Europe » Spain » Valencian Community January 1st 2019

Nov 21 to Jan 1 2019: In the last 45 days Kathy and I have done so much. For Thanksgiving, we attended a Thanksgiving dinner provided by Americans Living in Valencia. About 75 people were in attendance including many Spaniards who just liked the idea of giving thanks for the many things they had. It was fun. Kathy had a clandestine meeting with David, the organizer, to buy the tickets about a week in advance. It was like she was buying drugs or passing national secrets. We walked across town on a dark and dreary night where she met David about 9 at night at a corner in the rain. I watched the plot unfold from a sidewalk café across the street. They talked for a few minutes and then the transaction was completed. She came ... read more
Pre Hike Coffee
View from the Top

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia November 24th 2018

Oct 13th to Nov 20: Speaking of phones, both Kathy and I have Spanish phones numbers now and we are taking Spanish classes. Every once in a while, one of us will get a call on our Spanish phone and the person on the other ends says, “blah blah blah.” Since we have no idea what they are saying, we say “No entiendo!” The other person then says, “blah blah blah”…again. We then say, “No hablo español". After a couple of rounds of this, they finally hang up. I have often wondered what these people were saying. I hope they are not saying, “Get out of the apartment, Godzilla is coming” or maybe “Get out now, your building is on fire.” We just hang up and happily go about our business not knowing that our lives ... read more
Downtown Montanejos
The Hike
More Bouldering

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia October 22nd 2018

Sept 20th to Oct 12th: Kathy and I started the week by signing up for Spanish classes. We are going to take one week of the intensive class which consists of 5 days of 4 hour instructions with a couple of hours of homework. I told the instructor that I didn’t think that I could do that because it would interfere with my nap. He kinda frowned at me and continue his spiel. By the time he was finished, I was thinking that retirement was over for me and I might as well go back to work. At least I would get paid. As this is going, I’m paying him. But Kathy as convinced me that we would both would be better off if I would just get with the program. As she put it, “Russ, ... read more
Restaurant Along the Beach
Valencia Day

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia September 19th 2018

Aug 19th to Sept 19th: We have vacated the AirB&B and now we are full time in the apartment. Every day we walk to the grocery store which is about 2 km away and the dollar store. The dollar store is the local cheapo place to buy housewares. We now have a good portion of cheap plastics, tools, and cleaners. We don’t expect this stuff to last long but then again, we don’t need them long. I cleaned the patio area and now we have a set of chairs and a table where we have been breakfasting (Is that a word?) for the past week. We have eaten out lunch and dinner only a couple of times since we moved. We are getting into a routine….finally. Kathy is still working on getting internet and every other ... read more
Kathy by The Energy Observer
The Energy Observer

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 26th 2018

Aug 20th to the 31st: Since last weekend, we have been nesting. We are buying some of the things that we sold like coffee pots, trash cans, patio furniture, etc. We are a little smarter this time in that we know we will give this stuff away when we return to the U.S., so we are buying cheap, cheap, cheap. But still, all the stuff adds up. Each day we move a little more stuff to our apartment. We have a week left at the AirB&B, so we are making the most of washing clothes, and internet, which we don't have yet at our apartment. Tomorrow, we contract for internet and Kathy's phone, we get our debit cards from the bank, and we buy a couple of chairs for our patio area. It seems that we ... read more
Fountain Somewhere in Valencia
Apartment Row
More Apartments

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 19th 2018

August 15th to the 19th, 2018: The big events this week were the delivery of our bikes and obtaining a bank account. You know you have moved when you establish a bank account because now your money is living in the same place as you. We even have a debit card. We chose the bank because they supposedly catered to expats but when we arrived no one spoke English. However, we were able to use Google Translate to work out the fine print and get an account. Thank goodness for Google Translate, and the other 15 translate type apps that we use. It’s a good thing too since this week we move into our apartment…Woohoo!!! And we need to pay the rent…RENT? Although our AirB&B experience has been great, there is something to be said about ... read more
The Bank of Valencia
Street Mucisians
Biker Chick

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 14th 2018

Well we are official. We signed a lease last week for a 3 bedroom flat along the Turia River Walk outside the City of Science. Sounds great doesn't it? Our apartment is in a working class neighborhood on the first floor (which is actually the second floor...the first floor is zero) of an older apartment building. But it is nice with laminate and tile flooring and a sitting area in the Light Well, which is the center section of the building where everyone hangs their wash. I figure we will not need to buy another piece of clothing the rest of the time that we are here. Regardless, the apartment overlooks the City of Science. In the words of HGTV, "our apartment has a view of the beach" from the small window in the bathroom where ... read more
Old Church in Old Town
Sidewalk Cafe
Kathy Enjoying Lunch at a Beachside Cafe

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 11th 2018

So we get down to our last week in the U.S. and we have sold everything. The closing on the house goes well. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 5th 2018

The last couple of days (Friday and Saturday) have been interesting in that we are finding out about the separate communities in Valencia and how they would impact our lives. Our realtor gave us a couple of locations that we could look at to decide where we wanted to live. We looked at the old city of course but prices there are going to be expensive and contain a lot of tourist traffic. It would be the most interesting place to live though. We looked at a more residential community with local groceries and shops near the City of Sciences, and we looked at a more commercial area with shopping malls, pools, commercial buildings etc., which we nixed right off the bat. One interesting apartment on the edge of old town had promise and we looked ... read more
City of Sciences
Dinner Out of the Rain
Inside the Mercat Colon (the Columbus Market)

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 3rd 2018

We have FINALLY ARRIVED but how we got here is a significant part of the journey. Over the next post or so I will talk about that journey. But first a little about the last 24 hours. Of course, up until last night we had not slept for about 40 hrs. The transatlantic flight went through some significant weather so we didn't get much sleep on the plane. Once we arrived in Valencia, we grabbed a cab at the airport and headed to our AirBNB. That was about 6pm. So we unpacked a bit and headed to a lite dinner. We had beer and wine at a local bar but the service was rather slow. I ordered in spanish and finally got served after the bartender and waitress quit laughing. 😎 Oh well.... This morning (Friday) ... read more
Kathy Along the Sidewalk
Post Office (we think)
Sidewalk Cafes

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