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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier August 15th 2019

Enjoyed a lovely breakfast in our hotel before jumping into the car and heading up the Moselle along the N53 to Cochem and back. It took all day we stopped for coffee and cake at a beautiful little town called Bernkastel. Cochem was beautiful and after a long stroll to ALDI we enjoyed a picnic lunch on a reclining bench in the sunshine with a spectacular view of the castle. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier April 17th 2018

I try not to get too hysterical about historical, but Trier is the oldest town in Germany. It was the centre of the Roman Empire in the 2nd - 4th centuries but was first inhabited in about 17 BC. It is a city that has been formed and ravaged by wars for centuries but many buildings were spared damage, a situation recognised by numerous UNESCO protected sites in Trier. At the fall of Roman occupation in 480 many buildings were looted for their stone and metal fittings, that were then used on newer projects around Trier. The Porta Nigra and the amphitheater were just two that lost materials, making restoration almost impossible. Trier was bombed in WW2 but has been faithfully restored to its former glory. We arrived on a warm spring day and walked to ... read more
Main Square, Trier
Renaissance Buildings circa 1600.
Minor Jewry Gate, 1219

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier October 17th 2017

Of all the places I would be visiting in Germany, Trier was the one I looked forward to the most. Founded in 16BC by the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, Trier, or Augusta Treverorum as it was known, was the most important Roman city in Northern Europe. I have not been disappointed, but also pleased to find a lovely little city beside all the Romanness. Trier was also the birthplace of Karl Marx, but I must disappoint my communist friends because I did not visit the house he was born in. As I mentioned in the previous blog, my hotel room looks out over the remains of one of the Roman gatehouses – the Porta Nigra. It is called that now because of the dark colour of the stonework, but we don’t know what the gate was ... read more
One of the middle age "churches" in the Porta Nigra
Defacing of the Roman stonework by medieval churchmen
Inside the Porta Nigra

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier September 21st 2017

We woke early in the full knowledge that we couldn’t stay in bed any longer. Our neighbour with the sliding door was awake and had resumed his sliding anew. He had his engine running trying to clear his misted windows . Something that sadly failed due to his doors being open and any warm air was quickly escaping. Breakfast was served in Suzy. Disaster – I had forgotten to buy jam and worse still the croissants to serve it on. We set off after breakfast for the tunnel – 15 minutes down the road. As I got out of Suzy the machine did not recognise our number plates and I had to manually enter our booking reference. Something I loathe doing. Strange – no choice of departures other than the 8.20 we had booked on. We ... read more
Another angle
The medieval crane
Gothic statues outside the dom

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier May 31st 2015

Our drive from Herleshausen to Cochem was very picturesque. As we got closer to our destination, we found ourselves travelling down steep switchbacks heading into the valley where the Moselle River flows. All along the river are several campgrounds filled with trailers. We passed through small town after small town sitting along the river with beautiful bike/walking paths joining each of these postcard perfect places. As we drove along we were amazed at the vineyards that lined the steep hills. Row after row of grapevines sat in terraces along the sides of the hills. The Moselle Valley is famous for its wines, white ones especially. We finally came to Cochem, a small town of just under 5000 people. As we drove in we could see numerous river cruise boats lining the banks, cyclists everywhere and a ... read more
Vineyard Climbing Apparatus
Market Square
Reichsburg Castle

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier April 21st 2014

Welcome to the City of Trier ! WOW ! I must admit that I am not usually short of vocabulary in French and also English after spending the past 20 years living abroad, but the interjection WOW is not the first thing to come to my mind usually, except for the City of Trier... If Metz was only a name on a map to me until I discovered this beautiful town, the City of Trier was even more obscure bringing back distant memories of History & Geography lessons at school et a few references in some of the books I read about the 16th century in recent years. Beautiful encounters are often the result of coincidence and this is my Friend Diane who, knowing how much I enjoy travelling and discovering the architecture and history of ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier June 19th 2013

Geo: 49.7537, 6.64625 We arrived in Trier mid morning to a 34 degree sunny day. We were too early to check in to our hotel, so we took a walk around the city. Trier is a city in Germany located on the banks of the Moselle River. It is the oldest city in Germany, founded around 16 BC. First stop on our walk around the city was Porta Nigra, which is the best-preserved Roman City Gate north of the Alps. We then visited the site of the largest Roman Baths north of the Alps. We were a little underwhelmed when looking at the above ground Roman Bath ruins, until we located the stairs to the subterranean passages containing the many rooms used for the baths. We then visited the massive Constantine Basilica, a basilica in the ... read more
Roman Baths Ruins
Old Treadwheel Crane
Roman Bath Ruins

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier April 28th 2013

Suzy the motorhome is sitting on camping Treveris stellplatz in the rain in Trier. When will it ever stop? It has rained cats and dogs all day and the temperature has dropped from a lovely 28 degrees last night to about 18. To the right of us we can see the Konrad Adenaur Bridge one of three over the Moselle. The stellplatz lies just to the side of it. To our left if it stopped raining we might just about see Trier. To the front of us trees and behind those the Moselle. What a busy place Trier is particularly arriving in the rain. We could see the town in the distance in the rain as we drove downhill approaching the first of three bridges which traverse the Moselle. The rain had not let up since ... read more
On the way to Trier

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier July 19th 2012

July 9th: Started the morning wiht a big breakfast; breads, meats, homemade jams and coffee. Eva's whole family sat and breakfasted together which is nice, considering I remember our family breakfasts... well I don't because I was usually still lying in bed, milking that extra 5 minutes of sleep! Eva took me on a tour of St Wendel and we saw her old school (old school y'all), a giant stone globe spinning on a fountain and had ice coffees. Andreas arrived and we headed off to Trier fro me to be a tourist. We saw the Porta Nigra (the black door) which is a leftover from when the Romans were in residence (those Romans had a finger in every pie) so it was 2,000 or so years old. We stopped at a store for me to ... read more
a bit of Trier
Roman amphitheater

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier July 31st 2011

Trier, my love... A Guide As you may well know I have been studying this semester in the ancient German town of Trier. I will post a blog sometime in soon about the student life and the university here (in case anyone is interested), but first I want to focus on the town in its historical and cultural aspects. Trier is a beautiful city. There is something so surreal about walking down the high street and catching sight of a magnificent roman gate right in front of you. There is so much to see, from the roman baths and the palace gardens to the imposing roman built gate, the Porta Nigra. I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 months living here and I would love to return someday. I think this is the perfect place to take your ... read more
Inside the ancient ampitheatre
The vines...
Breakfast at Louisiana

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