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April 17th 2006
Published: September 4th 2006
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Dracula's CastleDracula's CastleDracula's Castle

The house of the famous Vampire.
Well, in our trip we have the plans of going in many places that have death risks of epidemic diseases and wars. So, to be safe of all that we decided to take professional advise. Consult someone that has "lived" very very long (hehehe... many hundred years). We new we had a risk contacting this professional... hehehe... many people who did it never came back home... huahuahua.
But opposite as you can image our appointment was very pleasant and safe. With just a little entrance annoyance.
Our journey into Romania started with a night train from Budapest to Brasov. Leaving the station at 6:00 in the evening, crossing (or not) the border at midnight and arriving at... well, I don't know... I guess the train arrived on time in Brasov the next day... but it's just a guess.
The day before the departure, we have checked on the internet for Romania visas and the information was: "Brazilians don't need visas for Romania." So, all we did was buy the train tickets.
At the border, after four hours of train trip, comes the immigration officer:
- Good night sir, your passport please!
- Good night, yes here it is!

(Looking throughout
Bran CastleBran CastleBran Castle

The house of Vlad. Same castle as the Dracula's one but in color (not so scary).
the pages)
- You don't have a visa?
- No, we Brazilians don't need visas.
- I'm almost sure you do, but I will check. Can you, please, pack your things and be prepared to leave the train.
- Hummmmm... Yes of course.

(One minute after)
- You two, please follow me to the police office. You DO need a visa. And visas are not issued in the border, so you will have to leave the country on the next train back.
(During the freezing cold two hours wait. It was at night remember?)
The police officer:
- I have bad news for you, the train back will be 2 hours late. But anyway, where are you going in Romania? You should visit the north part, is really beautiful...
I tough to myself:
- You don't let us in, but you recommend places to go??????
Transylvania was very nice, actually the best part of the country.

Dracula’s Castle in Bran was one of the coziest castles I have ever seen. Totally different then what I have imagined (Creepy, dark and cold rooms almost empty, only with chains hanging on the walls. Freaky animals all around, secret passages...), it had a lot of small rooms with comfortable furniture. Most of them with fire places. A place I would definitely not mind to live in. The only thing that agreed with our idea of Dracula's home was the grave yard around the castle.

More to the Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania you can find Peles Castle. A high tech Castle build just after the middle age. The castle had: electric power (remember, build in 1873), running water and believe or not central vacuum cleaner... hehehe. More to that it used a technique of huge mirrors (5 meters tall brought from Venice) to enlarge the sensation of space. It did really work. Had also many secret passages we did not find in the Dracula's castle.

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Peles CastlePeles Castle
Peles Castle

High tech Castle builds in 19 century. Have Running water, electric power and central vacuum cleaner.
The garden statue of PelesThe garden statue of Peles
The garden statue of Peles

One of the statues of the garden. Notice the horns and the thin years like a demon.
Sinaia MonasterySinaia Monastery
Sinaia Monastery

A beautiful monastery in Sinaia, Transylvania.

5th September 2006

Risking life and limb??
LMFAO - I don't know what else to say... I just got your 'scientific research' email. I'll cordially fill it in for you of course - you mightn't like some of the answers that you get though!! hehehe You boys must be bored. Hope all's well and you're getting somewhere with selling the car. Talk to you later.

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