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September 30th 2019
Published: September 30th 2019
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Oh, my, we managed to stay in a B&B in Metz without an Internet connection...Yikes! How does that happen any more? And trying to send a real message on my phone is a nuisance...PLUS, it turns out that many people do NOT bother to look at their email...but they don’t give us cell phone numbers so that we can text...

We stayed with a lovely couple just outside of a house a bit newer than ours (1882), but a lot more primitive...However, the outdoor toilet has been updated with a REAL FLUSH one...The one bedroom is on the first floor (and the other SERVAS couple, from Seattle got it because they arrived first), but the upstairs is equipped with about 10 beds (single & double) in a DORM...our host/hostess slept at one end, and we at the other, closest to the stairs.......I tell you, that we were all very quiet as we tiptoed down the stairs and out into the night when nature called!! Which, given our ages, did, in fact, call several times at night...

We tried to get our WORLD coverage taken care of in Brugge (NOT), but it turns out that Orange is a different company in each country. So, off we went to the Lace Museum...we paid, got our tickets, and wandered through...not a single word about lace, only about alum, the chemical that assists in retaining dye, which made one family RICH...turns out that the lace museum was further down the street, and it wold be better to wait until 2 pm when the women come to demonstrate lace making...

Yikes...however the woman at the desk suggested that we head off to a 500 year old pub!! And have lunch. Which we did. I found my DARK beer, and had TWO glasses! And we had a great conversation with some folks from Pittsburgh, PA...and THEN off to the Lace Museum...sometimes, you just have to take what you get.


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