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Wonderful friends

Who to appeal to for a dream vacation in Romania
17 years ago, May 25th 2006 No: 1 Msg: #5881  
I just came back from a trip in Romania and I just can't help myself to recommend the ones that helped me to meet, know and love this wonderful country: Pan Travel Team. A bunch of enthousiastic , nice people, real professionals, that aren't just travel agents or guides, but exceptional friends. My group was of 15 persons, though the flexibility, the knowledge and the spirit that accompagned us made each of us feel like it was an individual trip. I've seen wonderful places, had extremely pleasent relaxing moments, have met extraordinary people and even got to learn more about this country in one week than I was able to do in two month of "preparing"... Romania is an unique place, that worths holding your breath when passing through. And on www.pantravel.ro you will find some special people to guide your steps! 😉 Reply to this

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