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July 7th 2019
Published: July 7th 2019
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You know what's a weird little travel thing I love? Sitting on the train platform when the high speed trains go by - I love the gust of wind, I love the sound (whistle mixed with a slight clickity-clack).

Anyway, short one today. I didn't "plan" today I simply went into the city to wander around for a bit. I overheard some people talking about the "Festival" yesterday so I'm like k cool, day planned lol. I got off at the main station and just wandered down towards the waterfront and sure enough - Festival! Turns out it's a big deal - like it only happens once every 3 years for 2 days kind of big deal. Basically the entire core is shut down with rides, food stalls, music stages, and games. There were also dragon boat races going on and you could zipline across the canal. Fun vibe!

I listened to some random German folk singing (??) for a little bit - I basically just needed to be somewhere in the shade for a little bit haha. I ate before I left, but that didn't stop me from perusing the food offerings - so many variations of caprihanas (cocktail), sausage and raclette. As much as I love raclette, omg the smell is horrid in the heat... Also, the fact the caprihanas (and other cocktails) were 14 CHF ($19) is just... I mean it's what I expected, but oof.

I made my way down to Lake Zurich and watched the swans for a bit - the water is so clear you can see their little feet paddling away beneath and I love it. It was also cute seeing all the kids be so excited about the swans. N'aw.

I kind of just bummed around people watching after that (near the games and rides area) before heading back. My legs are slightly dying from the past 2 days of hiking haha, so I didn't have the heart to continue wandering the city. Tomorrow I'm planning to do a boat cruise if the weather cooperates... so far they keep calling for rain and we either get none or barely any, so let's see if that trend continues!

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