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Hey again!! I'm now without El and am doin the rest of the world solo!! Follow me as I trip around for the next year or 2! Adventures are beginning again...yeeeeahh!! Next stop...Sweden!!

South America July 1st 2013

Well, after 87 days, 12 countries, tears and triumphs and about million miles, we are finally on our final day of our adventures. Before I get to the awards ceremony for this trip's winners and losers, I'll quickly blog the happens from waking up to now, 3000km off the south west coast of South America hurtling back towards Oz. We woke up to another cracking day in Santiago, quickly got ready and all packed up and took a short walk into the centre of Santiago in search of breakfast. We decided to head back to Vanilla Cafe given that it had good coffee and croissants last time we visited. We ordered, both having ham and cheese croissants and Rach decided on a mint-chocolate cupaccino. Unfortunately, the waitress came back shortly after and explained that there were ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza June 29th 2013

8am...I scramble out of bed and trundle downstairs to meet our host George who kindly offered to assist and call the bus company for us. As you would have read from Rach's blog yesterday, there was a snow storm that forced the closure of the road between the Chilian/Argentian border. The first thing I see on George's face is concern and in his best but broken English he tells me “probably zero chance”. Hmmm, I drag Rach out of bed as Gladys had already started setting out the breakfast table and over our croissants and cereal, we decide that the best option is to head to the bus station for further details. We pack up our room and head back down to say (...what we think will only be a temporary...) goodbye to George and Gladys ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza June 28th 2013

We woke up this am ready for some biking! The sun was starting to shine, and the day looked better than yesterday. We decided (well I prompted) that we set the alarm for 9am cos there was no need to get up early as the sun rises so late here. Sweet, slight sleep in! We wandered down to meet our lovely hosts for breakfast and had a super yummy breakie of fresh croissants, toast, cereal, coffee and fresh juice! All filled up we decided even though Jorge had explained to us how to get the bus to Maipu last night, we would just get a taxi as it was easier. In order to get the bus we had to find a shop somewhere we we could top up a bus card and we are getting a ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza June 27th 2013

The sun rise time in Mendoza is similar to that of Bariloche and once again, we find ourselves sleeping in to about 9.30am. We jump out of bed and quickly throw on some clothes to make it down for breakfast. Our lovely B&B host, Gladys wishes us a good morning in Spanish and proceeds to speak to us in the loveliest of manners, pity we just have no idea what the hell she is saying to us. We laugh and respond with 'si, si glacias', hoping that we've just ordered breakfast. And breakfast was really good! Fresh croissants, bread, cereal and an assortment of delicious jams and dulce de leche. Rach also had a submarino, an Argentinian drink of hot milk in which you place a chocolate bar! In order to satisfy Rach's sweet tooth, she ... read more
This was not made with love!
Wierd statue

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago June 26th 2013

We were awake relatively early today as we had to find a place to print our bus tickets and only just realised last night. Also, we didnt actually really know where the bus station was and had spent about an hour last night trying to track down the address. But just incase we figured we prob needed to leave a lil earlier – better safe than sorry! We checked out, again couldnt understand the man at the front desk and so decided upon paying for last night when we are back here in a few days. We strapped our packs on our backs and headed into the streets of Santiago on a printer search! It was a lovely morning and there were heaps of people out! We looked to our right and heard a heard cheer ... read more
Best seats in the house!

We got up for the last time in our lake-side paradise and trundled off to breakie. The sun was streaming through and it was another perfect day in Bariloche. It was kind of bitter-sweet; knowing we would enjoy a nice morning however annoyed that it couldn't be like this for our first couple of days here. We packed up our bags (and collected all the hand-washing that we'd done and hung up on any available space around our hotel room) and checked-out. Our flight back to Santiago wasn't leaving until 4pm so we had quite a bit of the day to fill in. We decided that given the nice morning, we would walk the 6km into town for lunch and do a spot of souvenir shopping. We walked along the main road and took in the ... read more
Breakfast room

We woke up today unfortunately not to a stunning day like yesterday but it wasnt raining and the sun was attempting to come through. I managed to negotiate with Ben that seeing as though I had to drive 10 hours yesterday, that he would get up at 9.15am and go and meet the guy dropping off our bikes and get an idea from him what route we should take, while I lay in and had a weeny bit of extra rest. He obliged like a good lil boy and I was thankful to not get up in the dark and be ready to go! He came back all excited about our bike ride today. I have to admit I did not share his excitement! I was knackered and the thought of biking up and around hills ... read more

We awoke 'early' at the crack of dawn...well, about 8am which seems early when it is still pitch black outside. We quickly had breakie and got a taxi into town to collect our hire car. Unfortunately, we were informed yesterday that there were no automatic transmission vehicles available for hire anywhere in Bariloche which is annoying considering that I don't really know how to drive a manual. So Rach unwillingly volunteered to be my driver for the day. After getting all the paperwork done in the 'office', we had a short walk to find our car. On the way, we passed all sorts of vehicles ranging from brand new ones to rust buckets and we were holding our breath as to what sort of vehicle our 400 pesos would get us. Thankfully, it was a nice ... read more
Breakfast crepe!
Va La Angostura village

Today we had another long sleep in! Its crazy that the sun doesnt rise till 9.15am! We have been waking up close to 10! Its fantastic – ben doesnt feel the need to get up out of bed like a shot saying “come on rach up you get, its morning!” in a voice thats way too annoying and loud for whatever time of morning he usually does it! Once again we went down to breakie and it was average at best but filled ourselves up with what they had there. It wasnt a very nice day today but def better than yesterday and at least it wasnt raining so we spent the morning planning what we would do for the following 2 days as it was meant to be sunny. We decided to hire a car ... read more
Looking up to Cerro Otto

The first thing I'll say about San Carlos Bariloche is that the sun does not rise very early. Ok, so being 21 June, today is the winter solstice and we very much made use of the additional hours of darkness. I awoke with a start when I heard Rach beside me yell “crap, we've only got 15 mins til breakfast finishes”. We'd both slept the morning away and didn't wake up until 10.15am!! At this time of year, the sun doesn't rise til about 9.30am and it was made even worse today by the gloomy overcast morning which made for excellent sleeping in conditions. So we jumped out of bed, through on some clothes that were barely adequate for breakfast, put our thongs on and trundled out to the breakfast room. Thankfully, others were also caught ... read more

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