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Europe » Germany July 15th 2018

Yesterday was another travel day - I forgot how crazy Berlin's bus station can be lol. Throw in a bunch of construction and it meant a lot of shuffling and running around trying to get to the correct stand for the bus. Thankfully Flixbus is super comfortable (WAY better than Greyhound - like double the legroom and comfier seats). There was quite a bit on construction, so the 3hrs turned more into 4hrs. But that's ok. We had a good laugh in Rostock - these 2 Germans girls got on, but left their luggage on the side thinking the driver was going to put it in the bus. Lol NOPE. So off we went and the girls run to the front to be like UHM OUR BAGS. The driver was so visibly irritated to have to ... read more
Free booze!
Look at that blue!
I could eat their omelettes all day every day

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 13th 2018

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying travelling with Mom but I've come to realize that travelling with someone else tends to eliminate the really bizarre encounters I have with locals - which is part of the fun of travelling lol. People don't approach you for random convos if you're with someone else. (Case in point: Mom sat on a bench while I ran into a store for ~15min - a mime came up to her and wasn't too keen to take no for an answer lol) ANYWAY Mom's big thing in Berlin was that she wanted to see the zoo, so today was zoo day. Weather worked out nicely - the city has two zoos, but we were at Tiergarten which is literally inside a giant park/forest in the middle of the city, so even ... read more
Floofy Sloth Bear
Asian Bear
African Wild Dog giving a little stretch

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 12th 2018

(Checkpoint Charlie, Topography of Terror (Museum), Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Tor) Soooooooo we kind of slept in until 10:30am by accident lol, so we started a little later than planned today. Oh well. We made our way to Checkpoint Charlie to start the day - formerly one of the main check points between East/West Berlin There's a bunch of tourist stuff there (I hate that there's a giant McDonald's beside it and in all the photos), but I just wanted to show Mom the signs and the little hut before heading off to the remnants of the Berlin Wall and to the Topography of Terror (ToT). ToT is a museum located on the former site of the SD/SS/Gestapo headquarters; there's an outdoor section (including part of the Wall) and then a massive (and super detailed) indoor rection. ... read more
Portion of the Wall near ToT
A letter that was sadly accurately
Holocaust Memorial - inside

Europe » Germany July 11th 2018

Day 1: And we're off! Short and sweet today: I've finally managed to convince Mom to join me on one of my adventures, so we decided a Baltic cruise was in order. As you all know by now, I'm not content with a 10-day Europe trip, so instead of starting the cruise in Copenhagen (where they usually start), we start in Warnemunde which gives up the chance to visit Berlin first - Mom wanted to see Germany, so perfect fit. And I mean, is it really a trip to Europe without an Icelandic layover on the way home..? Flight over was uneventful - we had about 50min layover in Iceland, just enough time to clear customs and get my fix of Skyr before boarding for Berlin. We arrived beyond exhausted... but you can't sleep, so we ... read more
Time to Revolt
Super bear?

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence March 14th 2018

Florence today - the hotel screwed us over because we're a school group and moved our breakfast from 7am to 7h50... but it worked out in terms of even though they lost some free time in the morning, they still had 6hrs in the afternoon so like... that works. Omg the "eggs" at breakfast were the most questionable thing I've ever seen. And they messed up all our rooms so we had kids literally all over the hotel. Major fails compared to all the other hotels we've stayed at on this trip. ANYWAY. We drove into town and went up to Piazzale Michaelangelo for a beautiful viewpoint of the city. Two of the teachers are in a band and have a gig the night after we get back - so they did a promo video and ... read more
Overlooking Florence
David replica
Love it

Europe » Italy » Tuscany March 13th 2018

Omg my legs are feeling it today lol. Totally worth the views from yesterday though. Today we made our way towards Florence. First stop was Lucca - an old, still has its Renaissance walls, town. It was pretty - didn't find there was anything particularly amazing, just the overall vibe was nice. I still marvel that none of our kids have been hit by a car or honked at - not the greatest at sticking to one side of the road, let's just say... and things get quite narrow! We ate lunch at this really nice cafe - prosciutto and cheese, warmed up - just to die for. Next up was San Gimignano. We had a little bit of time to explore - then we had a guided tour. It's beautiful with the towers all over ... read more
Graffiti is the best
Hi Tuscany!

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre March 12th 2018

Ok, by far, today was my favourite day and it felt like one of my travel days. We went to Cinque Terre and boy did we walk - so it felt much more like one of my normal trips. We had pretty crap weather again today. Pouring rain first thing in the morning - it was supposed to clear up around 9am... eh, it sort of did. So, we drove out to La Spezia to catch the train into the towns (since cars aren't really allowed, and def not giant motor coaches). The trains were an adventure lol. First off we got to the first station like 15min before the train was coming and our guide had to go buy the tickets. I'm still surprised we actually made it - we literally were running down the ... read more
Monterosso al Mare
Before they closed the area

Europe March 11th 2018

Short one today - long driving day today broken up by some wonderful little stops. First things first though - the view this morning from the hotel was awesome. I was in a nook, so didn't really get a great photo, but you're really nestled in the alps. Woke up, opened my window to hear birds chirping, church bells ringing and could just smell and breath fresh air. So glorious. First stop was the much anticipated stop at Swarovski's Crystal Garden - museum, store and playground all in one! I'll be back next year, so I didn't explore the grounds, but I did look at the museum and of course the store where I got myself a few goodies. It was really fun watching the kids shop - some had shopping lists from their mom/sisters lol, ... read more
Swarovski entrance
They had like a 3 storey wall of this
And super cool random art pieces made of crystal

Europe March 10th 2018

Alright everywhere else we go on this trip I haven't been to before, so I'm excited and ready to go! ~4hr drive to Salzburg was good nap time. Well, first half of the drive everyone napped and then after our rest stop it was singing time lol. The kids randomly broke out into "Doe a Deer" on loop for like 10min with 2 of us teachers cheering them on and looks of death from another haha. I'm just waiting for Jay to break out his ukulele skills! (He legit brought one) Arriving into the Salzburg area was beautiful, as usual. It was great hearing and seeing the kids see the Alps. Seriously, it's so fun watching them experience things. We drove by Mondsee (make and church used in the movie). Than there's currently a crazy amount ... read more
I love creepy statues
St Peter's Cathedral
St Peter's Cathedral

Europe » Austria » Vienna March 9th 2018

We started our morning with a bus tour pretty much just around the ring road - literally a road that rings around the Old Town. We drove by a lot of statues and important buildings. We also drove by Stadtpark which gave me an idea for later. We then stopped at a Hundertwasser building - a famous artist/architect. Hundertwasser House is a low-income apartment but decorated/created in a very unique and quirky style. Different apartments are different colours, there's all these random details on the outside, it's all green-space on top, and there's not a single straight-line anywhere. I loved it. I also loved watching the kids... we had about 15 min there and honest to God they spent more time taking pictures with a red phone booth (like what they have in London) than they ... read more
Outside Hundertwasser
Random super creepy hotdog

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