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RP was born a long time ago and was much loved by her family. When she had finished schooling, she travelled to the land of her ancestors, Italy, and fell in love. Not with a person, but rather with the surreal experience of arriving in a place she had never been before and feeling like she had never left. She spent a year in that land and then went back to Oz where she started working. Eventually she married and had three children. Her children have all grown up now, and some have started doing their own travelling. In recent times, RP has returned to Europe and discovered other places she now loves: The Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Denmark and having ventured finally to the East, China. RP wants to keep travelling because, apart from anything else, it is what she loves to do.

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto June 19th 2019

We spent 10 days in Kyoto. On our first day, we strolled around Nishiki market before checking into our ryokan (traditional Japanese accomodation). The sparse nature of the furnishings, the sumptuous Japanese dinner and breakfast the following morning and even a somewhat uncomfortable night’s sleep on futons on the tatami mats made for an experience not to be missed! On the second day, we moved to our hotel Hotel Mystays Kyoto Shijo, a bit out of the way but otherwise quite good. We spent the day exploring the Imperial Palace and its park on foot and later by bike. We also rode northwards along the river to explore Shimogamo-jinja temple and the Botanical Gardens. Wednesday was a hot day but we still did a leisurely and sometimes vertically challenging walk in the southern section of Higashimaya. ... read more
Me at the Imperial Palace
Riding through the park around the Imperial Palace
En route to the  Botanical Gardens

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima June 17th 2019

The train we caught to Kanasawa on Tuesday 11 June was a Shinkansen super express train. The way the embarkation took place was an exercise in military precision and execution. Organisational perfection! I liked Kanasawa right away. It has an impressive train station and excellent information booth. Be sure to visit it and get your info regarding how to get around the town. Kanasawa has two rivers which traverse it and are almost parallel to each other. It also has a crisscrossing series of water channels and moats which we often happened upon during our two and a half days stay there. There is so much to see in Kanazawa: Nagamachi (a former samurai district), the lovely streets of Higashi-chaya-gai (where you can visit some former Geisha houses), Teramachi (dozens of temples), Kanasawa Castle Park and ... read more
The Geisha district
Inside a Geisha house
Lovely old wooden houses

Asia » Japan » Tokyo June 11th 2019

Tokyo My first impressions of Tokyo? Huge and overwhelming, grey and unattractive, clean and safe. Getting everywhere you want to go takes a long time. We tackled a trip to Shinjuku Station on our first morning to validate our rail passes and then managed to negotiate our first subway trip using a Suica card (recommended if you are staying for a while). Negotiating this took quite some time. We got tickets for one of the hop on hop off services and an uninspiring 90 minute sightseeing bus ride ensued. However, in the afternoon, a visit to Asakusa (historic area in eastern Tokyo) lifted my spirits. There were people dressed in traditional kimono, stalls and shops a-plenty, tasty things to eat and beautiful Sensoji temple as well. Day 2: We visited a beautiful and large park at ... read more
Out for a stroll in Asakusa
Sensō-ji temple
Tokyo streets

Asia » China » Shanghai June 4th 2019

This was our second visit to Shanghai and once again, we made the trip for the Port Adelaide football game which took place on Sunday 2 June at Jiangwan Stadium against St Kilda. The result, a 70 point victory, was most satisfying to the Power fans who had made the trip. Our seats were just to the right of the northern end and we were shaded for about the last three quarters which was great because the weather that day was very warm and sunny. We are becoming more at ease in this humongous city and this time around we were adventurous in our subway travels and taxi catching. The subway is very easy to negotiate once you get the hang of it and taxis are inexpensive. Fun fact: about ten million people catch the subway ... read more
The game
Quiet Sunday afternoon
Dinner Sunday night

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 31st 2018

First, I was wrong. This is not a western city. It merely looks like one from afar. Once you get close and personal, it is Asian to the core. To my eyes, this means exotic, unusual, enigmatic and fascinating. I have seen such sights! I could spend years here and never understand it all. Secondly, in the last week, Honkers has experienced record breaking temperatures (hottest in 100 years). I was not being histrionic - it’s a bloody sauna out there! Thirdly, the subway here is a cinch. Even I am able to get around. Purchase an Octopus card 50 HK dollars deposit - you can get that back and any unused credit when you’re done. Lastly, our Salisbury Road YMCA has proved to be a moderately priced gem of a place. It is located next ... read more
How great is this sign?
Dried ‘shrooms.
Dried squid

