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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 2nd 2006

Kun noen dager igjen til avreise nå, fem for å være eksakt. Baleno´n trenger ny smøring (les oljeskift) og litt annet småpuss, så skal den være klar for en rundtur i Europa. Godt å ha fatter´n til å hjelpe oss bilukyndige med slikt. En bag eller to gjenstår også å pakke. Veslegutt legger nok beslag på det meste av bagasjeplassen. Vi er nettopp kommet hjem fra Trondheim der vi arrangerte navnefest for Jesper. Slektene møttes på Megarden og alt gikk for seg i sømmelige former, ingen slåssing eller andre uoverenskomster.... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 21st 2006

Ahh the memories! Being felt up by security at Liverpool Airport. Dave with his eyepatch. The stewardess who told Andy, Dan and Paul to shut up. The snowcovered fields and blizzard upon landing followed by the long journey from Torp. The Chinese Resteraunt where you had to pay to take a leak. £6.10 pints in the Scotsman. Jumping the Metro. £3.50 pints in the Pub Cafe. Dancing the night away in Gloria Flames. Green getting told off for smoking. Me attempting to get with a blonde (and failing). Me attempting to get with a brunette (was doing quite well and then failed). Learning dirty Norweigan words that promptly forgot next morning. Going to the Munch Museum (keep quite about that one lads). and then walking across Oslo in the rain to see the Sculpture park (again...). ... read more
Anker Hostel
Shiny building and flying dudes
Karl Johans Gate

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 17th 2006

Arrived in Oslo at 3pm, temperature was 6 degrees, the customs were very welcoming ... and then we waited over an hour to retrieve our luggage at least it was all there! Norway has clean air, friendly people and we were lucky to have sunshine and clear skies 90% of the time. Took the fast train to Oslo, then walked to our accommodation. Got there and found no booking for us (bugga), luckily they were able to accommodate us in a dorm. Accommodation in Norway has heated bathroom floors :) Next morning we took the train to Stavanger past snow covered hills and fast running streams - beautiful scenery. Stavanger is a fishing port with cobble stoned streets and old timber houses. We left Stavanger by boat, travelling past islands, some with pine trees, others rocky ... read more
Hotel Terminus Oslo
Viking Ship Oslo
Bergen to Oslo

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 9th 2006

“Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a raining day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.” (Ezk 1:28) Reading those words just brought a smile to my face. I love to glimpse the glory of God in the world around me. I suppose it is always there, but it is only when we take the time to see, do we get to enjoy it and soak it in. Then there are those times when He catches our attention with something unusual like an amazing rainbow stretching across the entire sky (leading to a pot of gold - or perhaps even better, to our very Creator!). Or He catches our eye by two crazy squirrels playing a game of hide ‘n ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 8th 2006

Since it was the last day of the annual assembly, the leaders strongly encouraged continuing in the JR. I wholeheartedly believe this is a wonderful organization doing amazing things for the Kingdom of God and I have absolutely no regrets about coming here this year. I know I am have learned so much about God, myself, really loving and giving to others, truly being a servant. And I will always be thankful to God for bringing me here and all the leaders of JR for running with the great vision God has given them. I think even if someone doesn’t think they are called to be a missionary they should give at least a year to missions. There is so much you can learn and grow in an environment like that, that may not be possible ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo April 7th 2006

Our team made it safely back to Oslo without any mishaps and all relationships (and limbs) still in tact. We pulled up to the Jesus House around 11:45 pm with the horn blaring as our wonderful leader came running out to great us (or perhaps his soon to be fiancé Dina) with a huge smile on his face. I ran upstairs to grab Sean’s amazingly warm dina (or blanket for those non-Norwegian savvy b/c of the ‘fresh’ Norwegian air entering through an open window) and went straight to sleep on the familiar, yet now very much appreciated, triple deck bunk beds. The next morning I awoke to find the house full of many different languages as all the JR teams had come to enjoy fellowship and teaching for two days before Easter break. Okay so here ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 20th 2006

Hi guys this second journey to Europe was a little more than a year than the one I've write with last stop on Paris the difference this time is that we have the Euro ,we intend a different intinerary and Kevin another friend from University joined Frank and Me, again (And I still don't know why) we take a trans atlantic with united airlines and again the flight from Dulles to Frankfurt delayed four hours and begin with the burger diet hour 5 bucks voucher to get some value meal at burger king until we board heading to Frankfurt. The flight was very pleasant, thanks Kevin, is fair to say that Kevin's height is mor than 1.90 m so is quite difficult for him this tourist class seats, he began to fell asleep and sudenly I ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 19th 2006

Got the overnight train from Copenhagen at 11pm to Oslo arriving in at 7am. Had to hang around the train station for a couple of hours - at least one in every 20 people we saw had crutches! Must be all the skiing accidents or something.. but I'm guessing health insurance here must be pretty expensive in the Scandinavian countries! Oslo is much busier than Copenhagen and much more scenic. Went out to Holmkollen, a World Championship ski jump. Wow it was steep - we got in to the ski-jump simulator, and it was pretty stomach-churning! On the T-bane (metro) out there, the carriage was full of locals of all ages with their skis and toboggans in hand heading up for an afternoon of skiing - I'm not sure if anybody works or goes to school ... read more
There was a little snow overnight...
For sale
Holmkollen Ski Jump

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 16th 2006

The journey has finally begun, after a sleepless night. The day started bad, with a message on the airport train information screen politely telling me that my flight to Denmark was cancelled and I spent the remaining 18 minutes imagining my entire travel schedule going down the drain. But checkin was without any problems and after inquiring at the information desk, they told me that I was moved to another plane with a later departure time. This means I have less waiting time in Copenhagen, which doesnt really bother me and also I got the added bonus of spending some time looking confused in the tax free shop and finally stumbeling across this internet terminal *grin* I wont have any time for further updates until I reach Singapore (or all the way in Indonesia) but at ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 15th 2006

Today is the last day before the real journey begins. My nerves have calmed down, they had a last minute system check a few days ago, every travellers worst dreams coming true when the day before departure you become sick and too weak to do anything. Well, no real updates yet as my journey has far from begun, I just decided I would make an initial log-message and spread the URL to everyone I know :D I will try to update this often, or at least as often as I can get Internet access so expect more text and hopefully some pictures as well :) Update: I played a little around with the google maps, so here is my complete travel route for tomorrows journey. Enjoy :)... read more

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