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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 16th 2016

Geo: -33.8671, 151.207Headed off on the Ferry to Manly. Walked the beach, was very lovely, albeit windy. Very busy, but it is a Sunday and they offer $2.50 all day public transport, so good value.From Manly, we ferried back to Circular Quay and onto Luna Park. Pretty cool, but very hot and quite tacky. Walked back over the Sydney Harbour bridge but honeslty, it has prison fences and Brooklyn was much nicer.Headed back to the room for an hour's rest and then down into Darling Harbour for a few drinks a some farewell dinner. Our hotel actually links to the Darling Harbour via a walkway which is wonderfully handy.Sydney was a beautiful place and we'd come back here. Well that's end of our adventure as we leave tomorrow.What a trip. Ella's ready for home but mum's ... read more
Manly Beach
Goofy people at Manly Beach
Manly near the ferry

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 15th 2016

Geo: -33.8671, 151.207Yep, made it. We are exhausted, but that won't stop us.Great location, walked around the harbour. 2 flights of stairs had us in pain, so I guess that's a sign that we're exhausted.Girls saw where Dance Academy was filmed and there's actually the Sydney Theatre and Ballet companies are there.Looked at the Sydney Harbour bridge but walked under and around to Circular Quay.Some great markets, had a wander and bought a sausage roll for Ella's lunch, I think she missed them.Saw the Sydney Opera house and walked through the large park opposite.Wandered through the City Centre and went to a food hall for some late lunch and then back to the room for a 'quick nap'. At's now 8 pm so that plan didn't work. Oh well, we'll just sleep.Night night... read more
Dance Academy location
Girls at Opera House

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 13th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774Thursday sees an early start. Alarm's off at 5.30am.Out the door by 6.15am.Flight departs on time at 9.30 (we thought it was a 2 hour flight but its 3 hours but we lose an hour). Arrive at Dallas to find our plan has been delayed nearly 3 hours!!!They were kind enough to feed us.Next leg is 16 and a half hours.!Oh no, delayed again, and now cancelled. Time to collect the luggage and head down and rebook a flight. Decide Graham will collect luggage and Jodie will head down to rebook as we guess there won't be many seats left on the next flight, at least not enough to accommodate a whole other flight.WOW.......very badly handled. We've waited an hour and Jodie was 5th in queue. Only 2-3 people serving and its taking 30-60 ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 12th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774Great day out.The most amazing thing is the Saturn V its extraordinary.So much facts and figures and stories about the individual astronauts which was very interesting. By far the bravest, were the ones that offered to go on the next mission after 3 failed attempts.Sadly the take off pads were unavailable as they had been damaged by the storm.Saw 2 aliigators and 2 bald eagles:) ... read more
All real, except 1
Ella's ready
I think graham might be too

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 11th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774Universal....where do I start?It was awesome and the rides are the most amazing.We head in and go straight to Hogsmeade, Harry Potter World as that is our mission today. Through the wonderful land of Dr Seuss and after the wow factor has worn off, we head to the Flight of the Hippogriff which was a family friendly roller coaster which didn't last long enough in Ella's opinion. But with no queue, we were keen to go again, but discover The Forbidden Journey. Now we think the ride is too extreme for us, but have been told its worth the walk through.25 minute wait, so we're off but the lady on the gate clarifies that its not a roller coaster, its a 3D simulated ride. Ok, why not. WOW the queue went too quick as ... read more
Couldn't resist the ET cupboard
Jurassic River Adventure
What a ride!

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 10th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774(Sorry for the hiccup in posting- but had serious technical difficulties from this point) Decided last night that we have to come back and do Splash Mountain and the number 1 rated ride, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Okay, we are backing it up with another early start. We are taxiing (or Ubering actually) out there at 8am so we can hit the Seven Dwarfs ride before the wait time exceeds an hour.Made it, definitely better in the morning, 45 minute wait, so we're in. Loved it. A family friendly roller coaster with a lull in the middle to take us through the mine, singing of course, then we finish off the ride with the roller coaster again.Aarrhhh,, thats what we needed.Onto splash Mountain.What a ride, its awesome, its cruisey, its themed, we're singing ... read more
Splash Mountain
Our Fast pass to the front of Splash Mountain
Everything is about halloween

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 9th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774This is the one we've all been waiting for!Crowds are much bigger than Thursday's.Main Street was themed with pumpkins and orange orange, red foliage, and yes, the castle, magnificent First up we did the Pirates of the Carribean ride which was really awesome. Its themed all the way through, nothing scary.Did the Haunted Mansion ride - without Kirsten. Excellent again and quite funny in parts.Its a Small World ride - very cute :)Buzz Lightyear - great fun, but the Toy Story shooting one was better. Graham won the challenge for this one.Splash Mountain is out of action for maybe half a day :( but we have a fast pass for tomorrow)Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade - just gorgeous. Glad we set up early for a good spot.During lunch we managed to see part of ... read more
Pirates of the Caribbean ride
River boat
Kirsten at shooting practice

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 8th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774Animal Kingdom is kind of like a big zoo and we explored the Jungle Trek and Forest Exploration and went through Africa and Asia. It is lovely and shady for a hot day. The Tree of Life is the centre piece and is magnificent.We did the Kali River Rapids which was very cool and a bit of water on a hot day didn't hurt. That was great fun. Cruised around some more and then did the Met Mickey and Minnie :)Met the Chipmunks Jungle River Cruise and Ella got to drive the boat.Kilimanjaro Safari - fantastic.Kirsten was keen to see the Festival of the Lion King before leaving, and wow, what a show. Rides were real cruisy, but fun. Decided to head back to Epcot and try our luck on the Test Track before ... read more
Mountain at Animal Kingdom
Zebras on the Kilimanjaro Safari

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 7th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774Supposed to be at Animal Kingdon today, but its not open due to Hurricane Matthew. Everything is closed. Schools, public transport, all shops, outlet shops, delis, everything.They say that there was millions of dollars damage along the coast, but there wasn't much on the news that showed any significant devastation. We had rain and wind, but we didn't notice anything in the hotel. Have since seen some reports of lost homes and roads washed away but it turns out the eye of the hurricane didn't make land, so it wasn't as bad as expected. Done nothing. Hotel is full of people that have been evacuated due to the Hurricane. As there is no food available the hotel has been very good and they put breakfast on again for lunch and again for dinner. We ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 6th 2016

Geo: 28.5377, -81.3774Ok, up early for breakfast as Jodie's not letting us miss that shuttle. Departs 8.55am.We didn't reach Walt Disney World (Disney) until 9.45 which is just a ticket office. But a ferry and then a bus later we make it to Hollywood Studios (10.50am). The upside of the bit of rain is that the parks area empty, all the employees are saying make the most of it. After the debate to change to Magic Kingdom, we stayed with our plan. Enough waffle, onto the good bits....First we did the Great Movie Ride which was very lovely.Then onto the Indianna Jones Stunt Spectacular which was really interesting.Toy Story Mania ride was THE BEST!. he competition was on to shoot and get the highest score. Jodie won the first round. Decided to go back through again, ... read more
So cute
Indianna Jones show
Disney Boardwalk

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