey to Sibiu), but absolutely freezing. I don't know why the train was so cold, but everyone was bundled up, trying to nap. I really don't like that they don't announce the train stations on Romanian trains. I had to do a bit of guesswork with my arrival time because of the delay. Luckily, most people seemed to be ... read more
Piata Sfatului

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov July 24th 2019

Anul acesta am alees sa mergem in vacanta in Poiana Brasov. Cu toate ca cea mai buna perioada este iarna, am vrut sa vedem cum este si vara, si sa ne bucuram de verdeata pe care o ofera Poiana Brasov, si nu de dealurile inzapzite pentru ski. Planificarea a inceput intr-o miercuri, care promitea ca vineri sa fim deja pe drum, asa ca am inceput sa alcatuim cate un rucsac mare de haine si accesorii, si am sunat la o firma de inchirieri auto din Bucuresti care sa ne asigure transportul pana la Poiana si inapoi. Vineri dimineata am impachetat niste sandwisuri pentru drum, am incarcat masina cu de toate si am pornit. De obicei vinerea este aglomerat, dar cand am iesit pe A3 am constatat ca lumea nu prea se inghesuia la munte, pentru ca ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov July 6th 2019

Is there such a thing? With a little effort, even you can be invited back for another visit. From the great great granddaughter, Lizzie Post of Emily Post: Having a free place to stay is the ultimate money-saving dream scenario for travelers, whether it’s a pied-à-terre in Paris, a house in the Hamptons, or a tiny flat in Tokyo. How do you handle yourself in the wonderful scenarios when no money changes hands? Here is a good rule: leave the house in as good or better condition than you found it. Also, do not snoop around, and don't go in rooms that you do not need. Closing off rooms and leaving them untouched is a great idea. Make sure you ask about interne... read more
Don't be him or her!

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 7th 2018

Dag 11 – Rondreis Roemenië – vrijdag 7 september 2018 – Busuitstap Sinaia, Brasov Daguitstap naar Sinaia, een mondain ski-oord aan de rand van de Karpaten, met bezoek aan het voormalig koninklijk zomerpaleis. Niet direct mijn ding, wel dat van honderden anderen die zoals wij moesten aanschuiven om binnen te geraken. Streng verboden binnen te fotograferen. Misschien om de decadente rijkdom van voormalige koningshuizen niet digitaal te verspreiden. Dan naar een wijnproeverij wat ik toch wat interessanter vond. Met als afsluiter een stadstoer in Brasov, niet lang geleden nog Kronstadt genoemd, nu mooie hoofdstad van deze regio.... read more
voor het paleis van Peles
Weingut 'Rhein & Co in Azuga.
Weingut 'Rhein & Co in Azuga.

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov June 16th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling southeast from Viscri to Brasov (via Bran Castle). We woke early and headed to the main homestay house for breakfast. We’d dined in an outdoor alcove the night before, but this morning we were under the house in the cellar. It was a very atmospheric setting. We grazed on sourdough bread, cheese, zacusca (eggplant and red pepper spread), scrambled eggs, honey and tea, and it was an amazing start to the day. We headed back to our homestay, organised our packs and waited on the roadside for our minibus to pick us up. We retraced the incredibly rough track out of the village, turned onto the highway and travelled towards Brasov with bygone castles overlooking us from the hills above. It almost felt like they were granting us safe passage ... read more
bran castle
bran castle
bran castle

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov April 2nd 2017

Brasov, orasul atestat documentar in 1252 sub numele latin Corona sau denumirea germana Kronstadt, care inseamna "Orasul Coroana" sub numele latin Corona sau denumirea germana Kronstadt, care inseamna "Orasul Coroana", ambele denumiri fiind oglindite in sigla orasului. Oras fondat de catre Cavalerii Teutonici in 1211, iar urmele colonistilor germani pot fi observate in arhitectura gotica, baroca si renascentista, impreuna cu o multitudine de atractii istorice pastrate sau refacute/renovate cat sa ne atraga si pe noi sa le revizitam. Zona pietonala din centrul vechi ne-a intampinat cu o bogata varietate de terase de unde puteam urmari funicularul de pe muntele Tampa. Cazare gasita intr-un apartament stil garsoniera cu bucatarie si baie moderna inclusa, cu priveliste de vis, cu parcare gratuita, asta poate ca am ajuns in extrasezon. Strada CD Gherea nr 38-5star residence la 1,5 km de ... read more
privelistea de vis

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov October 13th 2016

We nearly went to Italy – again. Not that there is anything wrong with that but we were in danger of becoming serial visitors, automatically going off to Italy at every opportunity – well, it is pretty fabulous but then there are a whole lot of places that we have never visited that are also pretty fabulous. So we decided to visit Romania, Transylvania specifically. At Bucharest airport we collected our rental car and headed off for our first stop, Brasov, where we would be spending 5 days. We had intended to stay the first two days in Sinaia to be close to Peles Castle and the mountains but after reading that they were closed on Monday and Tuesday (the days we were supposed to be there), we decided it would be better to stay in ... read more
Portrait of a smiling goat
Goat herder with his sheep and goats
View from the hotel to Brasov citadel

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 11th 2016

Trains work better than buses here in Romania and thus I found myself on a fairly old-school one from Bucharest to Brasov; it was one of those classic trains with a side aisle and individual cabins of six seats each, of which mine was shared with three old Romanian ladies. The 10€, 2 1/2 hour ride was comfortable. Now I've visited enough cities around the world to know that the bus network works differently in almost every one of them. In some places you buy your ticket before boarding, in some you buy from the driver and in others you have a dude on the bus who sells you a ticket. Arriving at Brasov's train station, I knew I had to catch bus no.4 and the bus was just about to leave when I arrived so ... read more
Strada Muresenilor
View From Mt Tampa
Piata Sfatului

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