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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov April 5th 2012

So Rachel and I got up at 5:45am to head to Heathrow airport for our 820am flight. Had breakfast at the airport and then got served the same breakfast on the flight, which Rachel woke me up for so I started the trip grumpy. No problems at immigration both entering on our NZ passports - no need for a visa Now we wanted to go to Brasov. So we asked at information but because my Romanian accent is shit they didn't know where we wanted to go (its pronounced Brashov sort of) so they said get the bus downstairs to the main train station. We bought tickets (around 30 Lie each) and the driver kindly helped us validated them. Which was fortunate because 3 stops later a ticket inspector got on. We were fine but there ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov April 3rd 2012

Well it's been a few weeks since I updated this, and mercifully, Robbie's much better at uploading Fotos than I am, so now I've got about a million pictures to pull on for this update. Anyways, the past few weeks have been idly spent in Belgium, which is mercifully less interesting, and therefore less taxing on my writing skills. Short answer? I wrote a paper, and slept in sunlight for a weeks, it's been pretty good. So after Bulgaria, what happened (I know you're all keen to ? Well: Welcome to Romania! Say goodbye to your passport! Romania and Bulgaria rest outside the Schengen zone, and are accorded a special status in the EU slightly higher than "leper" but this meant we had to actually get our passes stamped when we crossed the Danube by train. ... read more
This works

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov March 9th 2012

Romania was very pretty. I went skiing for the first time and fell a little. We also went on tubes. It was very fun. We also went to Dracula's fake castle. It was very nice. We also went into a palace. I saw cute dogs and cats at the hostel and it was very fun. - Sofia ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After flight from Miami to NYC, a 1/2 day in NYC spent with Lady Liberty, overnight flight to London and then another plane and we finally arrived in Bucharest, Romania. We immediately got our rental car and drove 3+ hours to Brasov. While the first part of the drive was boring, we then passed through cool mountains and SNOW!! I was so excited. When we arrived at the Rolling Stone Hostel daddy was a bit tired, but I ... read more
Me and Eddy - my cool ski instructor
Sofia at Peles Castle
Papanasi - My Farvorite Romanian Food

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov January 16th 2012

After yet another midnight bus from Sofia to Bucharest it was time to finally catch a train, something that was at the top of our to do list from the start of this mini trip. So after an overpriced “taxi ride” from the bus stop to the train station in some random guys car we were off to Brasov. Brasov is a small city situated in the state of Transylvania (yes the home of Dracula!) the largest region of Romania and is known for its beautiful landscapes and the Carpathian Mountains. The journey did not disappoint, with beautiful scenery to view including large mountains, streams and forestry all covered in mounds of SNOW! I would like to mention that the temperature has dropped considerably since Greece, it has snowed non stop in Brasov. We arrived in ... read more
Brasov from white tower
Hanging on for dear life

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov October 5th 2011

After crossing the busy Romanian border crossing, (busy for lorries - not for us fortunately ) we headed north for a stopover in Romania’s Capital Bucharest. The guide books didn’t say too much to write home about Bucharest but we had to go through it anyway, so seemed sensible to stop. Bucharest is a clash of old and new. Ceauşescu the last communist dictator, raised a lot of Bucharest to the ground, to not only build his Parisian type boulevards, but also the second largest building in the world, the Parliament building with its 6000 rooms. They don’t make it easy for tourists with no information at bus stops where buses go and the Underground stations that don’t have maps where the trains go, apparently they don’t go anywhere they were only designed to take workers ... read more
Castle Bran
Busy Bucharest

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 27th 2011

Our preconceptions of Romania were not all good - grey tower blocks, orphaned children and brutal dictators. And yet, here we are in Brasov, Romania, and it seems all wrong. The buildings are old but restored and often beautiful. The children are noisy, well dressed, well fed and would not look out of place on Minehead promenade. Not sure about the politics, but the economy is clearly doing OK. Most of the cars are newer than ours and locals and visitors alike sit in the many outdoor cafés drinking a coffee or a local beer. The housing on the outskirts of town does look a bit grim. Huge slab-sided tower blocks sit side-by-side like a set of old dominoes. Brasov has a lot of history – most European invaders and would-be dictators seem to have passed ... read more
Bran Castle
Knocking at the door
Bran Castle

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 16th 2011

A day with no Florin means we got to sleep late. Still up by 8:30am, and hit the road at 10am. I did not do any yoga this day. The plan was to take a cab to St. Bartholomew's church, then walk to the nearby bus station to catch the number 20 bus to Poina Brasov. We found a very friendly cab driver who spoke English. He said he would wait for us while we were at the church, then would take us to Poina Brasov for 30 lei. We decided to take him up on that plan. No sign of life at the cable car, so we thought our plan was not going to work out. Enjoyed a very tasty lunch on a deck at the base of the ski slopes, gorgeous views. Noticed a ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 15th 2011

Got up at 7am, hit snooze which cut into my yoga time; did a bit of stretching and we were ready when Florin got here at 8am. Only Carrie and I for this trip ... we are the only ones who feel up to 1480 steps up (and back down) at Poenari. As Florin promised, the scenery was breathtaking, Bran valley ... mountains surrounding lush green fields with farm houses. Sometimes a single lonely house up in the mountains. Then through gorgeous little towns with pretty houses, chicken next to tombstone, cow next to a porch overflowing with flowers, women with scarves on their heads working in the yards. A woman walking a cow down the street on a leash. Families harvesting grass and assembling the haystacks. Families working fields of vegetables. Donkeys herding sheep. ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 12th 2011

I slept very well; woke up a few times, but only enough to check the time then right back to sleep. I got up at 7:00 and did some yoga in my room; room is a bit cramped for the yoga mat, but workable. Leslie went to the supermarket, I wrote for a bit (yesterday's journal entry), and Linda and Carrie followed their usual morning travel routine; now that it is 9am, it is time to head out for another Brasov day! We walked to the old town, about a ½ hour walk --- it was already getting very warm even though it was still so early. None of us expected it to be so warm on this trip; beginning to realize I won't need those long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. The sun is strong; the temperature ... read more
Tower of the Black Church
Black Church from the hiking trail

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 11th 2011

Rooming with Leslie means early rising. :-) She woke up at 6:30 and opened the drapes. I got up at 7, and did some yoga while she went for a walk. It's a very pretty day, warm with blue sunny skies, so I started on the balcony, but the concrete was a bit hard -- I moved inside for floor poses. Leslie came back and at 8:15 we headed out together. We walked to Old City, which was completely deserted except for some unhealthy looking street dogs cleaning up after last night's revelers. It was fun to see the same place again, in the light. We explored a few more blocks than last night, and found an old Greek Orthodox church at the dead-end of a torn-up street. Today is Sunday so there was a service. ... read more
Biserica Domnească
During our morning walk
View from the train

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