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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán January 12th 2011

We met our travel companions in Antigua over a meal with lots of drinks, which seemed to set the pattern for the next few days. This didn't affect our 4.00 a.m. departure the following morning for Copan, just over the border in Honduras. We've quickly learned that any journey involving a Central American border crossing will take longer than you think. Sometimes much longer. Still, it's fun to see the money-changers surging up holding improbably huge wads of notes, and deciding who looks the least villainous. Copan (actually called Copan Ruinas) is a pretty little town, totally dependent on tourism to the Mayan site of the same name about 2 km away. Copan is much smaller than Tikal (see earlier blog) but compact and easily accessed, with some excellent carvings. The museum on the site is ... read more
West End beach, Roatan
Happy Breakfaster!
In front of the Cathedral, Leon

When it was close to the time to leave Bocas del Toro we needed crew for the long voyage from Bocas to Providencia to Roatan. So my dad had my cousin Steven put up fliers to see if anyone wanted to crew. Then 2 days later a girl named Maria emailed my dad saying that she wanted to go on the trip. Two days later we left with my Mom, my Dad, Maria and I. The first day we were out it was really rolly so we couldn't do much and we didn't see any sea life. The next day it was super calm and there was a really cool sunrise. That day I played dice with my dad but my dad won. That night there was a super cool moon rise because there was a ... read more
A church

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 30th 2010

Yes, I do agree, while cruises are fantastic and all inclusive, except of course the shore excursions, six hours in a port really just gives you a taste of culture, or shopping, or excursion, or simply party on the pier. Ahead of time, I contacted guests on the ship, asking them to bring along a few things for the children in port. We visited Roatan on a rainy morning. Luckily the weather brightened. We arrived at Sandy Bay after hiring a driver from the port. We spent time at a free education library, Pier, where we met Camilla, an absolutely lovely volunteer who coordinates the library. Roatan is beautiful, Coxen hole not so much, but a real eye opener. We ziplined with Victor Bodden, and played with monkeys. Later a well needed drink at Fosters, a ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán November 28th 2010

I had heard about Anthony's Key Resort from a little scuba shop in Richardson "Crazy Scuba". Last year, they had featured a trip to Anthony's, I had planned to go and even put up my deposit money. My water heater decided to die, so it was either replace the water heater and be able to take warm showers or go to Anthony's Key Resort. The score was water heater = 1; Anthony's Key Resort = 0. Fast forward to this year, I was going. I was ready to go to my beloved Caribbean for the second time this year. I flew down there on Sunday. The flight down there is pretty easy, from Houston, it is 2.5 hours. When I got down there, it was nice to be in temps that were 80 degrees and water ... read more
Home away from home
View from my cabin
Cabins over the water

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán November 16th 2010

Well, it wasn't planned that my parents chose a cruise that went to Honduras. They simply chose a cruise that had the right dates, price, ship, etc. and it happened to be going into Roatan, Honduras. The chances of meeting up with me weren't confirmed, but lucky enough, I was able to get time off from school. The school gives each teacher 2 personal paid days and I asked for these 2 days to be my 2 days. I was granted permission (despite trainers from California flying down during that same time to provide training - GOD BLESS MY PRINCIPAL!) to have the days off and go meet my parents. The original plan was to drive with Walt to La Ceiba and then take the ferry over to the island, but when Walter got his new ... read more
View From My Seat
Drinks at Sundowners

Hey tous! Je viens de me rendre compte que je dois accepter vos commentaires pour qu'ils paraissent alors milles excuses à tous ceux qui m'ont écrit étant donné que je n'ai pas répondu! Mais je suis heureuse d'avoir de vos nouvelles et de savoir que quelques personnes suivent mes aventures ici! Malheureusement l'accès à l'internet est très limité ce qui rend mon blog très peu actif. Mais je vais essayer d'écrire plus souvent! Je suis maintenant au Honduras, plus précisément sur une île dans les Caraïbes qui se nomme Roatàn. C'est magnifique! Mais si vous regardez la température sur météomédia, vous remarquerez qu'il fait tellement soleil qu'on se croit dans un sauna à longueur de journée ici! Il doit faire 45 degrés avec humidité à 100% ou quelque chose comme ça c'est fou! J'ai fait de ... read more

West End Girls - Guest Bloggers, Heather and Jane return The majority of the group booked a snorkelling trip, whilst Heather and Jane set out in search of adventure. First, we ventured out for an authentic Honduran breakfast and watched the rest of the party leave the dock and sail away - only to pull into the shore about 100 metres further along. All disembarked and were gone for some time - why, we never really did find out, but suspected it might have been a desperately needed toilet stop or even a fridge magnet alert. {They obviously didn't spot that we were wearing flippers and snorkels when we came out of the shop! - Steve} Once we had seen them safely back on board and waved them off for the day, we set out on ... read more
About to go Under
West End Boys !!!
Best Boat On The Island, Huh?

I hit the beach for 4 hours this morning. Whoops. My go hard or go home attitude is sending me home with a smidge of a sunburn. Just a few select areas. I put my lotion in the mini fridge to chill. Hopefully it will brown nicely and I’ll look like all the Italians who are staying here. After my over-zealous tanning, I went for a walk along the main road, trying to get some decent photos from the top of a hill. On my exhausted walk home, I took a new route which led me horribly out of the way. However it was certainly worth while... A look-out tower! Which looked sturdy enough, so naturally I climbed it. Ladder 1: fine. Level 1: fine. condom wrapper. Ladder 2: started swaying the entire structure. like a ... read more
Road sign.
Looking down on West Bay.
Rickety tower.

Monsoon in the morning! Fortunately I had already been to town and back before it started. I ended up at Rudy’s again, as no one else had internet or was open at 7:15am. I tried the "typical" breakfast - that's actually what they call it. Fried eggs, corn tortillas, white cheese (seems similar to feta), refried red beans. I made my own little baleadas. Better with avocado, but still good. I said a sad good-bye to Lands End (and Noah and Margaret) and was whisked away to Las Sirenas. I hardly know where to begin. There’s a remote to control the AC. And they slapped a silly yellow bracelet on my arm. This bracelet = free food and drinks etc. Including alcohol. What?! This is crazy. My room smells like candy and under the sink smells ... read more
The new pool.
Far end of West Bay.

This morning started with feeding the deer breakfast again, and learning my hotel’s internet was still out. So I trekked into town for another watermelon smoothie and some email time. (Rudy says his smoothies are just watermelon, a little sugar, and TLC.) Then I took a water taxi to the cruise ship destination known as West Bay. The beach is beautiful. I see what all the fuss is about. So, after falling in love with a hotel along the beach, I made a reservation there for Friday and Saturday. Two days of slightly over indulgent luxury. I will have reliable internet service, no bugs, and as much AC as I want! I will miss the deer, but I am sucker for a place that puts little umbrellas in the drinks. ... read more
Hello West Bay!

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