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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa September 20th 2019

Day 15 : Friday 20 September 2019 : Florence to Pisa to Vernazza Off we head on the train (AUD102 prebooked) to the Cinque Terre with a stop at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Getting on the train was the most difficult as we didn’t know if we had to get our tickets validated. Started to worry, but its too easy if you’re tickets are pre purchased. Just walk on through and find the platform. We get off at Pisa (yay – the correct stop) and head to the Leaning Tower. Dumped our baggage at the station drop point (€20) and headed off, quite a walk but glad we went and saw it, we were so close. It’s really quite cool to see. Heaps of photos….yes you have to push it over in a photo. Head ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 19th 2019

Day 14 : Thursday 19 September 2019 : Florence We were slack, we talked about taking the train to Lucca and also about doing a bike tour from the countryside in Fiesole down into Florence, but we had to work out how to get there. We didn’t do anything so instead we headed off to Piazza Michaelangelo for the views, had a cruisy day, found a great tiny tiny wine bar and then Graham visited the Academia Museum whilst us girls went looking at jewellery. Although it was a good day, kind of feel like we wasted it a little because we didn’t make a decision, won’t make that mistake again, although it really was a nice day. Decide to head back to the Mercato market for dinner, look around at the shops and try the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany September 18th 2019

Day 13 : Wednesday 18 September 2019 : Tuscany Tour We headed off on our tour (€240) and the day is overcast, our first cool day. We visited Sienna first which we loved. The walled cities are just so endearing, with cobble stone roads and an old worldly look. Siena has extensive views over the green Tuscany landscape. The Piazza del Campo is huge and was famous for hosting the Palio horse race. It is a bare back horse race that last about 75seconds. All they get is a banner. Onto have lunch and wine tastings. Even the girls get wine tastings so Graham and I had double 😊 . The host was very interesting and we learnt about the limited Chianti Classico region. Then to the Castle Monteriggioni which was really gorgeous. Quite tiny but ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 17th 2019

Day 12 : Tuesday 17 September 2019 : Florence Booked a tour for tomorrow to head into Tuscany, but for now we head to the Boboli Gardens (€40). Came out the back way and realised we were lost. Found a little museum in the gardens which was all about the Trajan Column in Rome. Lovely and relaxing, spent hours there and ate our donuts that we bought for morning tea 😊. Lunch, gelato and a Walking tour in the evening. We learnt all about the Medici Family and history, which was really great and when we got back to AUS we watched the Medici series, so enjoyable. Checked out the downstairs Mercata markets. Outdoor markets selling goods was just as interesting. We ate in but went out for drinks. Walked 16.5kms or 23500 steps and 19 ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Pompei September 15th 2019

Day 10 : Sunday 15 September 2019 : Pompeii A day at Pompeii (€48). After so much confusion about the trains, which was simple, just very poor communication from a tour guide, we made a run for another train and headed off. Packed again, but the old Italian busking men made it interesting. Can’t explain Pompei, but such well preserved ruins and town. You can understand how the town was laid out and how shops were presented, the roads are still in tact. Amazing and definitely hot but we knew that. Decided to shout ourselves dinner at the Grand Marina on the water with as much seafood as we might desire (€70) Seafood = squid, fried whitebait .... Fried fish means fried whitebait (the small ones with bones, head etc) which Ella was very unimpressed about. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 14th 2019

Day 9 : Saturday 14 September 2019 : Sorrento and Baths of Queen Giovanni Originally we were supposed to head past Amalfi to do the Northern part of the coast, but after our disastrous bus trip and our great day anyway, we agreed not to go back. Decided to keep it chill and walk to the ‘Baths of Queen Giovanni’. Not sure what it is, but seems like a little swimming hole with some ruins. Sleep in, did the washing and hung it outside the window like a true Italian (don’t want to drop it tho) and late morning headed out for our walk. Walking upwards, there were stunning views of Sorrento to be had. We took the skinny road, and then the part with no path or road verge on bends with cars flying by… ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi September 13th 2019

Day 8 : Friday 13 September 2019 : Positano and Amalfi We bought a Hop on Hop off bus ticket to take us through to Amalfi and then we would stop off at the other towns on the way back to Sorrento, big day, but can’t wait. On the bus we climbed, standing room only and head off, and we pick up more and more and more people until you can’t move and the bus is over crammed. Add to this the driver is quite erratic and we’re flying down roads, stopping suddenly, and flying around the corner with very very windy roads, everyone in the bus was extremely motion sick. Someone had already thrown up down the back, and at the first stop in Positano, everybody filed off the bus with very green faces. What ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri September 12th 2019

Day 7 : Thursday 12 September 2019 : Isle of Capri The ferry to Capri (€150) was smooth and quick. Love being on the water again, and the water is so clear and inviting. We arrive at the Capri Marina Grande harbour and there are so many boats and even more people. What to do…where to go. Jodie hits the notes and we head off to find a bus to Anacapri. Scammers offering rides. The bus (€2.5pp) is tiny, we’ll be on the next bus, this one is crammed full……wrong!! All four of us are getting on, and more, and more!!!. Not sure how, you could have picked all my pockets and I wouldn’t have felt it between the crushing people and well the bus driver was exceptional. He came within centimetres of poles and kerbs….how ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento September 11th 2019

Day 6 : Wednesday 11 September 2019 : Rome to Sorrento Took the bus (€1.50pp) to the train station – pretty easy Train (AUD120 prebooked) was awesome, fast (300km/hr Frecciarossa) and comfortable. Hardest part was buying the tickets to get from Naples (main station) to Sorrento on the local EAV train. Finally found them at a newsagent (€4pp). Down to the platform and 5 mins before the train, Ella has to wee. We chose to miss the train (although I'm pretty angry) and went to find the toilet. Didn’t bother to rush as we’d missed the train by a long shot. As we come down the stairs, we find out the train has only just pulled out but was packed to the rafters….this could be a challenge with our bags. The next train arrived 5 minutes ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome September 10th 2019

Day 5 : Tuesday 10 September 2019 : Rome and the Vatican Up early to hit St Peters Basilica (€32). We were there by 8.30am and there was still a queue, but it moved quickly. The whole square is huge. Visited the Dome and walked to the top…wow what a walk, part of it is only one person wide and is on a lean, very claustrophobic and Hot! Amazing church and lovely view from the top. Onto the Vatican (€94) which was a mission to find as its not in the square. We had prebooked self guided audio tours, so walked straight through. Stunning and so much effort and money spent on it, but the rooms become much the same but interesting stories to go with them. At around 2pm we are all starving and tired ... read more

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