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Christopher D. Wright

My husband and I are passionate about traveling and food. When we travel, our goal is to get a real feel for the place we are visiting. We do not just seek out the main attractions but get off the beaten path, try to experience what the locals experience. We have a great respect for other cultures, history and food. We try to work all of this into our travels. I started this Blog to share our adventures in hopes that others might have a better experience when they travel.

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 19th 2019

Several years ago, I ran across a list of the 10 oldest restaurants in the world. Since that time, we have been making sure to tick each one off our list. Paris has two on the list. When we were in Paris in 2016 with Christina, we ate at A La Petite Chaise number 5 on the list. This trip we would be marking on number 3 La Tour D’Argent, first established in 1582 during the reign of Henry III. We now only have three more until we have been to all ten of them. The most difficult will be number ten, Yar Restaurant, which is located in Moscow, Russia. Brief History La Tour D’Argent first opened in 1582 as an inn on the right bank of the Seine, looking at Ile de la ... read more
Amuse Buse
Wine Bible
Langue Confite & Creme de Raifort

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 19th 2019

I slept very well last night, and longer than planned. The alarm was set for 6 am, but for some reason did not go off, or so I thought. What I did not know was that it did not go off and I did not hear it, and sneaky Jerry changed it to 7, so when I did hear it, I thought it was 6 but it was really 7. In any event we got a bit more sleep, much needed of course and a later start then planed. It all worked out in the end because as it turned out are day was not that jammed packed. Fresh Strawberries Now any one that knows me, also knows that I am the pickiest person on earth when it comes to strawberries. I am from ... read more
Musee Cluny
Dame a la Licorne
Musee Gustav Moreau

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 18th 2019

We woke up at 6:30 and started getting ready for our first full day in Paris. It was a beautiful Pairs morning, just a bit of chill in the air, but not cold with clear blue skies. The shop keepers were busy getting ready for the day ahead. Restaurants were preparing for the day and making the switch from winter to summer seating. The collapsible walls were coming down to make way for the famous sidewalk seating. Most of Paris seem still asleep, a few business men were making there way to the office, tourist that had earlier morning arrivals were arriving at the hotel across the street. When you get up with the workers you can see why Paris is 100 times cleaner than the streets of New York. Each shop owner sweeps the sidewalk ... read more
Protectors of Sainte-Chapelle

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris April 17th 2019

As I write this entry, we are resting in our hotel just off Rue Cler in the 7th. I will not mention the name of the hotel, because this is our favorite place to stay and do not want it to lose any of its charm. This is the 4thtime we have stayed in this hotel and have our usual street side room with a view of the top of the Eifel Tower. The first day is always the hardest and seems like the longest. You start in one time zone and end up in a different country on a different day, but your mind still says your in the time zone you live in. We try very hard to immediately adjust to the time difference, we typically plan a full day, but not intense, don’t ... read more
Site of First Lunch
Jerry's First Lunch
My First Lunch

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark April 16th 2019

With my 34th tax season behind me, we now begin our 7thtrip to France. Like our trip to Italy, we once again splurged for business class tickets. Flying United this gives us access to the Polaris Business Class Lounge. Like the Air Canada lounge in Montreal, this is a very posh and comfortable space. Everything is gratis. The major It difference between the United and Air Canada lounge is that in addition to the buffet they have an order off the menu dining room. I spent a few hours at the office doing client billing and then left a bit before noon to meet Jerry at Penn Station. We decided to get to the airport a few hours early in order to be able to take full advantage of the Polaris Lounge. We are very excited ... read more

Europe » Italy May 31st 2018

We are back home now as I write this final entry for this journey. Having a day to reflect and review the entries and other trips we have taken I have some final thoughts on this trip. First, as with all trips it was not perfect, there were bumps in the road, there always will be for the traveler the road is not always easy. I of course learned new things about myself good and bad and of course had a great cultural experience as always. I think the most striking thing about this trip (Jerry agrees) is that overall the food was just not as good as we anticipated. Yes, we had some stand out meals and there was usually a stand out dish, but it just seemed that it just lacked that something extra. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 30th 2018

The last day in Italy would be as jammed packed as any other day on this trip. The only difference, we slept in until 8 and went down to breakfast at 10. So, we started our day about an hour behind what we had planned, but it was fine since it was our last day and we intended on exploring parts of Rome yet seen. It was already hot and humid, so one more day of being wet all day. The first stop was to be the Palazzo Barberini, just 2 blocks from our hotel, we changed that because the only time sensitive place on our agenda today was the Basilica San Celemente, the last church of the trip. It was near the colosseum, but on the opposite side of where we were the first part ... read more
Fontana Delle Naiadi
1 of 4

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence May 29th 2018

There was only one thing on the agenda, other than our return to Rome, and that was our final cooking class. We did have to get up early, so we could get to the train station to store our luggage. We should have stored more, as we did a fair amount of walking before we ever go to the cooking part. I am going to start right off with brutal honesty, this was the least favorite cooking class I have ever taken. When I booked it, I did have my doubts because it was arranged through a tour company and not a cooking school, what I didn’t know was that the company was a subsidiary of Viator, and after our disaster of a Viator tour in England over Christmas, we vowed never to book through them ... read more
The Butcher
making pasta with a view

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa May 28th 2018

Today is a day trip to Pisa primary to see the leaning tower, and yes climb the 251 steps to the top. We had an 8:30 train, so it made for an early rise. We had enough time for a quick bite of the breakfast and some coffee. We walked to the train station since we did not have any luggage, it was about 15-minute walk, and the humidity was beginning to build. Florence has been the warmest and most humid of all the places we have been so far on this trip. With all of the walking and climbing you are basically constantly wet, but that is the price of a vacation. Overall, we have been very lucky weather wise, and the only days it has really rained was the morning of Verona and part ... read more
Looking up the center of the tower
Well walked steps up
Looking down from the top

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence May 27th 2018

Florence is really all about the Medici Family so much of today’s walking tour was based upon them. The Medici ruled Florence for several hundred years. Catherin di Medici was Queen of France and the mother of three French kings, the Queen of Spain and confident of Mary Queen of Scotts. They even had a pope or two in the family. This was to be a full day of museums and walking tours and it was for Jerry and Christina. When I woke up, I was simply not feeling well and felt I needed to sleep a bit more. So, Jerry and Christina headed to the Academia (where the David is) and I slept an hour or so more. I was feeling better around 11:30, so I took a shower and dressed, then headed out for ... read more
Medici Riccardi Palazzo
Medici Chapel

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