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Hello world! Apologies for not updating sooner, but I have the best of excuses. Since arriving to paradise on Friday afternoon, I've spent my days diving in the clear, emerald waters of the Caribbean. Life is tough, but I'm quite sure the turtles, spotted eagle rays, giant grouper, drum, green and spotted morrays, and spotted eagle rays really enjoy my company. Fantasy Island Resort is located on the south-central coast of Roatan. It is an all-inclusive resort, which is a HUGE change from what I am used to in Latin America (see previous blog entries for ellaboration). Though not a 5-star by US standards, I was blown away, and, yes, did an extended "happy dance" when I got to my room Friday night. Because of the atmosphere, I worried that meeting people would be more difficult ... read more
New friend
View from my porch
Texas amiga Nicole

So I am getting unfortunately used to the daily cockroach visitors in my house which is kind of disgusting. Wayne is going to bring roach motels from the US which I can not find here. They have sprayed the place down but apparently that did not kill them all. In any event, here's an update of what I've been doing: The vision checks have wound down for the time being as the three other students who were going to the schools with me leave Monday. But hopefully if any of the other volunteers are willing I'll be able to carry out their work once they are gone. I have started to work with the nurse here to do HIV testing. We went to El Suampo (an area of the island) last Wednesday and went to Lost ... read more
Boy at school on World Food Program Grain
Small School

So I purchased a TIGO Internet stick for more money than I probably should have so now I have internet in my house so for those of you that don't have facebook (aka my whole family) and haven't kept up to date with my travels I'll try to provide a brief update with some photos. First a word about Roatan: The nightly power outages have stopped which is nice. Tomorrow is the shrimp festival. I don't really know what it is but apparently its a big deal so I should be excited. My house has been sprayed to get ride of the daily cockroach visitors (but don't be fooled my apartment is super nice and even has cable which is nice because I constantly watch House or Ley y Orden Unidad Victimas Especiales (UVE) i.e. SVU. ... read more

So I have arrived back in paradise for the second time. The last time I was here was March 2009 on vacation. While I was here I heard about "Miss Peggy's Clinic" and decided to e-mail her about volunteering at her clinic. After briefly stopping in San Salvador I arrived at the small one room Roatan airport. I was greeted by Dee with a beautiful sign that said my name and Cilnica Esperanza. We stopped at Plaza de Mar grocery store so I could get a few essentials such as coffee and water. I then made it to my apartment which is amazing and right on the water. In fact I went snorkeling today and once you get far enough out there is some of the most amazing snorkeling I have done. For those of you ... read more

Le Honduras, situé en Amérique central et entre le Guatemala et le Nicaragua. Moi et Nancy y étions venus en 1992 dans la ville de la Ceiba. Nous avions pris un petit avion pour ce rendre sur une petite île Nommé Utila. En bateau cette année nous sommes arrêté sur l'île voisine. Ruatan, une île d'environ 30 milles nautique de long. Après une navigation de 5 jours, nous voulions nous reposer. Nous avons pris une marina pour une période de 2 semaines, Marina Parrot Tree. La monnaie utilisée est le Lampiras, 1$ us = 18 Lamp. Le cout de la vie sur l'île est plus dispendieuse que sur le continent, l'épicerie revient environ au même qu'au Québec. Pour les formalités de dédouanement, le coût est d'environ 12$ us pour 4 personnes. La douane ne se déplace ... read more
L'Eau-Dace4 au repos
piscine 2

Je vous écris de nulle part, au milieu de l'océan atlantique. Je suis parti de Montego bay en Jamaïque hier matin (29/04/2011) à 6 h. pour Roatan Honduras. Une navigation de 500 milles nautique, environ 5 jours. Nous avons de belle condition mais pas beaucoup de vent, nous avançons a voile et le moteur nous a aide jusqu'a maintenant pour la moitie de la distance. Ca nous permet de faire ce blog en navigation dans des vagues de 1 à 2 pi. La mer est d'un bleu incroyable avec les rayons de soleil qui la pénètre d'une centaine de pied. Nous sommes allé souvent a cuba en avion et c'est facile d'y débarquer et de dédouaner mais en bateau wow, quand nous sommes arrivé, il a fallu s'ancré et un docteur est venu faire une inspection ... read more
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Het is 6u30 en ik voel het. We wandelen enkele blokken naar het busstation. Ik moet me vooruit slepen. De bus stinkt nogal. Maar we gaan naar Roatan, dus alles is goed. Overstappen van bus is altijd een helse onderneming. We moeten precies altijd snel zijn en goed opletten dat we geen bagage kwijt spelen. Ik moet dringend naar de wc, maar daar is geen tijd voor. Ik bewaar ook een berg bagage van verschillende mensen. Die mag ik niet in de steek laten. Tegen de tijd dat iemand me aflost, moeten we vertrekken. Zeer lastig wanneer je blaas op springen staat. Opgelet: wanneer men zelf een plaats in een bus kan kiezen: kies voor een raam. Zo kan je zelf kiezen of je het open zet. Een dik uur later stopt de bus voor een ... read more
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Our latest travels.... We started our vacation with a mini road trip to Seattle and spent the day there. We found the single greatest restaurant of all time called the Crab Pot where they just dump a huge pile of seafood on a paper covered picnic table in front of you, and then all bibbed-up, you just dive in with your hands and wooden mallot and fill your bellies with the best steamed seafod EVER. After that, we went to the airport and started hitting the sauce. Nicley buzzed we boarded the plane to Roatan. Although shorter by far than most of our adventures, the time we spent in Honduras' Bay Islands was defintely sufficient to press the reset button fully. We spent the majority of our time in Roatan, the largest island in the Bay ... read more
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Seafood Feast
Our shack on the beach

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 19th 2011

Took the family to Honduras last year. We all had a blast.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 24th 2011

Roatan, Honduras This is to be my favourite island, a place I would love to go back to, though I do not know it at the time for its exactly how I imagined a Caribbean islands to be: blue seas, quaint houses, tropical, lush vegetation, huge plants and still relatively untouched by tourism. But for how much longer? We visit the Carambola Botanical Gardens with its rare orchids, exotic trees, and a real Eden-like paradise even with a chocolate tree. Next is the Roatan Butterfly farm home to birds as well as butterflies including macaws, parrots and toucans. On returning to the ship we notice a kerfuffle on the gangway. Maybe there's been an accident? Then I hear a group of men chanting:” One, two, three…push! One, two three.push!” It is an obese woman in a ... read more
Could you invent a bird like this?
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