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Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194Here we are on Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is a lovely island located in the Caribbean, 65 kilometres north of Honduras. We are staying with our friends in a VRBO condo. The condo is located in West End Village.... read more
Local beach
Nice view
The beach

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194Last night we sailed around Punta Oeste, the south-western most tip of the Isla de Roatan. Here we are in Roatan, Honduras, a place that has always sounded so exotic to me. Because Jeff and I have never been here before we signed up with Princess to do a snorkeling tour; it leaves around 9:30 so we actually had to set an alarm to get up in time for a bite of breakfast before heading ashore. We packed our snorkeling gear and towels, etc. last night so we wouldn't have to mess with it this morning. The tour meets at the end of the pier so we meet up with our group and are delighted to discover that a mother/son duo (Ann and Brian) we've interacted with several times are amongst them. Either I ... read more
Colorful parrot fish
Beautiful coral
Large coral

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 13th 2015

Copan, Honduras, is one of the best Mayan sites. It was built over a long period, 900 BC to 800 AD and was home to 50,000 people. We spent some time exploring the ruins. In the Grand Plaza stand stone stelae, each carved with a larger-then-life image of a scary king. A flight of 63 steps has thousands of hieroglyphs carved into it. The whole city is covered in intricate carvings. We find houses, palaces, temples and a pelota court. Pelota is a cross between tennis and squash but nobody knows how it was played. Over time, problems emerged. The city grew beyond the ability of the local agriculture to support it; generations of inter-breeding in the ruling royal family had predictable consequences; they got heavily into hallucinogenic drugs and held six-week long fiestas. Slowly, the ... read more
Macaw mountain
Sunset on the ferry

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán February 12th 2015

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194Bon aujourd'hui notre première visite au Honduras. Après la routine du déjeuner et autre, on n'est sur le quai en moins de deux. On s'est fait estamper le passeport! Confusion à propos de la destination et des guides, on fini par choisir de se rendre au centre-ville, $40 en moins. Mais le taxi a bifurqué pour amener vers un point de vue de la ville, ou il y avait magiquement des kiosques souvenir. France en a profiter. C'est un pays pas mal plus montagneux que ce que l'on a vu précédemment. On est surpris par le niveau d'humidité et la végétation très luxuriante. C'est pauvre, bien entendu, mais les vendeurs s'ont pas trop insistant. Beaucoup de fleurs superbe et inconnu, on a visité aussi l'école et l'église. De retour au quai ... read more
La plage de Roatan (on y reviens plus tard)
Plante luxuriante
Acceuil chaleureux

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194The shuttle came for Kyla at 8am. The rest of us hung out at the house, packing, eating, swimming in the pool. We left a little after 11am. Paul and I dropped Keegan at his hotel (he's staying 2 extra nights), then we went to the airport. Pas' ticket was a mess, so I spent a lot of time helping him argue with the United people in the back room, trying to get things cleared up. Then we checked in, waited in the line to pay our departure tax, then waited in another line to go through immigration and security. While Paul was coming out of security, his name was called for a random check of his checked luggage. They made him put on an orange vest (very stylish) and carted him out to ... read more

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194We began the day very relaxed. We read – for me, I stayed in the pool and read. Then, the four of us went to the main pool and read for a while. It was very relaxing. An odd place to read Year Zero, the world in 1945 and Berlin in 1945, but I enjoyed it anyway.After lunch, we drove to the East End of the island. We all agreed that we enjoyed the East End a lot – very rustic, very uncrowded. The road was very good for a while, then became dirt. Lots of ruts and potholes, but nothing impassible, despite our small cars. The road crosses back and forth across the spine of the island, with views of both the windward and leeward sides. Much of the development on the east ... read more
At the far East End
At La Sirena
La Sirena at Camp Bay

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194Today we drove out to the West End of the island. I led, and Ann followed. The road as far as Coxen Hole was fairly good, but, from there on out, it was full of potholes. However, all traffic went slowly, so it wasn't too bad. As far as West End, the towns have a very Afro-Caribe feel to them – pleasant, colorful houses, lots of small shops and stands. Many taxis and shared vehicles, but many private vehicles as well. We drove out to the very end, just to see. The road goes along the windward side of the island. The houses here are clearly vacation homes, but are ocean-side for the view and nothing else. The wind is strong, and, instead of a beach, they are fronted by very rugged lava and ... read more
Pristine Bay villas
Pristine Bay development
Pristine Bay overview

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194I spent much of the morning swimming, reading, then swimming again, then reading while swimming. Paul and the kids tried snorkeling off the beach – hoping they could swim out to interesting territory. But what they hoped might be rocks not too far off was more grass, and the waves got stronger further out. So they returned to the villa. Shortly after they came back, we got a strong downpour (which lasted the usual five minutes). We read for a while, then in late afternoon walked down to the pool bar for a margarita. Then another margarita. Then another. We started at a table by the pool, but moved in when the first raindrops of a mega downpour began. When we sat at the table under the veranda, the bar staff brought warm towels ... read more
View from pool
Drinks at pool
View from pool

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194We slept in late … I woke up at 5:30am but decided to try to go back to sleep. Slept until about 10am, which was so, so nice. We had coffee while watching the Rose Parade, then breakfast, then watched a little football. Around 2pm, we decided to go to the restaurant for a late lunch, which would suffice as our main meal for the day. Then, we returned to the villa to watch the Oregon game (the Rose Bowl). Ducks won. Actually, I spent most of the time outside, reading, until it became too dark to see. Then we had dinner. Then we watched the Ohio State game (the Sugar Bowl). Buckeyes won. I spent a lot of time upstairs, reading.... read more
View from our villa in the rain
View from our villa in the rain
Relaxing at the villa

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 31st 2014

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194The alarm went off at 8:10am. We quickly showered and dressed, then boarded the shuttle for the airport. Kyla had her Global Entry appointment, and we had coffee in the club. Our flight to Roatan was on-time. Immigration was slow, but we were first off our plane (behind another plane, but never mind). (Paul, Pas, Keegan, and I were upgraded. Kyla was in the last row, but they deplaned both doors.) Paul and I also had to wait for the rental car, so we were the last to the villa. The villa itself is fine, but the view is a disappointment. Still, we will have a nice relaxing time here.We first went to the restaurant and had lunch. Food was good, and we sat outside, enjoying the breeze. After lunch, Ann, Mike, and I ... read more
Landing at Roatan
Landing at Roatan
Our Villa

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