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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 14th 2015

I started later than usual this year - felt very odd being in town for Canada Day and music festivals... The departure was a little dicey yesterday - remnants of storms in Western Canada delayed my first flight, but I had such a long layover it didn't matter. The flight from St. John's to Dublin damn near gave me a heart attack - we dropped or did something and the pressure went down. I felt like I was getting sucked down a drain. Very unpleasant. Needless to say, as per usual I didn't sleep on the plane. I did, however, manage to sleep most of the bus ride from Dublin to Cork. It was raining (what a shocker!) so I don't think I missed much. I was awake long enough passing through Dublin to see this ... read more
Hello creepy Dublin man!
Accents of colour everywhere in Cork
Bright blue fire exit

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork May 5th 2015

Train to Cork was a bit of a nightmare. We had to go all the way back to Dublin before going to Cork because of works on the train tracks. We didn't arrive till about 10.30pm so pretty much went straight to bed. The next day was Blarney Castle day! A short but ride from the city centre brought us to the village and a short walk brought us to the entrance of the castle. However what we thought was just a castle turned out to be an extensive property with beautiful gardens. We started off by exploring the castle which was awesome! We climbed up this tiny, narrow staircase that spiraled up the castle. We saw rooms off shooting from the staircase and they led to other rooms. Without the signs I'm are we would ... read more
Blarney Castle
Fern Garden at Blarney Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork February 3rd 2015

Here are the pictures that I took during our weekend in Cork and Kinsale. The first few though are from a park in Waterford, I am just uploading them as well. Enjoy!... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork September 20th 2014

Hello everyone! So, last night in Cork was a blast. I walked downtown to E Sine (don't ask me how to pronounce it). It's a tiny little pub that has Guiness on tap. It was packed. But there is always one stool at the bar, and so I sat. In the corner five musicians played wonderful traditional Irish music. It was grand! Every once and awhile, one of the patrons would burst out in song. I sat next to an older gentleman who turned out to be a really nice guy and we chatted for several hours over several pints. It felt so good to laugh again after England...where if you sit in a bar, you sit alone. In Ireland they sing to a much different tune and readily engage in conversation. I should have taken ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork September 19th 2014

Welcome to Ireland!!! I woke up this morning to drizzle and rain and indeed it has rained the entire day. I drove from Wexford to Cork today. The mist/fog has been thick and so I didn't get to see much of the scenery on the drive here. I did briefly stop in the little sea-side town of Younegal. I couldn't find a restaurant, so I had lunch in a bakery. The scones were the best I have tasted so far. Very yummy! So it has been very easy to maintain my vegetarian diet while traveling here. I only once ate a piece of bacon and a sausage at my Welsh stay, just to see what it was like as they have their own butcher who makes sausages for them. So I thought what the heck and ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork June 29th 2014

So we're about to close up our last day here. Stayed overnight in Coyne. Truly beautiful there. We partook in a traditional breakfast. Started with fruit, bread, and juice &/or water followed shortly thereafter by tea. Eggs Benedict was the special breakfast. It's not my favorite, but when in Rome, do like the Romans! I thought it smart to immerse myself. It was served on an English muffin. Pretty soon the waitress came over with 8 slices of toast (4 slices of bread cut in half to be fair). In case you glazed over the beginning, this was the 3rd serving of bread in one meal! I was stuffed! We took a taxi to the railroad station in Midleton & had a bit of xtra time, so we walked to the supermarket & bought tea. After ... read more
View from Barnabrow House, Coyne
Sorry we're sideways. Beautiful shot
Random house that fell apart.

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork June 27th 2014

I slept in today! It was delightful to actually get sleep. Katie had a Hen Party (Bachelorette Party) last night so I didn't really set my alarm. I knew she'd tell me after she got up. On the way to catch the bus, I bought a thin zip up hoodie to later with-downside of packing light! Penny's (not to be confused w/ JC penny's) is inexpensive & had some nice sales. That's the best thing of hitting Europe at this time are all the sales! Today we went to Blarney. After stopping into a souvenir shop w/ a lovely woman and some Irish lace, we walked on down to the Castle. Of course our first destination was the Castle/Blarney Stone. It was neat to see what used to be and a good use of imagination. We ... read more
Boring Still Water vs. Thrilling Fizzy Water
I don't even understand how this I'd upside down.
Blarney Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork June 26th 2014

Been without Internet except briefly for the last couple of days. Sevilla Seeing as it was our last day & we hadn't yet checked off everything on our list, we hopped to it. Ok, Katie hopped to it. I could still have slept all day. We began with a stop at the bus pickup to figure out when to catch one to the airport on our way over to Plaza de España. It's sooo pretty. The fountain still wasn't running and there were tables blocked off for some sort of function, but it was still gorgeous! Next up ir de Well, sort of... We window shopped at Encuentre the night before & went in to grab what we wanted. Ran into Blanco & up 3 or 4 flights & back down again & booked it ... read more
Plaza de España
Ham everything.
Things that could be done

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork December 19th 2013

For those of you receiving email updates about my blog from subscribing when I was in Papua New Guinea, I'm now in Ireland! I figured I would keep the blogging going. My brother, David, is doing a master's program in Edinburgh, Scotland, and so I figured I would go spend a week in Ireland before heading over to Edinburgh for Christmas. If you aren't interested in non-PNG blogs, then I recommend unsubscribing from the email list. First impression of Ireland: holy green. Ireland certanly lives up to is reputation of being green. I noticed the grass as we were landing in the plane. Everything is growing. Trees and even steel bridges and sidewalks have all manner of green lichens and mosses growing bountifully. In the moss on the trees ferns can sometimes be found sproutng. After ... read more
Some swans at a butcher in the English Market
Staircase in St. Anne's Church

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork October 20th 2013

The weather looked promising when we woke after a good night’s sleep and we hope that it continues for the day as our plan is to drive down to the coast south of Cork and explore the coastline. The roundabouts in Ireland are even more confusing than those in England where you have to get into the right lane for exiting the roundabout or you will get tooted at if you get it wrong and obviously put yourself at risk of getting rammed! And the one at the hotel that we had to negotiate to get on our way was a doosy as it went under a main highway and had 4 sets of traffic lights in it to add to the need for concentration. It took us two attempts to get in the right lane ... read more
Some brave hikers on the headland
The coastline north from the Old Head of Kinsale
The headland with the golf course on

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