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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como May 27th 2019

05/26-27/2019 Op weg naar Toscane Zondag, verkiezingsdag. Na deelname aan de bolletjeskermis, vertrokken op weg naar Toscane. Overnachting op de ons bekende camperplaats in Colmar. Stoeltjes nog buiten, want nog 27°, en met verhoogde TV volumeknop aan beginnen luisteren naar Ivan De Vadder's voorlopige kiesuitslagen. Het ziet er niet goed uit voor sommigen. Een nieuwe Zwarte Zondag wordt al aangekondigd. Dus toch nog goed nieuws voor anderen. Het voorzittersdebat werd aldus nog spannend. Maandag, met miezerig bewolkt weer en lichte hoofdpijn (van de goedkope wijn bij de overwinningsnederlaag van gisteren) vertrokken dwars door Zwitserland. Hoe meer naar het zuiden hoe natter en kouder. Geen nood, uit ervaring weten we, eens de Gothard voorbij is het zomer. Niet dus deze keer. Hoe zuidelijker hoe natter en nog 16° bij aankomst op de camperplaats in Como. De electriciteitsaa ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como June 23rd 2018

Friday morning, we departed the Splendid Hotel for a ride to Lake Como, a place frequented by the very rich and very famous. He we find the homes of George Clooney, Bridget Bardot, and many others whose fame and fortune far outweighs the rest of us. Today the optional tour was a boat ride around the lake to see where the other half lives. Cathy and I have done that several times, so we chose to stay in town and visit the churches and the shops. Como is famous for silk and many of the shops featured local silk clothes such as ties, scarves, shirts and suits. Many bore the names of famous designers. We were able to buy some ties, scarves and some smaller items for those we left at home. We perambulated all around ... read more
View of the Alps
Watch Tower turned into Pirate Restaurant
The lucky travelers

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como October 14th 2017

had a really good nights sleep in Turin BNB after a great dinner of pasta in a local hotel cheapest meal yet 23 euros for wine and pasta and bread and fizzy water finished with a panacotta and a tiramasu and a 15 min walk back to our room, no wonder we slept well. we drove down the narrow windy road to the Po river which has parks down it's banks and many people running or walking it is the most beutifull river we have seen in Italy but we dont't have timeto sit and admire it so we filled up with deisel for the first time 53 euros and headed for Lake Como 2 hrs away, at one stage the road ran alongside the railway line and it was amazing to see the trains wizz ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como September 9th 2016

Ons ontbijt kunnen we gebruiken in Café Touring aan Piazza Cavour, om de hoek van ons B&B. Er is keus uit 4 combinaties, wij gaan voor het fruit, croissant, sapje en cappuccino. En het is prima, alles is vers en de cappuccino is lekker sterk. Vanochtend maken we eerst een wandeling; langs het meer en het kunstwerk Life Electric dat op een pier in het Comomeer ligt. Het is een werk van Daniël Liebeskind, ter ere van de wetenschapper uit Como Alessandro Volta. Daarna zoeken we Albergo Firenze op aan het Piazza Volta. Hier hebben pa, ma, Hans en Yvon in 1999 overnacht op de terugweg vanuit Toscane. Op dit plein drinken we nog een cappuccino en dan lopen we langs de Duomo en door de luxe winkelstraten. Het zijn vooral merkwinkels, niet echt wat we ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como September 4th 2015

Our last full day here; it's an early start tomorrow as we go on our 3 train journeys to get to Prato. We took the funicular nice and early (9ish am - not crowded) to get to the town of Brunate. After a morning coffee and croissant, we walked up to the lookout via wooded and off the beaten track paths. The view was well worth it as it was a gloriously sunny mornng and we also climbed the lookout (another 143steps). After a quick dash back to the hotel we decided to take the fast boat to Menaggio. As it is now Septenber 4 (the tourist hoards have magically thinned) and because the town is really not as popular as Bellaggio across the water, it was very peaceful and pleasant. We followed up a tip ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como September 3rd 2015

Having arrived in Milano on Monday afternoon, we were driven through a very clean and ordered city in efficient fashion along impressively wide and modern roadways to our "home" for the next five nights in Como. (The Milan Expo is on till the end of October; maybe they have spruced up the exit road from the airport? Anyhow, it was lovely, (not the usual industrial wastelands you see).The countryside looked very green with forests and crops (lots of corn fields). The city was having a public holiday so it was ghost like. A very, very clean place. Coming from what we experienced in Palermo (which was quite frankly, filthy) the contrast is stark. The lake from our balcony is pretty but cannot match the sights we have been seeing on the Amalfi Coast.On Tuesday we had ... read more
At the castle with Artù the owl.
Villa Monastero (I think)
More of the gardens

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como June 3rd 2015

Lake Como is as beautiful as it is reputed to be. We boarded the ferry at 9 AM and for Varrena, but when we got to Bellagio it was a long wait for the next ferry so we decided to go to the Melzi Gardens. I have always said, "seen one tree…seen them all", but this was different. I need to eat my words, since the gardens were spectacularly beautiful and the trees were not like other trees I’ve seen only in a different place. Also, the gardens were pretty much empty so we could enjoy the beauty without fighting other tourists. I know we are also tourists, but I perceive us as better behaved than a lot of our colleagues. We do not cut in line, talk loudly, or yell at clerks when they are ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como June 2nd 2015

We were on the road by 8 and had a completely uneventful drive back to Florence. We had to get the car back by 10:15, but all the trains from Florence to Milan were sold out so we had time to kill in Florence. We couldn’t find a place to drop our bags so Jack offered to sit and wait. Since he doesn’t like all the walking I figured it was an OK deal. I went back to the Duomo to look inside, but quickly determined that I would be in Milan before I would get to the front of the line. Plan B was to go back to the market and buy some yummy food for lunch. The bottom floor of the market with the vendors was closed and the vendors of prepared food on ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como October 15th 2014

Today we are going to Como. We passed through Como on the way into Switzerland going to Lugano, but today we were going to return because the city is small, lots of shops and beautiful views. It seems as this entire trip, as someone commented, is eating our way across Europe. The other thing I might point out i s, while that might be the way I write, the other side of that coin is I feel like I've walked across Europe. Walking, climbing up stairs, going down stairs and more walking has been the active part of every day, except the days we hold a bus seat down for 8 to 10 hours moving around Italy and into Switzerland. The food has been great. Except for one place, every place we have eaten has been ... read more
The plaza on the shore of the lake by the Duomo.
The charming Beatrice
Lake Como, and the town Como

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Como June 8th 2014

Day 24, Thursday, June 5 This is our last full day of spending the day in one place without traveling so we took the slow boat ferry from Como to Bellagio on Lake Como. The one-way trip takes 2 hours. The ferry makes about 8 stops on the way and it is a wonderful way to see all the small towns that are nestled right next to the Lake. Lakeside are very large villas and we overheard a guide tell his customers where George Clooney’s villa is and it was not long before everyone on the ferry was snapping pictures of a large home on the side of the Lake. For all we know it could belong to anyone but it made for a good story. As the ferry reached Bellagio we could see the five ... read more
Lake Como
Looking toward Switzerland
Lake Como Villa

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