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And so starts round two! Shorter time this go around - San Fran and Seattle to see the Jays (I will honestly be happy if I see *ONE* win because they are so bad this year lol), Portland (because I don't know how to book a train ticket to Vancouver apparently) and then up to BC for one of my best friend's wedding :) Wee! And it's been less than 24hrs and I can clearly already see that this trip is already shaping up to be a weird one with weird encounters... and super long delays lol. Early flight out to LAX via Toronto today... I had got an email from Westjet warning about long check-ins for the US, so I came early, but since I connect at Pearson I don't do clearance here... so why ... read more
How I spent most of my day
Walking near Union

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjav√≠k July 28th 2018

Ok, I'm back in Ottawa for... like 32 hours haha. Sunday I'm heading back out and flying to the west coast, so I'll be back with the blog then. As for the Europe part of the trip with Mom, that sadly came to an end yesterday - it was glorious to wake up in Iceland on my birthday and eat all the skyr I wanted though :) It's been a really great time travelling with Mom - it's bun fun showing her some of my fav spots and discovering some new ones along the way. I'm really lucky that we travel well together (although I'm sure there are some times she could have lived without my desire to walk everywhere haha). Our flight was only around supper, so we had the morning for me to show ... read more
I love their sad man statues

Europe » Iceland July 25th 2018

Decided not to bother with an entry yesterday - it was a travel day from Berlin to Reykjavik and not much to say.We only got into Reykjavik around 6pm, so I basically just showed Mom around the "downtown" area, we had Icelandic hot dogs for supper (always a staple) and that was pretty much that. Today I got to show Mom a little piece of how pretty this country is - we did the Snaefellnes tour, a peninsula in the the ~north-west (well, north of Reykjavik). I'll label photos tomorrow because I'm off to bed. Iceland has not had a good summer... which is weird because they normally have a decent amount of sun considering it's light out most of the day in summer (eye masks are so important for sleep lol). Literally every time I ... read more

Europe » Denmark July 23rd 2018

I ran out of free wifi yesterday, so double-up on the blog today - quick entries because nothing that exciting happened either day. I'm basically just biding my time for Iceland lol. Yesterday was the last real cruise day: Copenhagen. I'd say a good 90% of the passengers get on-get off there, so the morning was a little nutty..! Meanwhile we like strut off the gangway like that's right, we'll be back. I strutted off to catch the bus only to have him pretty much close the door on me and drive away haha. My split second indecision of getting on the bus was too long apparently. Once we got into the city, I pretty much just showed Mom around the Old Town area and then we headed up to Nyhavn. We saw the usual in ... read more
Old Town
Walking along canals

Europe July 21st 2018

Only one way to start a sea day: mimosas! We put the free bottle of sparkling wine to good use - they have free orange juice for breakfast so we had a nice mimosa with breakfast. And after breakfast. I tried taking pics on the open deck but it was so windy that a) my hair was everywhere and b) I was afraid I'd lose my glass lol. Since it was a sea day, not much to say. We went to see a few shows/presentations - towel folding, Q&A with the directors and captain of the boat, and nightly game show was "Battle of the Sexes" tonight. Omg ok though, we died laughing this morning. I'm telling Mom I'm going to the towel thing and she was totally uninterested which was fine. Then I'm talking about ... read more
Wee bit windy today
Behind the boat

Europe » Sweden July 20th 2018

Bon... last night's post never went because the wifi on the ship died as I was doing pics, so it's also up now. Today was Stockholm! Well... we docked in Nynashamn, which is about an hour south of Stockholm. If you're game to walk, about 15-20min there's a train station for a commuter rail into the city, but there were also shuttles to the train station or charter buses into the city - all for a price of course! Today became rather lazy since we've been non-stop go go go (poor Mom haha, she keeps reminding me she isn't in her mid-20s). We basically did the Old Town and I went exploring/window-shopping. First things first! Other than sleeping in both the jumbo jet and the boat hostels, my other main memory of Stockholm was this giant ... read more
He chills down in a park near Parliament
Royal Palace
Royal Palace

Europe » Finland July 19th 2018

Ok - I haven't been to Finland and it was on my list, but now it's a for-sure-soon spot... 7hrs is too much of a tease. I'll be back soon - next summer or the one after. So, instead of paying 15USD for a shuttle to the city centre (ugh) we caught the tram like a 4min walk from the boat for 2.90euro which they obviously conveniently do not mention as an option on the boat lol. First stop was the one thing Mom requested: Chapel of Silence / Kamppi Chapel. It's the big stand-alone structure in the middle of the city with super thick walls, benches inside (like pews) and a bunch of giant cushions if you want to sit on the floor. It's so cool - it's really, truly silence in the middle of ... read more
The rocks are pillows!
Candles in the Chapel
Helsinki Cathedral

Europe » Russia July 18th 2018

(Ok, I added some pics in to yesterday's post) Another busy day today! Thankfully customs went waaaaay quicker - not even 5min. We started with a quick photoshop at St Isaac's Cathedral - it wasn't open yet, but we got pictures from outside at least. It's the 4th largest domed church in... Europe? World? I forget. Regardless, it's big lol. We drove out to another summer palace - Peterhof - but instead of going inside we enjoyed the gardens. It was a long drive, I think most of us napped lol. It's still quite hot, so def makes you sleepy. Anyway, Peter the Great built this palace/garden after he visited Versailles in France. Its main attraction is the system of cascading fountains - they don't use any electricity or pumps, it's all through gravity which is ... read more
Walking into Peterhof Gardens
Peterhof Gardens

Europe » Russia July 17th 2018

Day 7: St Petersburg (We've been going for +15hrs straight and I'm toast, so photos will be added either tomorrow night or when we're in Helsinki and I'll put a note the day I do it) Wow. It is stunningly beautiful here - gardens, canals, buildings (other than their concrete apartment blocks), everything. We had a jam-packed day today. You need a tourist visa for Russia or you need to join an excursion, so we saved ourselves the headache and just booked a 2-day trip through SPB Tours (because the EXACT same itinerary is 2x the price through the cruise). We made a good choice - SPB is fantastic so far - our guide Daniel is friendly and a wealth of information and our driver Sergey is just the perfect stereotypical Russian man lol. Ok wait, ... read more

Europe » Estonia July 16th 2018

Tallinn is such a gem of a city - I loved it the first time I was here, and loved it just as much today. (Weather was a lot nicer this time though..! When I came a few years ago it was 35+ all 4 days lol) We trekked into the Old Town and basically just spent the day roaming around aimlessly which is true to my brand lol. We ended up at St. Olav first - a pretty tiny and relatively unfancy, yet beautiful church. I always enjoy hunting out the chandeliers and light fixtures - I just find them fascinating, especially when they're lit and you can play with angles. On our meandering journey towards the main town square/city hall I had fun just taking pictures of the random buildings - everything is so ... read more
The Creepy Monk
Graffiti corner
St Olav

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