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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork April 20th 2013

I woke up and started my way on my last trip in Ireland. I cannot believe this all went by so fast. Randi and I took a bus to Cork and caught a bus to Blarney from there. As we walked onto the castle grounds, I was amazed at the flower and scenery. I am so glad that I didn't visit until now, when the flowers were in bloom. We followed a river to the castle to make our way up to the infamous Blarney Stone. On the side of the castle was the entrance to the dungeons. The area was very small and there wasn't enough room to stand up. I wonder how they used it as a dungeon. As we walked through the castle, we got to see all the different rooms and the ... read more
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork August 27th 2012

Our trip to Ireland didn’t really turn out as planned. I managed to pick up a rather nasty seafood related bug on day two of the four day long weekend. It was rather scary as it led to numbness and gripping pains, and given it struck Sunday and nothing was open we ended up taking a quick trip to the Bantry hospital to ensure it was nothing more sinister. However let me start from the beginning. We arrived in at Cork around noon on Friday to some typical Irish weather, somewhat like London summer... driving rain. The traffic for some reason in and around Cork was terrible. Given the rain meant the walking self tour of Cork was a non-starter so we headed to Blarney Castle. There was a lovely grounds and the Castle itself is ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 28th 2012

July 28 Saturday – Cork Today I decided to walk down to the Elizabeth fort by St Fin Barres Cathedral.On the way down I detoured to the extreme west side of the island that Cork is on and ended up walking all over Cork again but not to the fort. So I guess that will be Sundays walk. The weather is so changeable here. It started out blue skies and sunshine, then total dark clouds and a shower , then blue skies and sunshine again. I had a nice walk around the city and checked out St Finbaar's Cathedral and the Elizabethian Fort, then eased back down to the city and up the hill to the hostel for the evening as it was getting a bit chilly. I did a little research on hostels in Kinsale ... read more
The old butter market
Just a little stretch of the legs
This is Saturday ?

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 27th 2012

July 27 Friday - Had an interesting but tiring day. I took the 202 bus out to Blackrock Castle. It was a castle built by the English to protect the approaches from the sea to the port of Cork from the Spanish as well as to protect the English rulers from the people of Cork. It has been converted into an observatory and science center and for €6 you can tour the science center as well as part of the castle.... read more
Cork July 2012 (84)
Cork July 2012 (85)

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 26th 2012

July 26 - Cork - Invested today exploring Cork. The weather was nice and cool and the food was good. Did Tons of walking and took tons of pictures. I found another Hillbilly Chicken on The Grand Parade St. next to Bishop Lucey Park but I don't think it is as good as the one on MacCurtan Street. I checked out Bishop Lucey Park, The English Market, The memorial to fighters for Irish Independance, and the South Gate Bridge where they used to put peoples heads on stakes after they had chopped them for committing crimes......such as saying "The King Sucks" or such.... read more
St Annes Church
Bishop Lucey Park
Cork July 2012 (31)

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 15th 2012

So a quick intro to the family. M, C, Romi - M's sister, John - Romi's partner (originally from Cork), Sarah - M's daughter and then a whole lot John's Irish cousins - Ursula & Proinnsias, Billy, Julie Ann, Alva and Paul. Unfortunately, Louise - M's other daughter was enjoying herself too much in Sydney, Oz so didn't make it. This was a double celebration for J & R's big birthdays last year. And what a great weekend it was. If you've never been to Ireland (and we don't mean Dublin), go now! This is a place that knows how to have fun, where folk are incredibly warm and generous, and you can't help but enjoy yourself. Three nights there. Three different bars. And three different styles of traditional Irish music - all fantastic in spite ... read more
English Market
Street Musician
Blackrock Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork June 2nd 2012

Saturday June 2 – Cork - I arrived in Cork around 11:30. The bus trip went though some green countryside which was quite beautiful. Really some lovely country here. When I arrived in Cork I gathered up my stuff and did the long hike dragging my suitcase up the hill to the hostel. Next time I’m not going to be El Cheapo but will get a cab. According to the web page this was supposed to be a 5 minute walk…..I guess if you are a horse. (I figured out later I could have taken the #226 bus for E1.70 ,which would have taken me from the bus station to Kent Station which is the train station across the street from the hostel. If I had come in on a plane the #226 bus runs from ... read more
Aaran House Hostel - Cork
I got the bottom bunk

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork April 16th 2012

at least until I have the time to go somewhere cool or I get so stressed and exhausted that I decide to make time. My birthday is in a few weeks, and it happens to be the day before a major assignment is due, which is the day before a weekend. So I may celebrate by running off somewhere, maybe wandering around some moors and resisting the urge to yell quotes from "The Secret Garden" . We'll see. An amusing thing about living in a foreign English-speaking country (I can think of at least four, probably more, readers who can relate to this) is seeing how long it takes your accent to register with new people. Recently I went to an Occupational Health Clinic to speak to a nurse about the fact that I haven't had ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork April 6th 2012

...does the word "haunted" mean "lucky", while "bold" is another term for "naughty." Some of you may remember my Irish coursemate from Bonfire Night and the trip to Durham. That is Yvonne, and she and her Grandmother were kind enough to let me stay with them for a few days in the beautiful Republic of Ireland. I have been to Ireland before, to Galway on the west coast. I was only there for two days (with a non-functioning camera for the majority of it), and the things I remember most were brightly colored houses and Guinness signs approximately every 30 feet. Check and check for those in Cork. Except that the Guiness signs we... read more

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