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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 27th 2006

Oh ye believers of the legend............. Without a crucifix, garlic, silver bullet or a stake, I have ventured into Dracula's Castle and returned without a touch of being undead! Truth be told, Vlad Tepes is a genuine hero in these parts. He was a true nationalist who wanted to make his territories free from the Turkish invaders.. Ok, yeah, he did impale people (and now I do know how to it), but more as a warning to his enemies. There is history that Vlad's grandfather went to the Castle, but no record that Vlad himself ever went there. For that metter, neither did Bram Stoker!!! Yes, it dates back to the 1400s which was Vlad's time. In the 1920's the people of Wallachia and Transylvania gave the Castle to the Queen at the time, Marie. The ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 26th 2006

Hey there trip voyeurs.......... Yesterday we had an excellent tour of Bucharest, followed by a good dinner al fresco. Thank gooodness the temperature had cooled because it had been in the mid-90s since I arrived!!!!! This morning we were on the bus by 9 AM for our ride to Transylvania. It took almost 4 hours to get here, but it was interesting and informative because we learned a lot about life under Communism and the Gypsies. One finds it amazing that the people's lives here have completely changed in 15 years since the revolution. None of the consumer goods we saw in a rest stop were available......nor were the cars. It truly been aleap into a brave new world for these people. We went past a building which is not on the current tourist route.....the building ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 20th 2006

We arrived in Brasov priddy drunk... high fivein beggers chattin to random locals, we were approached by some guy that worked for one of the hostels.. he took us to the hostel.. where we put down our stuff and went to go find somewhere to get some food then the rain started to come down priddy hard and we got saturated my passport got drenched after walkin round soakin wet we coulnt find anythin so we went back to the hostel got changed and ordered pizza after havin a few more drinks we went to sleep.. the next day checked out and moved to another hostel.. and after havin a few last beers with james and seein the sights he left for the ukraine.. the new hostel i moved to was another one of those you ... read more
brasov town sqaure
hollywood brasov
2nd square

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 1st 2006

Geo: 45.7544, 25.5542Tonight is our first night of camping and I am not looking forward to it!!... read more
02 Our tent
03 Cabins
04 At the bar

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov April 25th 2006

We had been alerted to the fact that this was Easter weekend in Romania - a week after the rest of the world celebrates it (Crazy Romanians) and that all the hostels in Brasov were fully booked. We arrived at Brasov station hoping to meet a room tout who could give us a roof over our heads and luckily were met off the train by a retired mechanic named Radu. We managed to haggle a few Lei off his price and he took us to his apartment. On arrival we were just happy to have somewhere to sleep at night, but on further inspection, it turned out that Radu's standards of cleanliness were in fact terribly poor and the place was filthy. Nonetheless, it was warm and the beds comfortable. We settled in and then took ... read more
Bran Castle

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov April 17th 2006

Well, in our trip we have the plans of going in many places that have death risks of epidemic diseases and wars. So, to be safe of all that we decided to take professional advise. Consult someone that has "lived" very very long (hehehe... many hundred years). We new we had a risk contacting this professional... hehehe... many people who did it never came back home... huahuahua. But opposite as you can image our appointment was very pleasant and safe. With just a little entrance annoyance. ... Our journey into Romania started with a night train from Budapest to Brasov. Leaving the station at 6:00 in the evening, crossing (or not) the border at midnight and arriving at... well, I don't know... I guess the train arrived on time in Brasov the next day... but it's ... read more
Bran Castle
Inside the Bran Castle
Peles Castle

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov August 27th 2005

So - it has been a while since our last posting; for both good and bad reasons -we have been too happy and having too good a time to be bothered tying ourselves to a computer at times, and at others we have been too stressed. This is the way things go on the road however, as in life generally, there are up times and down, good and bad. We have been forced to change even our sketchy plans by circumstances we did not foresee or want, but more of this later. As usual we will continue the story from where we last left it, and the rest will be explained in due course…… We decide to escape the overflowing campsite in Sighisoara and head towards Brasov, another hot afternoon on the road but at least ... read more
Morning Sun
Big Rock
Bear City

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 29th 2005

Voltamos à estação e pegamos o trem para BRASOV (pronuncia-se Bráchov, de novo aquele S com cedilha). A estação fica fora do centro histórico, então percebemos que não conseguiríamos ir a pé até o albergue como gostaríamos. Acabamos topando pegar um táxi que nos cobrou um preço absurdamente alto. Chegando na Kismet Dao Hostel (10 euros), o proprietário, que era um americano de origem coreana, perguntou-nos o preço da corrida e deu um esporro monumental no taxista. Enfim, o dinheiro já era. O albergue era razoável. Os quartos tinham muitos beliches (acho que nosso quarto comportava 10 pessoas) e havia poucos banheiros. Além disso, as meninas da recepção não eram as mais simpáticas. Mas eles davam uma hora de internet grátis em um local ali perto, então fomos até lá para mandar notícias para a família ... read more

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