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July 8th 2019
Published: July 8th 2019
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I took a different way into the city today - go figure there was some demonstration so my tram was detoured and of course all the announcements were only in German. I followed my GPS dot on Google Maps and hoped for the best lol. Thankfully the detour ended two stops before my stop. I love taking trams, btw. It gives you a more intimate view of the city - little neighborhoods, people getting their groceries, kids dribbling ice cream everywhere, all that good stuff lol.

Anyway, I ventured out on my boat cruise today - stifling hot in the sun, so it was gorgeous on the water and the breeze did absolute wonders. I made sure to sit in the shade - it's the first time I've been chilly all week! I was so content to just sit on my bench and watch the world float by. Despite being a large enough boat, there was hardly any sound (except when we'd pull in/out of docks). It really was the perfect afternoon.

The lake really is beautiful. The other day on the way to Liechtenstein the lake wasn't quite as vibrant blue/green - I guess from far away and when you're moving, you don't get the colour. Up close near the boat you see the colour for sure. It's fascinating though because depending on the clouds and the sunshine the colour would change from grey to almost black to various greens. Very cool. And like I mentioned the other day, riding along the lake gives you views of all the little towns that dot the landscape along the water. I mean, they all look the same lol, but still cute.

I did the long trip (2hrs one-way) to Rapperswil. Once there I bummed around the town for a bit - they have a fortress up on a (small) hill, so up I went to take in the views and explore a bit. On the way back to the train station I had to laugh - gorgeous old town building... has a McDs in it. Of course. That's fine - I'd rather use their free bathroom than pay ~$3 at the station. Just for a laugh I looked how much a Big Mac costs - just the burger is ~$9. Ah yes, the Big Mac index never lies. I took the SBahn back to Zurich - a quick 35min later and I was back.

As soon as I got on the train it started to pour, but it only lasted about 5min. Recurring theme. I honestly give up with checking the weather forecasts here lol - every day since Saturday it was supposed to rain all day... there has been a grand total of maybe 3 hrs of rain (other than some sprinkles overnight). And it was supposed to be hot, but cloudy and low UV... and yet despite spending less than an hour (TOTAL ALL DAY) in the sun, I somehow burned my shoulders. Yay weather!

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