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Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich September 6th 2022

Woken by rain on the roof and in a motorhome that is not a noise which you can ignore as it tends to be pretty loud. A few claps of thunder and a check of the weather forecast said it wouldn't last long and it didn't. We set off in the Smart car for Zurich once it had dried up. The roads are pretty fantastic but we took the motorway most of the way as easier to find the way into a city and the motorways do tend to dominate. Lots of tunnels later and we were approaching the centre and the lake. Searched for car park signs and followed them to one but when we got there it said it was full. Round the block slowly as half the road was closed off where they ... read more
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220906 Zurich (61)
220906 Zurich (79)

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich September 5th 2022

I've located this in Zurich but out campsite is a good 20 km from Zurich, at Ottenbach on the river Reuss, but the blog functionality won't let me locate myself there ! Woke to another stunning blue sky day so packed everything up and drove Smart car and motorhome separately to the motorhome service point so we could empty grey waste, fill with clean water and then hitch Smart Arse onto the back of the motorhome. Easy Peasy and we were off. Bob had chosen a route which was a little let windy and hair-pinned than when we drove over the mountains 2 days ago. It did though involve going via Gerardmer especially as needed fuel. Gerardmer was a nightmare again. Still heaving with people and lots of roads still blocked off. We had to do ... read more
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220905 Zurich (31)
220905 Zurich (16)

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich October 5th 2021

Am zweiten Tag meines Aufenthaltes habe ich u.a. mit Bircher Müsli gefrühstückt und überlegt, ob ich zum Museum focus Terra gehen soll. Aber das wäre leicht auf einem Berg gewesen und da ich noch viel vor hatte, habe ich das auch den nächsten Besuch verschoben. Statt dessen bin ich durch die Stadt spaziert und in einem Traditionslokal eingekehrt, wo ich Zürcher Geschnetzeltes gegessen habe. Danach lief ich die Bahnhofsstraße mit vielen teuren Geschäften in Richtung Hauptbahnhof und habe auf dem Weg Schokolade gekauft und im Starbucks eingekehrt. Schließlich habe ich die Stadt wieder mit dem Zug verlassen und noch einen Business Termin in der Ostschweiz wahrgenommen. Nun bin ich auf der Heimfahrt und morgen werde ich zu meiner Mutter in der Oberpfalz fahren. Dort haben wir schon den nächsten Ausflug geplant, von dem ich auf dieser ... read more
Spaziergang durch Zürich.
Spaziergang durch Zürich.
Spaziergang durch Zürich.

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich October 4th 2021

Weil zum Jahresende bei meinem Kunden das Budget etwas knapp wird, habe ich 5 Wochen Urlaub genommen. Also zu einem gewissen Teil zwangshalber. Da ich aber dieses Jahr noch nicht groß weg gefahren bin, werde ich dies nun nachholen. Erste Destination ist aus diversen Gründen Zürich. Die Bahnlinie über Memmingen ist zwar seit einiger Zeit elektrifiziert, aber teilweise immer noch eingleisig und auf gar keinen Fall Hochgeschwindigkeit. Ich wollte sie mir aber auf unbedingt einmal ansehen und nun fahren in 4 Stunden Eurocity Express Züge der SBB von München in die Schweizer Bankenmetropole. Dort angekommen bin ich zu meinem Hotel und danach in ein Waliser Traditionslokal. Dort habe ich Trockenfleisch und Käsefondue mit Weißwein aus dem Wallis bestellt. Die Zusammensetzung des Fondues wird dort aber nicht verraten. Die Limmat ist schön wie immer und an ihr ... read more
Der ECE von München nach Zürich.
Der ECE von München nach Zürich.
Trockenfleisch aus dem Wallis.

