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Christopher D. Wright

My husband and I are passionate about traveling and food. When we travel, our goal is to get a real feel for the place we are visiting. We do not just seek out the main attractions but get off the beaten path, try to experience what the locals experience. We have a great respect for other cultures, history and food. We try to work all of this into our travels. I started this Blog to share our adventures in hopes that others might have a better experience when they travel.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 11th 2023

Our plane home was at 6 pm, which gave us time to have one final lunch. We choose Rock & Sole Plaice, the oldest chipper in the city. They make very good fish & chips, and the tartar sauce is the best. We have eaten here before, but you can’t be in England and not have fish & chips at least once. You can choose from 5 different fishes for your fish, cod, haddock, rock, plaice or sole. I had cod Jerry had haddock. It is one piece of fish perfectly battered and cooked; the chips are thick cut and my only issue with them is that they could be crispier. They have other things on the menu, one of which we got for a little starter, crispy camembert, it was the dish of the day. ... read more
Dish of the Day
Fish & Chips

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 10th 2023

Our final stop before getting on the plane home is London. The airfare to fly round trip Boston/London is so much cheaper than flying direct to Paris, or in October Barcelona, that just makes London a stop on any trip to Europe. While our last night in Paris the hotel was paid with IHG points, our night in London is paid with Hilton Honors points. So, we are at the Waldorf Astoria. Both hotels are 5 star, but the difference between the two our extreme. The Hotel in Pairs, upgraded us to a better room, included breakfast, had fresh strawberries upon arrival, and at check in explained everything, welcomed us and IHG premier members and made you feel special. At the Waldorf, barely got the room let alone any welcome, put us in a Handicap room, ... read more
The Savory Tier
Relaxing at Tea
Covent Garden

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 9th 2023

It was a little hard getting up this morning and finishing the blog from yesterday. After I posted the Blog, we went down to breakfast. We were the first one in the breakfast room. They had two choices a full “American Buffet” means eggs, and meat or the continental. We didn’t see any reason to pay 6 euros more a piece just to get eggs, when everything else they had was sufficient. The special bonus of the day was the world-Famous St. Malo butter, best butter ever. The coffee was also good and strong, but not much driving today since our first stop was Rennes and that is where we were ending the driving portion of the trip. The drive to Rennes was fairly easy, and after only three wrong turns found the parking garage that ... read more
Rennes Opera
Lunch Spot
Georges Carpentier

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo May 8th 2023

The breakfast room was pretty empty but also fully stocked, except my three-minute egg machine was not working, or it was working there were just no eggs. We had already taken showers so after breakfast it was just a quick finish packing and we were off. It rained pretty hard overnight and was still raining when we left. Its Monday and Victory day here in France, there was a bit gathering of French Naval personnel, in full uniform just up the street from our hotel having some type of ceremony to honor the day. This was not a long driving day, a little over 2 hours to Dinan, our first stop. Would have been quicker but we had a bit of trouble finding a gas station. If you really want to experience France, buy gas in ... read more
Duchess Anne
Staberry Rhubarb
The Ramparts

Europe » France » Brittany » Brest May 7th 2023

I decided to do one blog entry for our time in Brest. Mainly, the first day we didn’t’ to much by drive yere, have lunch on the way, and dinner. Today, was also pretty short. It is yet another long weekend here in France, with Monday being Victory Day. They are much more about celebrating World War II events than we are back home. But then, there country was bombed and invaded by the Nazi’s early on. The allies did their share of bombing of France as well. In Fact, many cities in Brittany were completely rebuilt after the was since there wasn’t much left. This makes Brest much more modern, that traditional French. Saturday started like every day in France, we went down to breakfast, then got ready for the day. Breakfast was better than ... read more
Lobster Rool
Bay Scallops with Curry
Britone Lobster

It rained overnight and the air was fresh smelling when we woke up. The rain did not do anything to remove the humidity as it was still at 80%, but humidity on the ocean is different than humidity inland, the breeze keeps it more bearable. The alarm went off at 7:30 and instead of getting ready, we again, just chose to splash water in our face and go down to breakfast. This gives us more time to just relax when we come back up and not hurry to get ready. The breakfast room was less frantic than yesterday so a bit more enjoyable. The concept of them actually cooking your eggs anyway you want is pretty novel. I just cannot imagine a Hampton Inns cooking to order eggs. As I write this post, Jerry is out ... read more
Market Vegetables
Fish at the Market

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle May 4th 2023

The bodies spoke very loudly this morning, the alarm amy have gone off at 7:30 but we didn’t get out of bed until 9:30. Breakfast is until 10:30 so we just splashed water on our faces and hair quickly dressed and went down to eat. The breakfast room was very busy and warm. The offerings were extensive, including the egg station where they would cook them anyway you wanted, including an omelet, they even had batter for crepes. We made it easy and just had scrambled eggs with the usual suspects. The croissants here, obviously not from a bakery but mass produced and small. At the moment we are just finishing up getting ready to go pick up a couple of bikes to explore two different sections of the city. It is a sunny day, a ... read more
Cod Tempura
Local Street Scene

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » La Rochelle May 3rd 2023

Today we head to the Coast. La Rochelle is in Charente-Maritime on the Bay of Biscay. Since Millau, we have been in uncharted territory (except Saint-Emilion) so everything is new to us. While Jarnac may not be our dream home for retirement, it is important to experience as much of France and all corners, if you plan on living there someday. La Rochelle has been on our list of potential retirement homes for a few reasons: 1) it is on the coast and deep down I am very much tied to the water; 2) there is a train station with a TGV to Paris; and 3) the weather appears to be very similar to Portland, meaning low humidity. We are close to starting our third week, and since we are in La Rochelle for three nights ... read more
The West Port
Towers across from Hotel
Pink Gambas

Europe » France » Poitou-Charentes » Cognac May 2nd 2023

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day, clear skies, light breeze, the workers in the vineyards, I can’t think of a better scene to wake up too. It was such a nice morning that breakfast was served on the outside terrace under an Olive Tree. The breakfast spread was similar to the others; eggs, bread, meats, yogurt. What set this apart from the others was the freshly squeezed orange juice, and I mean freshly squeezed. The oranges were in a machine and when you turned the knob, your juice was made fresh right then. After breakfast we loaded the car and were off to Jarnac, in the heart of the Cognac region. We stayed off the A roads and took mainly D and N roads. When we did get on the N88, it was clearly ... read more
The House
30 year

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Saint-Emilion May 1st 2023

May Day in France Growing up, the first of May was celebrated by placing bouquets of flowers on people’s doors, well the neighbors we liked. I don’t really know where this tradition came from, but that is what we did. I do know that its origins date back to Roman and Celtic times and was a celebration of the beginning of the growing season. Now in Europe it is Labor Day and a national holiday in most countries celebrating the rights of workers and the 8-hour workday. We are headed to the heart of the Bordeaux wine region today and will not be impacted by the holiday, both lunch and dinner reservations are secured. Today also marks the halfway point of our trip. We will shortly be in Brittany and the primary focus of ... read more
Were are we going
Chateau Grand Barrail

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