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 30th 2018

Day 2 Taking the Peak Tram to the highest Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island was amazing. Travelling up and down the very steep slope had me a bit worried I have to confess. A swim at Repulse Bay that afternoon in soupy warm water was pleasant but I usually prefer my sea dips a bit colder than that. BBQ goose at Yung Kee restaurant (Wellington Street) was divine! Day 3 Hong Kong Park was a delight. In the middle of skyscrapers we saw manicured gardens and cooling fountains, a conservatory with some of the most gorgeous orchids I have ever seen (also cacti), man made waterfalls, an aviary - it was all marvellous and I enjoyed it much more than the market stalls we visited later along Tung Choi Street (although the Yuen Po Street ... read more
Swimming at Repulse Bay
Statue Square

Asia » Hong Kong May 27th 2018

When we docked on Saturday morning in Chongqing, we had arrived at a very big modern Chinese city. The whole day was spent at the airport waiting for a 5pm flight to Hong Kong. The airport, built one year ago was bright, shiny and new. The city, vast and quite ugly was blanketed in fog or smog... no need to ever stop there to see it, I think. In contrast, Fragrant Harbour (Hong Kong) was all twinkling lights and interesting buildings. This may now be part of China but it is nothing like the rest of the country. This is a Western city. Every building is identifiable and the cult of individuality is discernible. In China, there are multi-storey buildings everywhere you go and they are all utilitarian, colourless, unidentifiable. Hong Kong is like a cymbal ... read more
At the southern side of Hong Kong Island
On a Sampan cruise, hot and bothered
Big demo we passed on our bus

Asia » China » Gansu May 25th 2018

The holidays we have, Mark and I, are not holidays in the sense of having a rest. They are usually more like a gruelling marathon. There is nothing restful about travelling on a plane (three 7am flights in our time away so far). There is nothing restful about being on an organised tour - we have been averaging four different activities every day since we arrived 10 days ago. Therefore, on our first morning onboard our Yangtze River cruise on the Victoria Sophia, we decided to miss the onshore tour and instead loll around our capacious suite and later, explore the ship. I spent a good hour reading “H is for Hawk” which I found in a little library in the “Yangtze Club” bar. I decided to ignore the other book which had caught my attention, ... read more
The upstream and downstream locks on the Three Gorges Dam
Just before our first dinner
The grey line is where the water will reach in the summer

Asia » China » Hubei » Yichang May 23rd 2018

Our ninth day in China proved to be the most quirky yet. An early flight from Shanghai to Yichang meant getting up at 4.30 am - never an easy thing to do. We had no idea what we were to do with ourselves once there but in fact, Sarah, who was there to meet us at the airport, had activities planned for the whole day. First, she took us to a garden on the banks of the great Yangtze River (third longest in the world) and I breathed the first fresh air in this country. Yichang has a population of 1.4 million people and it has no hint of the smog of the cities we have been to thus far. Next, we decided to have a foot massage (our neck and legs we also manipulated during ... read more
Lovely riverside garden
Garden and river view
Our view, first night at Yichang in the Victoria Sophia

Asia » China » Shanghai May 21st 2018

Shanghai with its 24 or so million inhabitants is a seamless melding of East and West and so I felt a sense of familiarity about the city when we first arrived. The three days we spent there were as busy as all the previous days had been. On Friday night we managed to catch up with our daughters and their friend who had arrived two days before us. We had dinner in the French Concession and opted for Wagyu steaks from Australia. That night it began to rain and the temperature dropped. The rain was to continue the next day at Adelaide Arena for the game. It was a little disappointing that the match on Saturday was played in the wet, but it did feel very much like going to the footy on a Saturday afternoon ... read more
Match day
Gardens of Shanghai
Classical Chinese garden

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