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October 1st 2019
Published: October 1st 2019
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Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my!!! We had NO idea that such a museum even existed...and so very glad that we went...although, since our host decided to accompany us, and this was his upteenth visit, maybe we went through too quickly, but we won’t go back...

It is worth your while to click on the link to read more about the history:é_de_l%27Automobile

Ultimately, the woolen fabric factory went under, but the owner never gave up his obsession with collecting cars...Today, Mulhouse has kept up the tradition...the cars are beautifully displayed and lovingly maintained.

At some point, the workers were striking and they broke into the hidden part and discovered ALL these cars in various states of reconstruction...they burned one and stated, ”there are 600 more to burn.” Of course, they weren’t burned, but I think of the contrast between manufacturing by hand cars, for the ULTRA ultra wealthy and Henry Ford’s vision of manufacturing for the masses.

The cars are BEAUTIFUL and in mint condition...

We saw a movie about racing across the sand dunes of North Africa, but there is too much warfare to attempt something like that today.

We are back at our host’s home for lunch, which he is making and then, after a nap, off to see the textile museum.


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