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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork November 12th 2011

It was such a beautiful day in Cork so Corey and I thought we should wander Cork a little bit more. We made our way past the Heineken Brewery in Cork and up to Shandon, Which was just across the River Lee. We walked down the main street and up small alleys following the Shandon Tower in the distance, until we reached the bottom of Shandon Tower. We payed our 2 Euro to the lady at the front door, who also gave us ear muffs for when we were up beside the bells. We climbed about halfway up when we reached the floor, where we could actually ring the bells of Shandon Tower. It was so much fun, pulling the numbered chords to create some amazing bell sounds. We followed directions in a book to play ... read more
Corey & View of Cork
Heinekkin Kegs
Shandon Tower Distance

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork October 25th 2011

This awesome Jazz week of October 2011 started with our very first pumpkin carving on the Tuesday 25th. Corey and I were very excited to carve pumpkins for Halloween. Not know what to expect we made our way downstairs to our very good friends Mariah, Corey aka sexy bottoms and Amy's apartment. We cracked some drinks and got the music pumping as we drew our designs on the pumpkins. I was going for a happy pumpkin where Corey went for a more scary looking one. We started to hack into the pumpkins carefully carving around our designs and scooping with out hands the insides of our creations, saving the seeds of course for my room mate Sam's grilled pumpkin seeds - which surprisingly tasted really nice and salty! After a few drinks and more craving we ... read more
Sam & Mariah Carving Pumpkins
Corey and My Pumpkins
Street Jazz at Jazz Festival

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork October 24th 2011

Ok so this isnt much of a Blog but i wanted to share with you some pictures around Cork. When I get a chance a walk around town and capture some pretty cool stuff! Including: Grafitti Occupy Cork Random outings Enjoy! Em :-)... read more
Corey walking around Cork
Front gates of UCC

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork September 7th 2011

Day One: San Francisco Why is it that no matter how much time one has to plan and pack for a trip the last day is always a mad scramble to get to the airport? This year we are blessed with Victoria our beautiful volunteer chauffer who gets us to the gates on time. A celebratory glass of wine, a stroll to pre-stretch out our legs to get ready for a 10 hour flightand we are up in the air right on time. By 7PM we are above the golden pink clouds and rolling fog: the Golden Gate Bridge peaks out, and we are on our way. Let me tell you straight up that Premium Economy Class ROCKS! And it's not just the leg room—we actually have some—there is the sparking wine before take-off, the hot ... read more
Nice to See This Again
American Red
Alan the Greeter

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork September 5th 2011

Driving in Ireland is different kind of rush. Thoughts start spinning around your brain like, "How hard can a right turn be?" to "How the hell do I get around this round-about thing?" to "A couple inches and I would have taken off that guys mirror!". Sadly, I only survived a grand total of 20 minutes driving into Cork the next day and had to relinquish the job to my sister, who actually had experience driving in Europe. So we shifted the seats around in our little CRV and I became the unofficial navigator. Turns out I'm actually pretty good at it. Bring a good map and always be 1 step ahead of your driver when you navigate in Ireland or anywhere that you're not used to driving. When you drive into a city like Cork ... read more
On the Water
In the distance

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork August 24th 2011

August 24th -- Day Four -- Road Trip & Cork Driving in Ireland is an experience that is difficult to describe. It’s like telling someone what something tastes like. Now, to be fair, I’m not the one driving; I’m the one being driven. David does the driving. The roads are narrow, fast and winding. At any moment another car may pass very quickly, or you may find yourself behind a slow moving piece of farm equipment. Roundabouts may have rules, but we’ve yet to discover what these may be. Stopped at an Abbey on the way to Cork. David got some wonderful photos and I got bit by a wasp. The Abbey is still in operation and its members observe silence at various times during the day. Perhaps the wasp was trying to enforce the rules? ... read more
Irish Pub

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 31st 2011

Made it down from Dublin on the train. Definitely the way to go. A little more expensive than the aircoach but quicker and very easy. Excellent ride. Arrived in Cork and staying near downtown so I had a day or two to check things out. A few nice church tours, toured an old prison and took in the sites in Cork. Had time for a pint or two also.... read more
Cork 002
Cork 003
Cork 004

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork May 15th 2011

Hey everyone, I'm back with more adventures and get prepared for the pictures 'cause they are amazing! I've done some really exciting travelling in the past two weeks, hence why I haven't really been keeping up with this blog as well as I should, but I promise to try my best! I've also been very busy with work since I finally have a semi-permanent full-time job and I'm fairly knackered by the end of the day to be honest. Yes I know I just used that Irish word; I don't have a goofy accent yet, but the slang is pervasive and slowly creeping into my speech haha. I also work with a very large group of young Irish people so I'm definitely picking up the lingo faster now, my personal favourites are "that's/you're grand", "deadly", "just ... read more
Malahide Castle
Random street
Blarney House

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork May 13th 2011

Alright, this update is something i should have done last night, but i was way too drunk to give a proper post :P Cork and I didn't get off to a good start. I couldn't find my hostel, even though i was sure i was in the right place (i was very close, if i'd expanded my search by a 1-block radius i would have found a sign pointing me further on), so i spent the majority of the first hour in Cork wandering aimlessly for a tourist information point that has relocated in the time since my guide book was published (2008 lol). I did end up finding my hostel at about 2:30pm, and the guy at the desk told me Blarney Castle (the real reason i'm in Cork) closed at 5p, and if i ... read more
Baloney or Blarney?
Blarney Estate's Rock Cove

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork March 15th 2011

Geo: 51.8979, -8.47111 This was a pretty neato day. We didn't do much besides go to Blarney Castle, though. I mean.. we went to Cobh Harbour, but it was mostly a bust for us. There's not much to do there (when you only have a 1.5 hour time limit). There was a museum that sounded interesting, about immigration and the Titanic. But when we got there we discovered it was 6euros per person, and that's the STUDENT price... So were like, hm.... coffee and scones... or a museum... Definitely a coffee day. So we toured the local cafe in Cobh. lol. After that it was on to Blarney Castle, which was pretty awesome. Chris said it was one of his favorite places so far. A lot of the castles we've been to have been rebuilt or ... read more
Cobh Harbor
Cobh Harbor
Cobh Harbor

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