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July 11th 2019
Published: July 11th 2019
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It was overcast today, so no mountain views to be found. I decided to go to the "Swiss Museum of Transportation" which is a museum and more. I only skimmed the actual museum and I still spent over 6hrs here... it's massive! The museum itself is split into 4 parts: train/rail, car, boat and aviation/space. (The aviation was by far my favourite part!) There's also an IMAX screen, a planetarium and the "Swiss Chocolate Adventure" lol.

I think I started backwards which worked in my favour because I was pretty much alone in the aviation part for almost an hour lol. Kind of perfect because I made good use of the freedom and did all the simulations haha. This has to be the most hands-on and simulation-filled museum I've ever been to - it's amazing!

Quick rundown: I successfully landed a plane (you stand there with your arms out like the plane anand you have to manoeuvre like you're playing Wii haha), I somewhat successfully piloted both a fighter jet and a helicopter (I was much better with the train and race car later in the day lol), I did weird photos at their different photo spots, I slid down a giant slide and lay back on a giant hanging bed to pretend like I was paragliding. You know, all these things.

They had this cool section on their rescue helicopters (which are pretty important here!) and the interactive bit here was you stood in front of a video of one coming to land anand they had air gusts simulating just how strong the wind will get (and how loud!) - holy crap, but very cool.

My fav interactive bit was in the space section though - they had this massive rotating cube that you go in to simulate how weird is it to be in space with no "right side up". They rotate it 3x and each time they have you do something different to experience it. My fav was you sat with you back against the wall but your legs kind of diagonally flat so that you literally slide down the wall to then be standing at the end and you look back and the door you came in is now on the ceiling. The second one was cool too - you stood with one foot on the wall and your hands out - the idea is that you would walk up the wall as it turns (or you end up in a plan position on the floor haha). So much fun!

In terms of the actual information, the museum seems spot on. (Almost) everything is in German, French, Italian and English and there is enough there to keep you busy for 2 whole days if you actually read it all. I... didn't do a lot of reading haha. I don't exactly care about transportation stuff, despite having decided to come here. If you like that stuff though, you'd be in for a treat!

There's a little museum inside the museum for this Swiss artist; I took a quick peak. Outside they have a bunch if activities for kids and they have a few planes - you can walk under them, it's interesting to see them up close like that. The car building is COVERED in road signs which is neat to look at too.

The boat part of the museum was my least favourite... probably because it wasn't too interactive lol. They did have a mini-Olympics area though where you could try rowing and sitting in a bobsled (... not aquatic, but hey!). The bobsled was cool - I always wondered what the inside actually looked like. They also had a section on cable cars and furniculars which was interesting to see the changes over time.

The car building was meh... I don't care about cars lol. They had a wall with a bunch of old styles (that people seemed really impressed by) and they had a few virtual reality and simulations. The only one open at that time though was the race car one which was fun (but loud!!). Fun fact - one of the giant murals is the 401 in Toronto! No CN Tower and it doesn't specifically say where it is, but I recognize the signage of the streets.

Last part of the museum were the trains - again, I rocked that simulation haha. This building was nostalgic for me - reminds me a lot of the Science Museum back home and that smell you would get walking into the train room. It was quite the mix/collection they had here from old timey things to the latest modern trains. They had a lot of information on the energy used for trains - even had a giant "hamster wheel" you could run in to simulate how much energy is needed. They also had this giant locomotive you could walk under which was something I never would have thought of, but was interesting to see how it looks underneath.

The planetarium show was meh, it was ok. I went to see "Oceans 3D" at the IMAX theatre (BBC, hard to go wrong). I zipped thru Media World because there were A LOT of kids and I didn't really feel like getting into shenanigans if I was by myself. They basically had a bunch of different green screens (news desk, mountain/skiing, moon landing, etc) that you could play around with.

And last part was the "Swiss Chocolate Adventure" which... I don't know how to explain? Haha. Basically you sit in a little car and it's a "ride" of sorts that brings you around and tells you about the history of Swiss chocolate and gives you a brief overview of how it's made. It's cute - not sure I'd want to pay for it individually had I not got a day pass for the entire complex. You get a free sample (a Lindt chocolate) so yay? Haha.

Off to Bern tomorrow afternoon - it's supposed to rain for like a week straight (while in Bern and Interlaken) soooooo let's see what happens. Fingers crossed!

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