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any advice on transilvania

Is it safe to travel to Transilvania
12 years ago, February 8th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #128566  
Hello all i'm going travelling in September and i'm travelling round europe for a month and would love to visit Transilvania any advice on going there would be greatly appricated is it safe to travel there on you're own if you are a woman? does anyone know of any scary castles to stay in and what's accomdation like there? Happy travelling to all I can't wait to go if i had all the money now I would be gone (:0) xx Reply to this

12 years ago, February 24th 2011 No: 2 Msg: #129776  
I was in Romania this past July, I was a solo female backpacker and I meet the nicest people who helped me in ways that I can could never forget them. When I was in Brasov I stayed at this hostel "Rolling Stone Hostel" they booked these really neat tours for us. The one we went on was a 9 hour tour, there was just three of us and our driver. We went through the country side, climbed Vlad's ruined fortress and went through the mountains down a crazy windy road that is in the show "Top Gear".
I would love to have stayed and exploded Romania more then the 8 days I was there.
Not sure if there is any castles to stay in but you can sure visit them.
I found Bran Castle to be over rated and PACKED with tourist. Every other place I went to only had small groups of Romania tourist.
Do not miss this country I love it.
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12 years ago, April 16th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #133981  

I am from Romania. It is a very beutiful country. You have a lot of places to visit.
If you need my help, this is my email adrees: <snip>
I don't know english very well..

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12 years ago, April 19th 2011 No: 4 Msg: #134163  
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Transylvania's fine, just be careful changing money / with taxis / don't talk to people hassling you about accommodation at the train station / usual Eastern Europe precautions. Don't know about staying in castles though, we stayed in a hostel in Brasov and one little guest house in a village near Sighisoara and both were fine. Reply to this

12 years ago, April 25th 2011 No: 5 Msg: #134540  
Hello Anne Marie 😊

I have been to Transilvania 3 times, twice alone. It is safe enough, in my opinion.

I would not wander around dark isolated streets alone, be in a train compartment alone, or anywhere a man might appear while you are there alone. While it is certainly safe to be in Transilvania as a women, being in isolated places alone can attract strange and unwelcome attention. Here is one example: I was travelling accross Romania on a train with a couple of guys I met. I wanted enough room to lie down in my sleeping bag, so I went to the next train compartment which was empty. When the train man came in to look at my ticket, he also put his arms around me. He took his hands off me when I told him to, but I could have done without the situation in the first place. And, when alone on isolated streets or isolated anywhere you might attract creepy characters too. They dont seem to be violent in my experience, but they behave so strangely. One time, I was in the bar of the house Dracula is reputed to be born in, with a Romanian girl, and nobody else was in the bar except the bar man. The Romanian girl went to the bathroom, and while she was gone the waiter grabbed my bum. Well, you see what I mean. It can be just plain weird if you find yourself alone in Romania. Keep well out in the open where there are other people who can see you.

Bare in mind though, that the last time I was in Romania was 12 years ago, so manybe things have changed, since.

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12 years ago, April 25th 2011 No: 6 Msg: #134542  
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loool, great story Mell :D Reply to this

11 years ago, March 6th 2012 No: 7 Msg: #152845  

I recomend to visit Transilvanya because its a very beautifull place, the nature is wonderfull, there are many places to visit, especially the lakes, but there are castles to, like the Bran castle. The people are nice and helpfull. If you arrive by plane to Targu Mures Transilvania Airport you have possibility to travel further by train or bus. We choosed to rent a car, its very nice to drive through the area, and near the airport Transilvania is a car rental firm Buxxa, they have good prices. They even have a website where you can reserve a car to rent, or just to look at there offers <snip>. Anyways the country is beautifull, the people are nice, the beer is cheap, an you have what to see there, they have programs for tourist, so you visit the places that u need to see, so i recomend to visit Transilvanya! 😊

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