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July 9th 2019
Published: July 9th 2019
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Ok trying to repack my bag last night was an adventure haha... that doesn't bode well. But it closed - that's what matters!

Anyway, train ride to Lucerne, as per usual, was beautiful - it went along Lake Zurich for a bit, then Lake Zug. So many lakes. Fun fact, I find it fantastic that "see" is "lake" in German. Another fun thing about the train? The graffiti! You're going too fast for pictures, but you still see them all thru the tunnels and stations.

Arriving in Lucerne, I didn't feel like venturing to the hostel and hunting for someone (since the office is closed 11am-4pm), so I left my bags at the train station and wandered around town. Ok I love it here. Like proper LOVE it.

• Lucerne is legit gorgeous. Flowers everywhere, beautiful buildings (art work, architecture), covered bridge, church, lake, everything is stunning.
• Free map with all the free public toilets. It's the simple things in life, people.
• Visitors Card from your hotel = free public transit and free wifi around the city.

They know what tourists want - wifi and free toilets haha.

Anyway, much more to say about #1 on that list. I started my exploration at the little covered bridge - Chapel Bridge. The sides are covered in vibrant flowers on both sides which make for wonderful photos. They really love their flowers here - not just at the bridge, but Lucerne in general. Beautiful, but not great for allergies lol.

From there, I made my way along the lake towards the church, St. Leodegar. On the way I watched the swans for a bit... or should I say I watched (and laughed) at people paying the price for ignoring the signs about not feeding the swans. One family threw a piece of something at a swan and let's just say the swan wasn't content with just a nibble lol. It got up out of the water and started strutting towards the family, flapping its wings a bit. The family was amused until it was literally cm away from them and stole one of the kids' sandwiches hahaha.

Back to the church - it was a gorgeous church, as they seem to always be in Europe. I lit my candle for grandma and grandpa and continued on my way wandering back towards the bridge, through the shops. I found myself near the Jesuit Church and went in there for a bit. I had good timing - the organist was playing, so I got an impromptu concert as I looked around and admired. Of course I was drawn to the lighting/chandeliers... as always.

And ok the hostel is in a super cute area - there's a park across the street (SO MANY DOGS) and a path along the water back to the city centre. Love it.

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