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Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar June 18th 2015

Thursday 18 June 2015 It's time to have a look at the real Alsace and experience some of the beautiful villages as well as the town of Colmar. From our accommodation in Mulhouse it was not a long drive to Colmar so we arrived fresh and ready for action. We were all set to follow our guidebook's advice on the best carpark to use but with the vital road to same closed, alternative arrangements were necessary. We have always found that when in doubt heading for Centre Ville is a sure way to find the carparks. Sure enough, after some interesting negotiation of narrow streets we emerged to see an almost new parking building, our first in France. In we went, well pleased that not too many other tourists had got in before us. Colmar presented ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Saverne April 15th 2015

Na de lange winter brak het zonnetje door. We konden terug op herontdekking. Erik en ik besloten vier dagen naar de Vogezen, Saverne te trekken voor mijn verjaardag. Dit was bijna 10 jaar geleden. Onze eerste regendag deden we een bezoekje aan Strassbourg. Precies Parijs in het kleiner met eveneens de gezellige sfeer. Zeker een bezoekje waard! We verbleven op de camping dichtbij het centrum van Saverne: gezellig en vooral rustig! Elke avond hebben we genoten van onze luxe Limbabwe-home! We bezochten Roches Plates, Saut de Prince Charles en Krappenfels. Eén voor één leuke gebiedjes, met verschillende prachtige juweeltjes. Roches Plates was het grootste van de drie. Le Péril jaune 6a, Papillon 5b en Corps à corps 6a waren de toppers voor mij. Maar we deden meer dan 12 routes op die dag, dus ..... Allemaal ... read more
Hans Dulfer
Pin up langs linker dakrand, naar dennenboompje!
Saut de Prince Charles

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg February 15th 2015

Bonsoir tout le monde! I just spent a LOVELY Valentine's (Galentine's) Day weekend with a few friends in the picturesque Alsace city of Strasbourg, France, which is right on the border on France. And I'm not kidding when I say right on the border. On Saturday, we walked to Germany over this beautiful footbridge. Casual, and we walked a total of 11 miles that day ahah, but it was worth it! So we arrived in Strasbourg on Friday night close to 10pm. After checking into our hotel, we pretty much came up with a game plan and crashed that night to get ourselves ready for the next day! We stayed at the Ibis this weekend, which for its cheap price was surprisingly comfortable and clean. I will definitely stay in another one of those again! On ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 22nd 2014

Strasbourg is the perfect overture to all that is idiosyncratic about Alsace – walking a fine tightrope between France and Germany and between a medieval past and a progressive future, it pulls off its act in inimitable Alsatian style. in a nutshell.....its everything thrown together to make an exciting city visit! Tear your gaze away from that mesmerising Gothic Cathedral and in just a minute and you’ll be roaming the old town’s twisting alleys lined with crooked half-timbered houses à la Grimm. Then feasting in the cosiest of winstubs (Alsatian taverns) by the canal side in Petite France and marveling at how a city that does Christmas markets and gingerbread so well can also be home to the glittering EU Quarter s and France’s second-largest student population. But that’s Strasbourg for you, all the sweeter for ... read more
Medieval Buildings
more architecture
waterways of Pettite France (1)

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 11th 2014

Is it French, is it German, or Alsatian as some of the locals insist? The city of Strasbourg, comfortably situated at the convergence of international borders, cannot be easily typified. I had prepared myself for a true French experience but was mildly surprised by the city and the people. True, everyone speaks French, the food looks French and most people behave in the characteristic French way. After all, Strasbourg has been a part of the French republic since the end of the second world war. But spend a while in the city and you will be able to glimpse its heart. Savour the local cuisine, stare at the magnificent houses on the river, wander through its xmas markets and most importantly, talk to the locals. Even if your French is terrible. You will find it unlike ... read more
Annual light show at the cathedral
along the river
Petite France

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar October 24th 2014

My visit to Colmar, during my last week in France, turned out to be the best day of the summer. On the map, Colmar, about 70km from the hub of Strasbourg, might be easily mistaken for a sleepy little European village-town. But it is not quite what you would expect among the rural pastures of Alsace. It is spectacularly beautiful, unique in its architecture, interesting in its history and conveniently located. I spent a year in Strasbourg, unaware of this 'tourist jewel' so close by. Sure, it had great reviews on all the travel sites, but so do many other must-see places in Europe. You really have to visit it to experience its true charm and beauty. When I finally decided to spend a day in Colmar, it was on a wonderfully sunny day in August. ... read more
Statue of Liberty - 12m replica
city centre
Little Venice

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar October 22nd 2014

Alsace?...where…and why? This was the question after, “Where are you off to next?”- not only from fellow Kiwis but those we met during our travels. Alsace is a region in France where the River Rhine forms the eastern boundary with Germany. It has been disputed and fought over by the two countries for centuries, sometimes being part of Germany, sometimes ‘taken back’ by France. This makes it interesting in several ways – cuisine and customs reflect the heritage of both countries and the hundreds of little villages which have in varying degrees survived the ravages of many conflicts including two world wars are like living museums of medieval Franco-Bavarian architecture. But our main reason for visiting was to sample the magical wine of Alsace. It’s no mystery why gewürztraminer, the most famous wine of the region, ... read more
more Little Venice
Colmar canal near the Schwendi fountain,
in the medieval heart of the city

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg September 30th 2014

Mollsheim is on of those pretty little Alsation villages and towns dotted around every corner of the Alsace region of France. More German than French they have a different feel to them. Vines grow everywhere and each village has its fair share of wine producers who make the most wonderful of wine. Our stop for the next two nights was going to be Camping Municipal Mollsheim. 12 euros a night WiFi for 1 euro for 90 minutes , clean and agreeable toilet blocks, fresh bread every day if ordered and close enough to the gare to get into Strasburg. This was going to be another one of those make do and mend sort of days. Not planned we just ended up here. We had never been to Strasburg and there had to be enough to do ... read more
Astronomical clock in cathedral
Petite France
Petite France

Europe » France » Alsace » Molsheim September 28th 2014

"Tr avel makes you modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world" - Cameron Scott How true is that? When we always notice it when we arrive on French soil. Borderless Europe stretching ahead of us. Old border controls look sad and neglected these days. Having no use they have fallen into disrepair. The areas that once housed lines and lines of cars with their passengers waiting for their passports to be stamped are now makeshift and somewhat scruffy parking spots. We are now in our last week of travel. Always a difficult one where do we go? Italy is behind us and ahead Switzerland. What a contrast between two countries. Italy where life is lived in the fast lane. Where it is obligatory to wave your arms around when you speak ... read more
Those pristine mountains
Haute Koenigsberg

Europe » France » Alsace » Turckheim September 4th 2014

Travelling day today, South East to Alsace. A very pleasant drive from Verdun, mainly quite flat and very agricultural. We decided as we drove that it would be a good idea to do a few more miles today leaving less for next driving day from Alsace to Geneva. When we stopped for a break we changed our planned campsite at Ste-Marie-des-Mines to one at Eigenstein as this is a few more miles further on and also in the heart of Alsace proper. No pool, but having been lucky enough to have swum first 3 days of trip, I decided location of next stop was more important. Bob gave Clarissa Tomtom her new instructions as we ate lunch and we took a slightly different route than planned. Clarissa did argue for a while and I had to ... read more
Church through the vineward
Alsace grapes

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