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From Granada, I took the short one-hour chicken bus ride to Nicaragua's capital - Managua. The place has a bit of a reputation for being dangerous and the stories I had heard about the place from other travellers I have met didn't really fill me with confidence either. It was however, a necessary stop as I needed to catch an international bus from here over the border to Honduras - there wasn't really anything else between here and Caribbean coast of Honduras that I was interested in seeing so I was making a beeline for the water and this was the quickest way to do it. Also, I had still to find the elusive replacement camera battery charger that I had lost somewhere in Costa Rica. It was now approaching three weeks without the use of ... read more
Rio Cangrejal
Sunset Over Roatan
Cooling Off

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán December 23rd 2015

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán November 28th 2015

Is travel a component of self education, or merely entertainment? Obviously, it can be both, but I think many of us delude ourselves into thinking what we usually do when we travel is any more than entertainment. For instance, when my husband and I first met (three and a half years ago) we went on a couple of cruises. We certainly did travel, and we saw many terrific islands in the Caribbean. But mostly? It was Diamonds International and other tourists traps. We saw little of how people lived in these places and we had few contacts with the locals that weren't more than a brief and shallow transaction. But, that wasn't true for my most intense memory from our first cruise. One of the stops was Roatán, Honduras, a terrific island in the western Caribbean ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Roatán September 8th 2015

I went to lovely Honduras only a couple minutes away from Guatemala! Travel Guides have proven me correct that I went to Guatemala because I went to Belize and Honduras! Yes! Thank you Travel Guides. I went to Bay Islands on a cruise and it was very nice and very relaxing. I got to see a lot of things in Honduras! I saw a lot of lizards which were very spectacular. The island of Honduras was a descendent of Africans, Cayman Islanders, and other indigenous people in the island. Those who have been off the island should at least check off Cayman Islands on their travel list. Lol hahahaha. Funny. My old Biology Professor from the college Mrs.Jill Caporale got me interested into checking out Honduras. I do plan to go back to Honduras as well ... read more

Schmoozing, bluesing & cruising with those Darn Dangerous Binkleys Part 3: Diamonds are a girl's best friend. What is the least you have to do to qualify as having visited a country? I was transiting through LAX Airport on my way from Oz to Buenos Aires once. I didn't leave the airport. Did that mean I had visited the USA? I say "No." When they locked me up and detained me under outrageous US Border Protection in the airport...did that mean I had visited the USA? I say "No." Was that 'cause it was not voluntary on my part...or 'cause there was no way I could leave the airport???" Well Dangerous Dave has his own theories. He thinks all you have to do is purchase a fridge magnet. And he backs it up by saying ... read more
Dawn jams are the best
Tab holding court
Dawn Jams

We went on a boat trip like no other today. First stop? A shop to pick up some beers and snacks. We went by the dolphin sanctuary on our way to the first of two snorkeling spots. The sea is so clear all the way down and the kinds of different fish were endless. We saw most of Nemo's friends, a load of other colorful fish, an octopus and what looked like a baby shark. We lazed in the pool after some dinner (hey flipping those fins was tiring!) and before heading out for tea we are swaying in a hammock at the hotel as the sun goes down. Roatan has been quite beachy which has been very nice to relax but we are ready for some adventure and culture now. We are traveling to Leon ... read more
Safety first!
Not a bad view for lunch
Can't fault the scenery either!

Leg 3: Belize to Honduras On Tuesday 12 we were due to take a 3pm flight from Caye Caulker back to Belize City and onto Roatán in the Bay Islands (Honduras). The lady on the morning shift at Sophie's Guest rooms kindly said we could chill out on site and continue to use the facilities. When she left at 1, we also had to make our way to the airport which is not really an airport per's one single room with about 6 chairs and just one run way literally about 50m away! They only expect you to check in around 30 minutes before your flight here, so us being kinda early for them, they offered us an earlier flight. The staff were really nice and friendly, much like everyone else on the island, which ... read more

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194It is sad to be leaving our friends and heading back to Costa Rica. Anita and Rob still have another ten days to enjoy this lovely island. We have had a wonderful visit with them. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Roatan, especially the snorkelling!... read more

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194Today we took a water taxi to West Bay Beach. This area was very busy with tourists. We spent a lovely day enjoying the sun and some great snorkelling. Then dinner out in the West End.... read more
West Bay Beach
Entertainment on the beach
Enjoying the sun

Geo: 16.3302, -86.5194West End Village is a tourist hotspot with lots of restaurants, bars, and sport activities right along the ocean. Today we took a taxi tour around the Island. Our last stop was Fantasy Island Resort. This resort has a very beautiful beach area with crystal clear water. Near the gazebo pier was a fantastic snorkelling area with a good variety of tropical fish.... read more
Local home on our island tour
Fantasy Island Resort
Fantasy Island Resort

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