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Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 17th 2019

Day 42 : Thursday 17 October : and we head back to Perth More than 24 hours later than we expected and we get to head home. The day chilling at the hotel wasn't all bad and gave us a chance to rest up. Every stop we made throughout Italy, we thought was so beautiful and so amazing that the next stop can’t be as good, but yet it continued to astound and surprise us with its magical beauty. It’s very easy to see why people want to return to Italy over and over again. Its beauty is staggering. As a rule, I don't return to where I've travelled, but we may need to make an exception for Italy. Total cost for 4 of us 6 weeks $25,000 AUD.... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 16th 2019

Day 41 : Wednesday 16 October 2019 : Dohar After all the unknown, Qatar were so super organised at the Dohar end, we got shuffled to a special counter, given water, organised a hotel and breakfast lunch and dinner plus transfers back. We got upgraded to a huge family room to boot. So all that worry for nothing, but we learnt from our mistakes in the USA. So tired, woke at lunchtime, ate, had a swim in the pool and then headed off in the early evening to the harbour for a look. Interesting place but not somewhere I was very comfortable. Glad to leave. Walked 7 kms or 11500 steps. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto October 15th 2019

Day 40 : Tuesday 15 October 2019 : Venice and to the airport Last day. Decided not to waste it and got online to book some tickets for Doges Palace (€52). Really interesting place. Bought some list minute souvenirs including a gorgeous charm for Kirsten (€80). Jodie had to try one last piece of pizza from Venice. Its scary but yet so cool and interesting, the rain's come in and as a result, San Marco's square is under water and its lapping at many of the streets. You can clearly see the issue they face as there hasn't been that much rain. Okay, we’ve cut it a little fine, but we’re ok, starting to find our way around. Get changed, pick up our bags and off we head off. So sad. We get to the terminal ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto October 14th 2019

Day 39 : Monday 14 October 2019 : Murano It’s so misty, it’s like a white blanket. You can’t see anything from the ferry. Turns out that to get to Burano, we have to go to Murano, wait another hour for a ferry and then 1.5hrs ride to Burano. Didn’t work this one out too well, we’ll spend hours just getting to Burano, so we decide, just to go to Murano, look around, buy some glass, enjoy a desperate toilet break and some morning tea before ferrying back. Cute little place but didn’t stray too far and bought some Murano glass souvenirs (€50). The ferry gets back in and we head in the opposite direction to yesterday, passing the Accademia and decide to get a ferry along the Main Canal. Turns out that the ferry tickets ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice October 13th 2019

Day 38 : Sunday 13 October 2019 : Venice, Italy Opti Shuttle 9.15am to Venice was the quickest, easiest and best value. Picked up on the corner near our accommodation. Long trip on a mini bus, but very comfortable, good speed with a pit stop at a Roadhouse. You get dropped on the outskirts of Venice and have to walk in because there are no cars in Venice arrive12.15pm. No point wheeling your luggage here, on the back it goes. Up and down stairs, through alleys. We got to the Piazza but couldn’t find the Airbnb after that, fortunately, the guy was waiting for us and we looked lost enough he figured it was us. Awesome little unit, modern and has everything, we love this one, has lots of extras. And there’s a little storeroom/shed underneath ... read more
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Europe » Slovenia » Inner Carniola » Postojna October 12th 2019

Day 37 : Saturday 12 October It’s a small bus group and we head to Predjama Castle The Predjama Castle is amazing. One of the best. It’s built into the rock and you get a great feel for how they lived. It extends right back into the hill side and allowed them to escape up through the top of the mountain, plus they had fresh water running down into the castle. Fantastic. From there we took windy roads to the caves. The Postojna cave was huge. We have to take a train the first 2 kms just to get far enough into the cave. Its massive. It’s quite cool in the train. Long day, we all pig out on biscuits and chips as we’re all getting hungry. Headed out for a few drinks at a couple ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 11th 2019

Day 36 : Friday 11 October 2019 : Ljubljana The town is very pretty, wonderful atmosphere. We explored the ‘art district’ which I can say was very different, and almost scary… they ask you not to take photos with them in because the people don’t want to end up on social media as the police could then identify and find them. They were polite about it. We wandered around and back to the ‘nice’ part of town. Us girls did just a little bit of shopping in H&M, Kirsten bought a few things. Lunch and snacks around the markets, we are so having dinner at the markets tonight. Booked a tour for the cave and castle. €74 pp. Seemed expensive, but with door to door transfers and all the entry prices, it works out at a ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana October 10th 2019

Day 35 : Thursday 10 October 2019 : Lake Bled to Ljubljana The transfer bus picked us up near our accommodation. We’re off to Ljubljana. It was a full mini bus, but was well worth the price. 40 minutes. We arrive and it was really raining, it’s the first time we’ve seriously been caught in the rain. Luggage and all, plus we can’t find the accommodation!! We ended up taking shelter and Graham went looking for the Airbnb. It feels like our accommodation is in the middle of nowhere. Found the place, we dump our bags with the cleaner, get some dry clothes and head back out until the Airbnb’s ready. Wow, rain’s stopped, suns out, and the little free electric town car is right outside our lovely apartment. We jumped in and headed to ‘town’ ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bohinj October 9th 2019

Day 34 : Wednesday 9 October 2019 : Mount Vogel From the local station we took a bus to Ukanc (€16 ow). It seems to be in the middle of nowhere. We’re wearing exercise leggings, and Graham has no jumper, and its supposed to be about 2 degrees at the top of the Cable Car (€67). Oh well, off we go. Cable car doesn’t take long. Lovely views. It’s a ski field in winter. We take a walk around and it was awesome. Some fun sculptures, we headed out for a walk and the weather came in. It was a blanket of white, unbelievably windy, and the temperature was dropping quickly. It was quite exhilarating, and nothing we would ever experience at home. Brilliant experience. We head back to the restaurant and order some yummy lunch ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola October 8th 2019

Day 33 : Tuesday 8 October 2019 : Vintgar Gorge Off we head on foot to Vintgar Gorge, (found out later that we could have taken a shared vehicle from the bus station for a few euros each ☹). Lovely day, sun’s shining, albeit cold ? we warmed up quickly with our 5km walk there. It’s another 1.6 kms along the gorge one way. The gorge is magnificent. The boardwalks, the ravines, the falls and the crystal clear pools of water. Just lovely, but cold in the shadows. More rock throwing to be had by all. Great gorge, but time for some coffee and cake in the sun and the long walk back. By the time we get back, we need drinks ?. We stop at the Spica Bar with a nice view of the sun ... read more

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