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich May 8th 2021

After 66 Blog entries, with over 65'000 words and 2'000 pictures, we have completed our sabbatical or you can call it extended honeymoon travel blog. 11 months ago we packed our bags, quit our jobs and headed into an adventure which turned out much less predictable than originally envisaged. Despite all sorts of Covid related travel restrictions, limitations to places we wanted to visit (museums and concerts were really a no-no) and health related conditions - we were tested 7 times during our travels - we managed to do unique things, see astonishing places, witnessed memorable events and above all spent 11 months together in all this. An unique, rich and unforgettable time bringing us closer together. Allow us to summarise and reminiscent our impressions. First step was disconnecting from the cute, luxurious Bangkok life-style, saying ... read more
Good bye Sole Mio
Good bye Bangkok
Getting married

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich November 17th 2019

Safely at the airport, watching jets steam into the fog and rain, trailing dragon wings of mist. Dramatic as all heck, and impossible to capture on my little phone camera. We have paid for lounge access so Susan can swill tomato juice and watch the planes. I note that, in spite of the downpour, the airport is letting its automatic sprinklers water the infield grass. So efficient, these Swiss. We board in two hours, then Montreal a little after 3 Quebec time. See you soon!... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich November 16th 2019

When the hotel wrote me last week to say they were having a big private do tonight, restaurant closed, lots of music, "expect some noise" until 2 am. I sorta flipped out. Expect noise? At their prices? So I asked, and they promised a room Higher up, quieter. Top floor with private terrace at the same price, thank you very much indeed. That will do nicely. Maybe I shouldn't have asked so fast. Half an our ago, as we lay here reading, somebody started up a muffled, big band version of "Heartbreak Hotel". (oh, dear.) I opened the window. It WAS a big band. A pretty good one, playing in the square just below us. Next we got Begin The Beguin, followed by about six other numbers. They are gone now, but we enjoyed our private ... read more
Checking out the Zurich Waterfront
Talk about disappointments
Old Town, Zurich

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich October 19th 2019

It's really hard to get friends and family to come visit me in Dubai as it is a 13-16 hour flight and Americans typically only get 10, maybe 15, days of vacation each year. So, my sister and I decided to meet halfway in Switzerland. We brought another 'sister' who basically grew up with my younger sisters. So the three of us planned to spend a quiet week enjoying this mountainous country. I arrived in Zurich first, almost two days ahead of time. Of course, I got an upgrade on Emirates..... but honestly, I was a bit disappointed in the service. I won't get into the details that would most likely make me come across as a total snob. I will say the thing that I found the most annoying was hearing two of the attendants ... read more
St Peter's Church
Autumn harvest plate

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich July 8th 2019

I took a different way into the city today - go figure there was some demonstration so my tram was detoured and of course all the announcements were only in German. I followed my GPS dot on Google Maps and hoped for the best lol. Thankfully the detour ended two stops before my stop. I love taking trams, btw. It gives you a more intimate view of the city - little neighborhoods, people getting their groceries, kids dribbling ice cream everywhere, all that good stuff lol. Anyway, I ventured out on my boat cruise today - stifling hot in the sun, so it was gorgeous on the water and the breeze did absolute wonders. I made sure to sit in the shade - it's the first time I've been chilly all week! I was so content ... read more
Lake Zurich
Lake Zurich
Lake Zurich

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich July 7th 2019

You know what's a weird little travel thing I love? Sitting on the train platform when the high speed trains go by - I love the gust of wind, I love the sound (whistle mixed with a slight clickity-clack). Anyway, short one today. I didn't "plan" today I simply went into the city to wander around for a bit. I overheard some people talking about the "Festival" yesterday so I'm like k cool, day planned lol. I got off at the main station and just wandered down towards the waterfront and sure enough - Festival! Turns out it's a big deal - like it only happens once every 3 years for 2 days kind of big deal. Basically the entire core is shut down with rides, food stalls, music stages, and games. There were also dragon ... read more
View down the canal/part of the festival
Ferris wheel in front of Fraumunster Church
Dragon boat

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