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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 19th 2005

Yesterday kicked off Army Week. The house is now full of so many languages it makes my head spin. I don’t think I’ve even heard this many languages at once while waiting for a plane at Heathrow! We had a teaching today on “The World We Carry on the Inside.” We are the temple of God, God is not in a church building but in us. If you look at the Old Testament you can see that God was very careful with His temple. We have to understand what kind of life is required in the temple. Since I am really tired I’ll just share with you some key points. “It is not time for lukewarm Christianity but for radical burning fire Christianity - that is the only one that is worthy of carrying His name!” ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 17th 2005

Today we had a bit of an unconventional teaching on worship. I do not identify myself as the creative type, especially not musically. When I was told we each were going to dance, make a joyful noise, and sing my first thought was “why?”. I know that sounds awful. I really do love worshipping God and singing when I am part of a large group but I was not blessed with a beautiful singing voice (not even close). The thought of singing into a microphone is something I never wanted to do. We each picked a psalm and had to sing it and then pass the microphone to the next person while some played the guitar, piano and drum. When I was handed the microphone I was just thinking “Lord this is for you. I don’t ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 15th 2005

This morning I went to a bakery with one of the other American girls (Bobbi Jo). It was so lovely. Sitting outside in the crisp morning have a café latte with a pastry. Then we took a leisurely walk to a famous park here in Oslo with a bunch of naked statues. Everything was absolutely beautiful, the day, the weather, the leaves, the people, everything around me! We had wonderful conversation about being a missionary, our path in life, God, love and everything in between. I love those days when everything just seems to be in it’s perfect place and you are so filled with joy that you can’t help but smile! Aw, so wonderful!! After that we did a little shopping and then went our separate ways. I went and bought a cup of coffee ... read more
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Vigeland Sculpture Park

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 14th 2005

Today was a continuation of a teaching that began the previous day on authority. We started with the basic understanding that there are three ‘levels’ of how people can be viewed. The first is through our actions (or what we do in life - this is the level on which most people make judgments). The second is motive (this is your heart & mind - what controls you). Most actions are the result of motives and it is possible to do a good action with a bad motive (and vice versa). The third is our character (this is who we are - our routines and our habits - this is what God looks at). Our motive is a consequence of our character. The next basic premise was that we all have a problem with authority. It ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 13th 2005

This morning I decided to have the prayer part of my PT outside. I was sitting on a bench by the harbor just watching the water, listening to the seagulls and praying (side note: how blessed am I that I get to spend the first hour of my day like that?!). As I was sitting there I started thinking about the future. I try not to do this too much because I know we are supposed to live for today and that we will have new grace for tomorrow and when I try to look to far into the future it can cause me to start to get a little anxious because it feels so uncertain at times. Thankfully that anxiety no longer grips me as much as it used to. This time when thoughts of ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 10th 2005

During our dinner break I had tea in a café with one of my teammates today. She is 21 and from Norway. This is her 3 year in Jesus Revolution. She originally joined Jesus Revolution because she wanted to dance and be on stage in front of lots of people for a year but God really changed her heart and now she is still here. We had a really great conversation about our backgrounds and just got to know each other better. We also discussed how while we are here we can’t worry about what people at home think about what we are doing because we are not living our lives for them. It can be hard at times but it is a matter of knowing who you are and what you are living for, deciding ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 10th 2005

We had a our weekly team prayer time this morning. One of the girls shared that another team in the past made a list of specific thing they wanted to see God do through their team and prayed for that list during the four months of training. That team saw each of those things occur while they were on tour. So each of us wrote down 3 specific things that we wanted to see God do in our team. The things which I wrote were for each concert to consist of at least 1/3 unbelievers, for 5 homosexuals to be free, and for leaders in the community to be saved. Some of the other things our team is going to continue lifting up in prayer are to see greater things, more people saved, and the Holy ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 8th 2005

That is how Norwegians describe the weather, “Not cold but fresh.” The high today was 12C (54F) and the low was 8C (47F). It is crazy but I love it. It just feels so, fresh! I bought my first scarf today (well two actually - have to catch up with all the Scandinavians). I look so cute, especially now that I, for the first time since I was 8 years old, cut my hair below my shoulders. I was a little scared at first but this is a brand new chapter in my life. Kind of like baptism symbolizes dying and rising again into a new creation in Christ, I cut my hair to symbolize saying goodbye to the old Brandy. I think it helps to make me look more my age but still cute of ... read more
Beat my teammate
A lion!
A lion!

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 7th 2005

As we do every Friday, tonight we went out on the town to evangelize. I went with one of the girls from my team who is Norwegian. I have found the easiest people to talk to are those who are sitting, then those who are standing, and the ones walking are just about impossible. When we first started walking on the main street in Oslo we saw two girls sitting on the steps of a store. I approached them, said hi and could tell right away they were not happy to see me. They were Norwegian so my friend talked to them. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but from the body language I could tell it wasn’t going well. When my friend started to walk away I followed and she explained that when she ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 5th 2005

I forgot to mention this but on Monday during my PT I just had a thought that I want to share with you: We need to take our focus off ourselves and on to God because if it is on us it actually causes us to loose sight of God and His plan which is so much bigger than ours’ starts to become blurry. It is kind of like a camera, it can only fully focus on something in the front or something in the background. It is so easy for us to focus on what is right in front of our face (ourselves) that we sometimes don’t even look at the whole picture of God’s plan. If we do as His word says and seek first HIS kingdom then we will be taken care ... read more

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