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Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri September 12th 2019

This morning, Paula, Sharon and I took a taxi to Sorrento Port for our ‘Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour’ from Sorrento by Raphael Tours. We met our guide Luciana at 8:10am and then caught a high speed jetfoil ferry across to Capri. At Marina Grande, the main port of the Capri, we got on small buses for the trip up the ‘Mamma Mia’ road to Anacapri (meaning upper Capri). We walked to a viewing area, where we had wonderful views back across the Bay of Naples… This was also where the Phoenician Staircase came up, the set of almost 900 stairs from the port up to the summit. At Anacapri, we caught a chair lift up to the top – the views from the lift and at the top were amazing. After this, we caught ... read more
190912 3 Sorrento port
190912 6 Mama Mia Rd
190912 6b Marina Grande

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri December 31st 2017

Heute bin ich also mit der Fähre nach Capri gefahren. Das Wetter an diesem Tag war bewölkt, aber wie an den anderen Tagen nicht kalt. Ich bin also nach dem üblichen Frühstück zum Fährhafen. Dabei habe ich mir schon vorher im Internet eine Verbindung heraus gesucht. Nach einiger Zeit habe ich den Ticketverkauf gefunden. Davor sagte mir ein Mann, dass die Blaue Lagune gestern leider geschlossen war und man heute nichts genaues wisse. Ich war diesbezüglich also vorgewarnt, wollte aber auch keine Änderungen im Reiseplan vornehmen. Nachdem ich die Fahrkarte hatte, bin ich kurz danach auf die Fähre. Diese hatte einen Jet-Antrieb und war relativ schnell. Nach einer knappen Stunde waren wir am Ziel. Dort hatte ich zuerst nochmals nach der Blauen Lagune gefragt, aber die war wirklich wegen dem Seegang geschlossen. Auch wenn der nicht ... read more
Villa San Michele di Axel Munthe.
Fahrt von Capri zurück nach Neapel.
Feuerwerk in der Nacht.

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri August 10th 2017

Today we have booked a full day tour to Capri. A bus drives us from the hotel down the steep road through a canyon to the main port, where we meet our guide for the day whose name is Maria. We get on a ferry over to the main port at Capri, where we are driven up a hill in another bus to the town of Capri. We get off the bus, and stand on the side of the road while Maria explains our itinerary. The roads in Capri are even narrower than the roads in Sorrento, and there is not really enough room for everyone in our group to stand on the side of the road and still be close enough to Maria to be able to hear her. The road is very busy, so ... read more
View from Gardens of August, Capri
View from Gardens of August, Capri

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri June 4th 2017

The Italian adventure continued on Sun when I met Shweta on Capri. She had booked us a very nice hotel called the Weber Ambassador down on the southern side of the island (Marina Piccolo). Capri (with the accent on the first part of the word not the second like the pants), is a fairly small island (1/2-1/3 the size of Ischia) with a TON of hills. The whole island really is a mountain with shops and houses built right into the sides. There are 4 main parts of the island (and a bunch of local houses etc in between): Marina Grande, where the port is; Capri city center where some really high end shops are; Anacapri which is much like Capri center; and Marina Piccolo which is mainly hotels and beach. Speaking of beach, anywhere in ... read more
Relaxing Capri style
Second course of relaxing
View from the hotel

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri May 15th 2017

Geo: 40.5509, 14.2429A day in Capri. Hydrofoil to the island, funicular from the port up to CaprI town, then the local bus to Anacapri. This was the more attractive side of the island and the views from the top of the chairlift at Mount Solaro back to the Sorrentine peninsula were magnificent.We lunched near the Chiesa Monumentale di San Michele which has the most beautiful hand painted ceramic tiled floor showing the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. It was created in 1761 by Leonardo Chiaiese and is highly detailed and colorful.However the most intriguing sight was the yacht moored offshore. I had seen it sailing along the Amalfi coast a few days before and here it was again, the super yacht belonging to Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. The A$400 million yacht ... read more
Mosaic - Expulsion of Adam & Eve
Super Yacht 'A'
Biggest yacht in the world

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri April 12th 2017

Italy, Day 16, Wednesday, October 19, Capri Today, on another optional day, those of us who chose to, boarded a high speed hydrofoil in that took us from Sorrento through the Gulf of Naples to the much anticipated Isle of Capri. Getting there is half the fun. On our approach we were able to see the brilliant limestone cliffs reflected in the bright sun. We landed in Marina Grande on the eastern side of the Isle of Capri. As soon as we landed we were met by Julia, a local guide, who gave us a brief introduction of Capri while walking into Piazza Umberto 1 known locally as La Piazzetta. The name Piazzetta comes from its tiny town square crowded by bright cafe tables where, we are told, is the perfect place to people watch. We ... read more
Giardini Augusto, or the Augustus Gardens in Capri, Italy
Via Krupp switchback footpaths near the Augustus Gardens in Capri, Italy
Model in Anacapri, note the two women peeking from the doorway

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri May 10th 2016

Today we went to Capri which is an island just 25mins away from Sorrento. We took the ferry over and then had about an hour to spend before our boat ride around Capri started. Capri is beautiful, it has amazing clear blue water and grottos around the island. We went to the blue grotto where there was an hour wait on the boat to get in, but it was totally worth it. We had to transfer into a little row boat and then pretty much lie flat inside to get into the grotto as there is only a tiny entry to go into. But once you're in it opens up into a massive cave and you can see the light shining into the water, giving it a bright blue glow. As we were leaving the grotto ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri November 25th 2015

Geo: 40.5509, 14.2429Lovely Capri. (Lovely day)We were up to start brekkies at 7:30am, then hit the road around 8:25am. Easy drive to Sorrento and managed to catch the earlier ferry (9:20am) to Capri. The crossing was white-capped, but the ferry was smooth. Viewing decks are almost non-existent. Arriving Capri, we opted to walk to Anacapri, climbing the fearsome Scala Fenicia (Phoenician Steps) ... 921 stone steps winding up the mountain. The views were tremendous! (And it was nice to have the excuse to sit and puff and bit.) There was one other couple and two solo men who either we passed or who passed us. Not crowded at all.Which could be the mantra for Capri in late November. Not crowded, and very little was open. Fortunately, it was a lovely day, and we just wanted to ... read more
Rain all day! Despite the morning rain, we walked
from the ferry

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri October 19th 2015

Geo: 40.5509, 14.2429The weather cooperated, although a web site indicated there would be a deluge today. Only a bit of a sprinkle on the way home. So we took the train south to Sorrento, spent a bit of time there, and then a hydrofoil to Capri. The island is impressive, but we both doubt it rates the three stars everyone awards. What we have here is cantilevered houses and "streets" that are actually sidewalks. There is, however, a road, but we did not venture onto it. Our motors were leg power...again.The main sight for us was Tiberius' Villa (Bird is now complaining "it is not we"). HP is sure she is only kidding. Yet she continues, "the last picture is for me".After the last several of days, we concluded you folks deserve some mercy. There are ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri June 23rd 2015

Bachelor party on Capri for a few days before the wedding. Actually Anacapri as well as Normalcapri.... read more

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