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Europe » Greece » Crete » Sissi July 25th 2015

Our drive to picturesque Sissi was down main highways and along the breathtaking coast. What a spectacular drive along the white, pink, and magenta oleander tree-lined roads! On our way we stopped in Rethymno and walked along the coast, watching as the waves crashed to the rocky shore. We continued on down to the port, which was filled with seafood restaurants. We walked around the streets, stopping in stores for souvenirs. Curtis, Kellan and Garret all bought leather bands with the Greek symbol for eternity, while Shawna and I indulged in taste testing various flavours of liqueors and raki (well it was noon somewhere!). It was very hot so we would often find mom and dad sitting in a shady spot while we roamed around. As we arrived to the beach town of Sissi, we made ... read more
Villa Dionysus
Outdoor Grilling and bar
The "Butt"cher!!!

Europe » Greece » Crete » Agia Marina July 12th 2015

After our white knuckle landing at the Chania Airport, we proceeded to the baggage carousel and then out to meet the car rental respresentative. Once we had signed all our agreements, we went about packing up the cars. Curtis and I rented a Toyota Auris while the others both chose Peugeot convertibles, both cars sleek and silver, however my brother's was a bit smaller and did not offer much in the way of leg room. On more than one occasion, Kellan and Bobby have pretty much eaten their knees while travelling!! Love our car - nothing fancy, but it is easy to get in and out of and we remain protected from the intensity of the sun. We stopped just beyond the airport to gas up. WHOOOOAAA! Gas is extremely costly here, especially when they automatically ... read more
Sweet Sixteen
Our Pool
Swim Up Bar

Europe » Greece » Crete » Rethymno May 10th 2015

We stayed at the Cambridge Hotel in Horley the night before we flew as our flight was at 8.15am. The flight was delayed by 2 hours as the windscreen wipers on the plane were broken and as it was drizzly rain in Gatwick, they couldn’t see to take off!! So after taxing down to the runway for take-off – we then had to taxi back to the stand where the little problem was fixed! We then had to wait for more fuel (due to all the taxing around!!) before waiting for another slot for take-off!! Anyway, he made up time flying and we arrived in Crete about 3.00pm. An hour and a half transfer to Rethymnon and onto our Hotel Astali in the town. The hotel is run by a very friendly Mother with her two ... read more
Chris at Rethymnon Fort
Mili Gorge
Agios Nikolios bottomless lake

Europe » Greece » Crete » Rethymno May 10th 2015

We caught the bus from the local Bus Station (6 euros each person, each way) and went to Chania! It took about an hour but very pleasant journey running along the coast! Chania was massive!! I had imagined a small walled village but it was an enormous town with two rows of fortifications and a huge Venetian Harbour! Wandered down from the bus station, through the narrow touristy streets, past the old walls, down to the harbour. The dockyards originally contained 17 Neoria’s built in 1599 (storage sheds!) but only five were now left. Walked out to 16th C lighthouse, for views of the harbour and the snow-capped mountains and then back along to the Giali Tzamisi mosque built in the 17thand the ‘Firka’ Fortress on the Northwest side of the port. Spent ages watching an ... read more
Walking down to Date Palm Beach

Europe » Greece » Crete April 2nd 2015

One part of me complains, screaming that I will never do this again in a million years. Another part of me wishes that I could have more days such as this. We are back from a long walk in the beautiful Sfakia. Imbros Gorge Since our trip to Crete is outside the normal tourist season, we have had limited options in possible day trips. However with the help of an extremely friendly and engaging lady at the Chania Tourist Information, we have managed to plan a full day to the Southern part of Western Crete. We begin the day by joining the Cretans in the early hours at the bus station. After a wake-up coffee and lots of greasy breakfast pastry, we board the 8:15 AM bus to Hora Sfakion, the main town of Sfakia. On ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania April 1st 2015

The last days of March are busy in Chania as the locals get ready to welcome the tourist masses who move in from April 1st. Our first day in Chania, we are met with people out in the streets cleaning and repainting the inventory and façades of their restaurants. We are close to the only tourists here and seem to have the old town almost to ourselves. I'm already in love. It is a long time ago that I experienced something as romantic and picturesque as the old town of Chania. The colourful old houses, the small streets and, in every perceivable spot, potted plants giving off a green and fresh atmosphere. Our hotel is right in the middle of the old town, in the Splantzia Quarter which used to be the Turkish part of town. ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete October 21st 2014

No, I was not in Kentucky but Crete itself where I arrived by overnight ferry from Athens. I opted not to take a berth in a cabin or even an "airplane" seat but went deck class which wasn't actually on the deck but in one of the lounges where I could crash out after it closed at midnight. Last time I did that was in 2000 on a 20+ hour sailing from Athens to Rhodes and all I remember about that trip was that it was still legal to smoke indoors on Greek ferries. That is thankfully no longer the case. Crete is probably my favorite place in all of Greece. There are so many cool, little villages scattered all over the interior and along the coast with sparkling clear water and miles of hiking trails ... read more
Kri-kri in Samaria Gorge
Agia Roumeli Beach

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania August 16th 2014

Truly splendid and exotic holiday destination! It's a paradise for foodies!It's a shame I couldn't click any pictures of the delicious food we had throughout the trip. But I must say that you really got to be a BIG eater to survive their three courses of meal. I am not kidding :) There is something for everybody no matter you are vegetarian or a meat-lover and if you have a sweet tooth (I DO) then I bet you gotta work really hard to lose those extra pounds you gonna gain during this vacation. Food has never disappointed us even a single time during our 4-days spent in Greece. Everything they serve is a BIG portion that you are really not ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Agia Pelagia July 1st 2014

My long time friend and I (the one who got married in Montreal), were chatting on Skype about life and whatnot, and she decided she needed a vacation. We talked about "oh, couldn't it be nice to go somewhere warm, the Mediterranean, Greece!" and suddenly, flights were booked, an AirBnB was found, she was flying from Canada and me from Copenhagen, and we had a gorgeous 3 day getaway in Greece together. We rented a car and stayed in a place whose name I could only ever describe as a Harry Potter spell, Agia Pelagia (seriously, say it out loud). The AirBNB was perfect, a big place with loads of rooms and a big kitchen and a rooftop terrace overlooking the ocean. We went on daily adventures, looking at small towns and going to the absolute ... read more
Amazing little restaurant
Doing the dress & hat thing
Incredible views

Europe » Greece » Crete June 29th 2014

Our next stop Crete, the largest of the Greek islands. Our tour today was to the ancient site of Knossos, of the Minotaur fame. We visited the palace of King Minos with 2000 rooms. The site was reconstructed by a British archeologist named Evans, he made many assumptions of what things were and how they looked. Unfortunately, modern archeologists disagree with Evans' work and as such most sites are no longer reconstructed. In any event, the site was huge. Our local guide took us all over the site, fighting crowds and the heat. It was near 100 again today, but our water allowed us to keep cool. Fortuntely, no one needed medical attention, so it was a fun day for all. The site was amazing, even though Evans had made many mistakes and bad interpretations of ... read more

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