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Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 30th 2014

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194Today was a cold, windy day. We didn't have to leave the house until 3pm, so we spent much of the day doing stuff … running errands, finishing packing, etc. At 2:45pm, we started out the door … then realized a passport was missing. Ten minutes of utter chaos until the passport was found.We had an easy drive to the airport – though there were very, very high winds over the bridge. I don't know if I've ever seen the Bay so turned up and brown – almost grey. The airport is experiencing delays of 60-90 minutes on average because of wind … and Kyla is on a train shut down at 24th and Mission because BART is closed due to high winds.Pas had trouble checking in, but we managed to get him taken ... read more

Little French Key Island Resort Last month I had the most wonderful experience during my trip to Bay Islands. I´ve decided to visit once again the beautiful island of Roatan. I consider this place as the most relaxing place on Earth! I really enjoy travelling here because I get out of the routine, breathe fresh air, eat delicious food, and relax in front of the sea. It´s a wonderful experience! When you get to Roatan, people feel like being in another country. This time I went to Bay Islands with my big sister. It was her first time travelling by plane as well as by boat. We had much fun. We really had a great time together because we don't share much time at home. Our daily routine activities don't let us share much time, so ... read more
Flying On The Air
Roatan's View from the Air
Caye Harbour Lodge Hotel

Last Day Today was our last full day, so that means more beach. We got to see a starfish close by the shore. How cool is that?! Both A and I took turns snorkeling. I told B one time there is no way daddy is coming back. He went so far out, out by the SCUBA divers! I didn't go near that far out but still saw some cool fishies. I realize though, still, I am scared if I can see the fish coming for towards me. Ben made friends, he's cool like that. I am, of course, 50 shades darker. B browned up nicely, too. He's got a farmers tan going. I think he enjoyed himself. He's a beach and water person, just like his mama. Now we'll have to make sure he's a European ... read more
Where the SCUBA Divers Dive
B has his bucket

It's a HOT one Started at the beach this morning and stayed for a while. We walked down the beach to the Thirsty Turtle for lunch. The view was delightful but wow is it hot. I had chicken tenders and A had a fish sandwich and B had a hot dog. I guess all that playing on the beach makes him hungry because he ate the whole thing with fries! It is very hot I have to say, the Mexican sweat was abundant today starting at the restaurant. Water Taxi After nap time (for Mr. B, although A joined him) we took a water taxi ($3 pp, if you have 3 or more people, Mr. B was free) to West End to look around and get a couple groceries. Let me tell you about the grocery ... read more
At the Thirsty Turtle
View from lunch table
Water Taxi to West End

International Buffet Breakfast, or the "International Buffet" as the sign said, was in the new building they were working on when we were here last. It's a nice little set up with a huge outdoor patio. We opted to sit inside though. Mr. B loved the fruit. The pineapple was especially delish. Not so sure what made the buffet "international" though. Banana Donuts! Mr. B loves the beach so we headed back out there after breakfast. A went out snorkeling out on the reef and got some fish and coral shots. B and I made a friend by sharing our toys. A was in charge of putting on B's hat and finally I noticed it was on backwards. No wonder he couldn't see half the time. Even when it is on correctly though it still does ... read more
Banana Donuts!
Ben makes a friend
Pool Time

We're Back! And We Brought a Guest! We loved Roatán enough to come back, and bring Mr. B! He is a beach person for sure, just like his mama. The day got off to a late start as usual and as I was in line for McDonald's they were already beginning to board our plane. We were lucky enough that there enough open seats that they let us take the car seat on for Mr. B. Flight was good and we got a 30 min nap in the car seat out of B. Better than nothing. Mexican Sweat is Back Also As soon as I stepped out of the plane I knew it was going to be a hot one. And as per the norm it's island time as soon as you land. We were pulled ... read more
Roatan By Air
Britney Moment
Beach time!

This is another port and adjacent port area that has been built with mooring so the ship has no need to use tenders to reach shore. As we have done various organised trips every day so far, we thought we would not have one today, and stay around the port instead. This proved to be extremely relaxing and great fun. We had a wander around all the normal tourist shops around the port. Within the port shops there were several interesting items that been put out for photograph opportunities. Many of these were comical character feet or bodies with heads missing. One object that caught George´s eye was a cake that opened up, like you would get at a birthday party. He found that there was a door at the back of the cake to enable ... read more
Carnival Glory
Mahogany Bay - Roatan
Theresa at Mahogany Bay - Roatan

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 17th 2014

Last week we drove to Miami then flew to Roatan to attend the wedding of nephew Scott and his bride Lindsay. It was a very pleasant getaway - but for American Airlines losing our luggage for 5 days. We had arranged to borrow clothes from relatives then the bag showed up unexpectedly the evening before the wedding. Here are a few pics of our week. We are back boat-sitting Gust O'Wind until the end of the months, then head across Florida to Dunedin to spend March in the sun. We may not be in a hurry to get home in April. Peg, the lady who does a walk around at our Sauble home once a week reported that she couldn't make it last week as there was 10 feet of snow in the driveway. She sent ... read more
West Bay
Water taxi
Clear water

Today we arrive at Rostsn in Honduras, along side we have 2 cruise ships one with 2400 people and the other over 3000, we are herded into small mini busses and go to the bird and butterfly garden but the main attraction is the baby spider monkey the loved being cuddled by the grannies, we also saw many other birds and animals, then across to the butterfly's and wow how beautiful they were many species and vibrant colours, from there to the botanical gardens and I not Margaret climbed up the hill some 800 metres to the look out for a great view along the coast, then down and look at all the plants and trees, from Cinnamon to Chocolate all herds and spices really interesting, back to the ship and we sail for Laughing Bird ... read more

I am back , did not get sea sick although the ship did a bit of rock and roll across the swells. Arrived into Lemon, Costa Rica but on the Atlantic side and were taken by boat into the Tortuguero Canals through the area known as the Costa Rican Amozon rain forest, along the canals we saw Spider Monkeys, Sloaths and many very brightly coloured bird, the guide also found a brightly coloured frog very toxic to its predators, back to the wharf and along side our ship of some 4000 to 5000 tonnes is the Holland America ship of about 100000 tonnes, carries close to 300 passenger to ours 100. We set sail overnight for our next stop San Andreas in Colombia. We are taken by taxis around the island, well taxis, no speedo, no ... read more

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