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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 26th 2005

In response to a special request here is my day in pictures rather than words. Enjoy!... read more
In Deli de Luca

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 24th 2005

Since there are eleven Americans here at the Oslo base the found of Jesus Revolution invited all of us to his family’s home to celebrate Thanksgiving. We all pitched in to create a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. It wasn’t the same as being with family but it was incredibly nice and I am so thankful we were able to come together to celebrate. There was also a family there who had just moved to Oslo from somewhere in the States. I really enjoy watching Christian families and seeing how they interact. The father came late because of work and when the three children heard their father was there they all ran to the door to great them. He swept each of them up into his arms giving them a big hug and kiss. It was just so ... read more
Americans Taking Over the Kitchen
Typical Guys

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 20th 2005

I am on the bus again headed back to Oslo and all I can say right now is “Wow!” It is absolutely beautiful here. I am surrounded by huge snow covered mountains and crystal streams. I’ve taken a million pictures although I am sad to say I don’t think my photography skills can even come close to seeing this in person. I wish I was dressed in snow gear because I would love to just jump in the snow, twirl, and make snow angels. I just saw an adorable family: mom, dad, 4 or 5 year old child, going cross country skiing (well the dad was more like towing the child) so cute! There is soooo much snow! It is crazy how much snow there is and I don’t think this is even close to ... read more
On the bus
More wow
More wow

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 19th 2005

The night before last we went to see Rueben Morgan from Hillsong. He preached a little bit about the importance of praising God and being free in our worship. He reminded us that we should fear God more than the person next to us (ie raise our hands, shout, dance or whatever we feel like to praise our God). I’m not used to being the only person raising my hands, or the only one who is brought to tears when praising God. In the past if I had been there and no one else was raising his or her hands I probably wouldn’t have either. It is so freeing to be where I am now, not care about others view of me but just want to praise and honor my Father. I also know that by ... read more
Me right before preaching
Making pizza
Karoline while I was making the pizza

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 17th 2005

Since it is "work week" Karoline and I have been doing various odd jobs this week. We have cleaned her mother's whole downstairs, painted one of the hallways (it took 3 coats before it looked okay), cleaned the church, and shoveled some snow (my first time ever). We also managed to get in some dance and singing practice at the church. We had some absolutely delicious salmon for dinner tonight. I can't wait to get home and make it for my family (along with Latvian eggs and waffles - but not all at one time). The week went by so fast! It is exactly a month and one day before I will be back in Texas! I am so excited to see everyone again but I am also just thinking about how much more I still ... read more
Professional painters
Pretty building downtown

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 13th 2005

Today we got to church early because Karoline and her sister Teresa had to warm up because they were leading the praise and worship. We got to church at 9:45 and made it back to the house at 3. It was a long day at church but I enjoyed it and Karoline was nice to translate for me. Afterward we came back to the house and Karoline’s mom prepared a wonderful dinner of pork chops (which were very tender from cooking on low since last night) rice and salad. I also had pineapple soda (last night we had pear soda). It is just nice to spend time with a family. I miss mine!!! Today is father’s day in Norway so we are about to have cake. After dinner we went up to the attic for our ... read more
Karoline & Me drinking a coffee
Karoline & Me

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 12th 2005

Karoline blessed me with making some incredible homemade pizza (she was a chef before she came into the Army). Her house is so cute and it was very cozy eating by candle light with her family. Her whole family is just adorable. It feels so wonderful to be in a home. We went to another youth group Saturday night to speak about Jesus Revolution Army. Since we only had 10 minutes we had decided before hand that only Karoline would talk so that we wouldn’t waste time translating. After praise and worship the person doing announcements said there were two people from Jesus Revolution there. I thought I was going to just sit and watch Karoline but since he said there were two of us there I figured I should go stand by her. I had ... read more
Karoline & her friend
So cozy!

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 12th 2005

I forgot to mention this in a previous entry but Karoline’s little brother, Daniel, is seven years old and can’t speak, or at least is limited to very few words. Last Tuesday evening Karoline’s home church had a guest speaker who wanted to pray for Daniel, asking God to help him talk. While they were praying Daniel started bleeding through his nose and mouth and started spitting blood. Once the prayer stopped he calmed down as was fine as if nothing had happened. The guest speaker said he felt like it wasn’t just a physical problem with the boy but was spiritual. I will honest now (not that I am ever lying when I write, so I guess I will be transparent) and admit although I do believe the Bible when it comes to dark spirits ... read more
Apartments along the water.

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 11th 2005

(I wrote the first paragraph before the part of the evening that has to do with my title.) I am sitting on a bus right now with my beautiful teammate, Karoline. We have a ten hour bus ride to her hometown of Aalesund. Her mom is blessing me by inviting me out there for our workweek. I am so excited! Right now as I look at the window I see such beautiful landscape. I have heard the Aalesund is absolutely beautiful and right on the water. I am very looking forward to it. The plan tonight is to preach for her youth group at home and tell them about Jesus Revolution - hopefully put fire in those heart’s that don’t already have a fire and hunger for God. Then tomorrow we are speaking at another youth ... read more
Karoline trying to escape
View from the bus
View from the bus

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 9th 2005

Today we had our first run through of many for our concert. There are still two more dances to learn and I don’t completely know the six I have already been taught but it was a good learning experience. It was very different dancing with being able to see myself in the mirror and I have realized the importance of staying in my spot (crashing into another dance, or perhaps taking out the singer would probably not be a good thing). We had the whole set up like it will be when we really have a concert but without all of the multimedia behind us. I’ve never performed on stage so I am unaccustomed to the bright lights and silhouettes of people watching me. I can’t believe we only have a month left of training. I ... read more

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