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So the last time I wrote I was sipping a Margarita on the beach. Today I am on the Honduran mainland visiting the Copan Ruins but will now recap my week in Roatan before recounting today´s events. Basically my daily routine on Roatan consisted of a dive or two in the morning and/or afternoon, followed by some swimming in the sea, then a cocktail or three at Sundowners (a beach bar with good toons) to admire the sunset with newly acquired friends, then a shower followed by a lovely seafood dinner and a nightcap. What more could a girl ask for in life? This was also James´s routine but substitute the diving for snorkelling, sun and exploring the Island. I´ll give James credit though - for someone who hates live fish and doesn´t take kindly to ... read more
Sundowners Bar on West End
Our plane
West End from the Air

d.9-30 April. 3 weeks on Roatan... Flere billeder og beskrivelse venter forude..:)... read more

On April 7th I finally became a certified Open Water Diver (yay!), and sadly I´m hooked because there isn´t that much diving in England or Montreal to be had. We saw turtles, dolphins, baracudas, a king crab, millions of vibrantly coloured fish, lobsters, groupers, squids, and swam through amazing coral canyons. I went on 7 dives in total and here are some pics to illustrate the beautiful Land of Nemo I was fortunate to witness (and also all the silly people I went diving with!). ... read more
Coral Heart
Blue Fishies!
Taking Photos!

Before we get to the sun and sand, must tell you about the trip there. We left Livingston on the 4am ferry (you can only get to Livingston by boat).... it was about a 1 hours boat ride in the blackness of early morning. We got to the port town of Puerto Barrios where we were acousted by taxi drivers offering to take us to a town to catch the bus to the border. We have figured out how the scheme works: the closer the people are to the boat or bus you are getting off from, the more expensive the "deal" is. So we walked 500m down the road and saved ourselves being charged 4 times the price. We bordered a mini bus headed for the border(1 hour) and met a really great Hondurian couple ... read more
One of the diving boats
Our hotel entrance
The supermarket

Two days in Rio Dulce and I meet a gentleman who is heading to Roatan. He offers me passage on his sailboat. The Lynn B III is a beautiful 68 footer with teak decks and an amazing interior. We have an amazing sail to Livingston down the river and spend a few hours on land getting supplies and clearing customs. As we fill the dingy with our stocks of soda and beer. Four familiar faces appear on the dock. Fellow travelers I had met in San Pedro and Rio Dulce. They had just arrived in Livingston and were on their way to the Bay Islands as well. We offered to take them and they accepted. Another forty minutes later we pulled anchor and we're on our way. Now we were told, great weather, smooth sailing. It ... read more
The Rio Dulce

Yes, I had found paradise!!!!!!!! Woke up and got my beach stuff together, and headed down from the hotel towards the town. The weather is amazing, as it always is, and there in daylight is the first glimpse of paradise, white sand with wooden beach huts serving as shops and bars dotted around, beautiful crystal clear indigo water, with dark coral reef amongst it. Amazing! We walked along the coastline to the far end of the Beach, and took in the sun. Then swam in the amazing water, you can just float, and there are exotic fish around you like Baracuda. The Coral Reef is beautiful and you can snorkel and see all it has to offer. Just spent allday on the beach, and then caught a taxi, a water taxi back to the hotel!!! The ... read more
What a place...

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 24th 2006

I got the first bus out of Placencia to Dangriga, which takes just under 2 very bumpy hours. The bus driver was waving and hooting his horn at all the people he knew down the roads (apparently just about everyone!!). The boat was meant to leave at about 9ish .. but in the end we didn't leave Belize till about 11am. The boat was small and had less than 20 people on board. All was going fine .. I was going to say smoothly .. but it wasn't that smooth, when a bolt came out of the engine and they had to hold onto the engine to prevent it going overboard. We sat in choppy seas for 30 minutes while they fixed the problem .. getting tossed from side to side. By the time that they ... read more
Roatan Sunset

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 11th 2006

Uh-oh... camera playing up. Had to post her back to England for a bit of TLC, poor little lamb and having trouble connecting my disposables to the computer while I wait for a new one to be posted out to me here. Anyway, so, where was I? Fresh out of Xela and filled to bursting point with Spanish. Knowing only too well the virtues of language consolidation, the most sensible thing to do here was to head straight for Honduras' English-speaking Bay Islands for a spot of scuba diving. Having phoned ahead to check, I was pleased to discover that the journal I'd managed to leave behind in a hostel in Antigua was waiting for me, so I took a day off to stop off en route and pick it up. I was greeted with somebody ... read more
Danes 2 & 3
After another day at school.
Another long journey...

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