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Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse October 1st 2019

Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my!!! We had NO idea that such a museum even existed...and so very glad that we went...although, since our host decided to accompany us, and this was his upteenth visit, maybe we went through too quickly, but we won’t go back... It is worth your while to click on the link to read more about the history:é_de_l%27Automobile Ultimately, the woolen fabric factory went under, but the owner never gave up his obsession with collecting cars...Today, Mulhouse has kept up the tradition...the cars are beautifully displayed and lovingly maintained. At some point, the workers were striking and they broke into the hidden part and discovered ALL these cars in various states of reconstruction...they burned one and stated, ”there are 600 more to burn.” Of course, they weren’t burned, but I think ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse September 30th 2019

Oh, my, we managed to stay in a B&B in Metz without an Internet connection...Yikes! How does that happen any more? And trying to send a real message on my phone is a nuisance...PLUS, it turns out that many people do NOT bother to look at their email...but they don’t give us cell phone numbers so that we can text... We stayed with a lovely couple just outside of a house a bit newer than ours (1882), but a lot more primitive...However, the outdoor toilet has been updated with a REAL FLUSH one...The one bedroom is on the first floor (and the other SERVAS couple, from Seattle got it because they arrived first), but the upstairs is equipped with about 10 beds (single & double) in a DORM...our host/hostess slept at one end, and we ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse September 30th 2019

We visited METZ, because Bill’s great grandfather came from Metz. Apart from the B&B with no WiFi, it was a good visit. The cathedral was closed Sunday until 2 we found a place to eat and waited and WOW! What a treat...glad that we waited... Most cathedrals do canned music, but here we heard a REAL organ being was peaceful and beautiful...This cathedral has more stained glass than any in the world and it took about 300 years to complete...and somehow, it wasn’t damaged by the wars... So, that was worth it all... As some of you know from FB, I am always collecting photos of manhole covers and whatever else someone sticks in the ground. Here we did find several covers with Metz, but also a couple of cute little dragons...Apparently, pre-Christian, a ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Ribeauville August 25th 2019

We I’ve never spent much time in regional France before, and while I’m not the most seasoned traveler, it’s an area that deserves more attention. Tim hit the snooze button today so it was a late start to Colmar. We hit the road at 10.30am and were in Colmar ........later. It’s appeal for visitors lies in its riverside streets lined with picturesque flower decked houses, a common feature of the Alsatian villages that we have visited. A French town, developed on the banks of the River Lauch in the Rhine Valley, it was dedicated to the 3rd Emperor Charlemagne. It’s name is said to come from a tower that had a dovecote. Villa Columbaria became Columbra ( Colombo is French for dove), and then shortened to Colmar. It is the birthplace of the previously mentioned Auguste ... read more
Storks are returning to Ribeauville
Colmar Vespa Club.

Europe » France » Alsace » Ribeauville August 24th 2019

As I opened the weathered, fading, flaking green shutters , the early morning light crept in slowly to reveal a scene from an impressionist painting. The mountains directly behind the house framed my first impression of a soft green canopy of plants trees and lush grass, highlighted by vivid gardens of orange, crimson, and yellow flowers. The backyard has a small well kept vegetable garden, a small shed, and random garden beds surrounded by chunky square stone borders. Evidence of children playing lies scattered in the yard, and a neat playhouse with a string of mini Tibetan flags draped across the door is tucked against the fence. On opening the double glazed windows at 7am, two things were immediately obvious. The crisp, cool morning air as it passed through the gaps in the old shutters was ... read more
View from the kitchen
Medieval Castles
Our Accomodation

Europe » France » Alsace » Ribeauville August 23rd 2019

Let’s just clear one thing up from the outlet. I made a vague reference yesterday to crowd funding and dubious bids for funds. At the end I said, ‘ right Israel ‘. It’s been pointed out to me that not everyone lives in my bubble ( Australia) and some may see it as a reference to the country, Israel. Sorry, it’s a reference to Israel Falou, an Australian millionaire rugby player who started to crowd fund for $$$$$ in order to pay legal costs for an unfair dismissal claim, costs he could easily afford himself. I won’t elaborate, but eventually his effort was deemed unsuitable so he sought funds from other means. Sorry for the confusion caused; I missed the obvious - to anyone unaware of this case - misunderstanding. We move on. Slept well, and ... read more
Château Clos de Cougeot
Château Courtyard
Château Clos de Cougeot

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar July 28th 2019

Wew forgot that all things were closed in France on Sunday. We went by car to the restaurant we ate before and had a good meal. Lucky this time we went by car, for the place was closed. What now Back to the Hotel where we found out the only place to get something to eat was at Mc Donald's just over the road. We parked the car and walked up there. Now we had not been to Mac Donald's for ages so things had changed. Not to forget menus are in are in the French language. They are on a big screen where you point at the things you want. Well we were at an absolute lost. A girl that service gave us a few hints what to do but even with that help we ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar July 25th 2019

July 25th Strasbourg and Colmar Several years ago Tom and I went to Normandy to see the beaches on which D-Day was fought. I remember seeing Omaha Beach, Pont du Hoc and the American Cemetery and was duly thankful for all who participated in this incredibly well orchestrated invasion. This was the year I began to really see what it took for the world to come together to defeat Hitler. A few years later when planning a return trip to France Tom wanted to include Strasbourg as one of our stops because he knew that his Father had walked the streets of Strasbourg as the 3rd Division continued to push the German army back over the Rhine to Germany. We walked the streets of Strasbourg knowing we were stepping where he stepped and thought that was ... read more
Memorial on top of Mount Sigolsheim with the Colmar pocket in the distance
Colmar Pocket
View of Turekheim village in the Colmar Pocket

Europe » France » Alsace July 24th 2019

We went to Colmar in March, grabbing cheap flights from Manchester (£27 return). To avoid a late evening train journey, we stayed near the airport after we landed about 8.30 pm. In retrospect this was a mistake, the next morning an hour’s train ride had us ensconced in Colmar, but we effectively lost half a day in the town as a consequence. Shortly after getting off the train, on our way to our accommodation, we popped into a little café for a coffee. I hadn’t been to France for years and just this little place reminded me of the very ‘Frenchness’ of the country. I know that’s not very informative, the place was called ‘Charles Schmitt; Pâtissier, Chocolatier, and Traiteur’. Alongside the beverages it sold cakes, chocolates and traitors. Rather expensive, but lovely stuff. The interior ... read more
Little Venice
The Chocolatier
Colmar at nuit

Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse June 25th 2019

Tuesday 25th June Well summer has definitely arrived. It started on Saturday, and as soon as the seasons clicked over, the heat came on. Yesterday was 35 degrees here, today 36, tomorrow 37. I am heading to Lindau on Lake Constanz in Germany tomorrow, via Zurich, but the forecast is only a little cooler. The heat is forecast to continue until the beginning of next week. At least this hotel has air conditioning, though it was faulty for the first two nights here and sat on 26.5 degrees all the time. They must have finally fixed it today. No more air conditioned hotels from here on. At least when I'm up in the mountains on the weekend it should cool off at night. Mulhouse is a fair-sized city of about 100,000 or so, and features several ... read more
Electropolis– Collection of Appliances
Mulhouse – Former Hôtel de Ville, built 1552
Cité du Train

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