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Europe » Austria March 8th 2018

Ok - this blog will be a little different than usual since I'm literally travelling with 38 teenagers and 5 other teachers... not quite my usual solo trip lol. But that's ok! New adventures, and so far so good despite the sleep deprivation of Day 1. I have to say, it's a really fun vibe so far - it's a whole different atmosphere obviously than when you're at school, and it's nice to just chat and relax and experience the world with a great group of kiddos. (Now, I might have a different tune after 10 days with them haha, but hopefully not!) Wednesday/Thursday And so it begins! I have to say it was pretty tough to teach period 1 and not just dance around the school. It was super cute seeing the kids arrive though ... read more
National Library
National Library
Near the Library

Europe » Iceland January 4th 2018

And as the trip winds down (noooooo) I figured I wanted to try Blue Lagoon when it's frigid outside. Sure, it's great and comfy in the middle of summer, but I was curious (despite the stupid price) to see what it's like in winter. I don't like tourists traps and I generally do my best to avoid them unless I have a good deal... but this is the rare one that I keep going back to, price be damned, and it didn't disappoint. So, the water has silica, algae and an assortment of minerals in it - it's actually a weird milky white if you scoop a bit out in your hand, but it's the sun's reflection is what gives it the gorgeous colour in the lagoon. Since it has all the stuff in it, the ... read more
(Psst, I've kind of been loving my week, can you tell?)
The sunlight has been glorious for photos
Wading into the waters, surrounded by snow covered lava rocks

Europe » Iceland » South January 3rd 2018

Full day today! Time for the South Shore. The tour was cancelled yesterday because it was so windy in the south that they literally closed sections of the main highway - it's not that they get too much snow or anything, but they don't have lights on the roads (and honestly they don't really have barriers... they just have yellow sticks every 20ft or so), so if there's a snow drift you are screwed because there is nothing to guide you or even indicate you're still on a road rather than veering off into a lava field lol. We were ready to roll today though - we got the monster truck-bus :) I've seen them before in the summer, usually used for the glacier hikes and tours that are a bit more "adventure" based. Basically it's ... read more
These aren't tiny little baby waves

Europe » Iceland » Southwest January 2nd 2018

2 notes first: I added in photos for yesterday's post about the Golden Circle, if interested Nothing weird is happening to me on this trip...?? it feels so unlike me to not have weird travel moments. Ok nothing weird other than the 10-11 cashier guy talking to me about horror movies Ok so last night! The forecast weather-wise was in our favour, but the aurora forecast was pretty low... regardless they take you out with the idea that if you don't see them at all you can re-book. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to re-book because getting back at 1am is just too much 2 nights in a row lol. We actually bussed back to Thingvellir park (but a different area) and were essentially let loose in a giant parking lot lol. Literally just ... read more
Quick walk through Hafnarfjordur
Hafnarfjordur buddy

Europe » Iceland January 1st 2018

And I'm tired again lol. Fireworks went full blast until 2am and I had to get up at 7am, but that's the price you pay at New Year's :) Golden Circle day today - I wanted to see what it's all like with snow and ice. Super worth it. The first stop has changed since last time I took the tour - we stopped at a greenhouse that grows tomatoes. Weird thing is it used to stop at a different greenhouse haha. I mean, greenhouses make sense with the climate they have here. I liked this one because they also breed Icelandic horses so I got to see the little darlings. They are the cutest, fluffiest horses ever. Next was the hot spots - Strokkur (a geysir) and friends. I didn't really know what to expect ... read more
Strokkur erupting in the background
Strokkur inbetween eruptions

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 31st 2017

Let's start by saying I slept from 8:30pm-12:15am, took a little break from sleeping, then 1am-10am. I think I'm well caught up from the other night now lol. I decided to bus into town and save the 40 minute walk once I did set out - good thing too I guess, it was colder today. I started at Tjornin - it's a little lake in the middle of the city that is overrun (in a picturesque way) by geese, ducks and swans during the summer. I was curious what it would look like now. Well, I guess unsurprisingly the lake is frozen - it was weird taking pictures because it was around 11:30am and there was the "sunrise" behind me. It was fun people watching for a bit - a lot of little kids playing hockey, ... read more
All them swans

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 30th 2017

Surprise! I'm in Iceland! Not surprised? Yeah, ok I guess not much of a surprise... although it's my first time during winter, so this will be new. I flew WOW for the first time - it was clean, it was as comfortable as any other carriers (except be aware there are no TVs/movies so bring your own entertainment!). I like the quirks they offer - everything is purple and everything has little sayings on it. (Ex: my headrest said "Hi! I'm your seat!" ; the drink cart said: "They see me rolling...") I had no problems, but we sat on the tarmac FOREVER in MTL, so a lot of people around me were pretty freaked out about making connections. I'm going to wager they all made their connections, but that their bags did not. Literally the ... read more
Starting my way down the path (facing away from Reykjavik)
Snow caps
Sun Voyager

Europe August 3rd 2017

Day 28 - Cologne Not much to say today - I went to the Old City, did some shopping, walked along the Rhine. I went up the Triangle Tower for a nice view of the city as well. I also walked along the Hohenzollem Bridge back to the Cathedral/Hauptbahnhof. Holy... their love-lock bridge puts all other love-lock bridges to shame. It is COVERED end to end. It was really fun to look at all the graffiti (no pain in the ass quality, but I few nice comments... mixed in with a lot of One Direction comments lol, bless) It was also sweet seeing couple adding their locks - or at least trying to find a spot to add them. I also saw a couple trying to find their lock from 10 years ago. Aw. Day 29 ... read more
View from the Triangle Tower
View from the Triangle Tower
Lock bridge - now that is what I'm talking about

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 1st 2017

It was a rainy day today, so museum time it was. I went to the "NS Documentation Centre" - basically the Nazi Museum for Cologne. It's housed in the former Gestapo building and prison which certainly adds to the authentic feel and creepiness of the place. It was a truly impressive museum though - right up there with the very best Nazi/WWII museums I've been to. You start in the basement which is where the prison was - they've preserved the etchings on the walls which I found really fascinating. I guess prisoners were allowed to write/scratch things, and so you're left with this beautiful mixture of poems and musings about liberty, hope, resistence, love. You're also left with harsh words against the Gestapo and the Nazis, against fear, against inhumanity. And there are also many ... read more
One of the cells
Examples and translations of the etchings
I really liked this one

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne July 31st 2017

Major props to Clarion Frankfurt - when I checked out I got a very heart happy birthday from the staff at the desk. Again, the area might be super dodgy but the hotel itself I can't recommend enough. The same, sadly, is not the case for Flixbus. If you're in a rush or have a lot of baggage, save yourself the potential hassle. Please. Bus was 50 min late today. I heard "5 more minutes" 4x from the employee at the station. Funny, I heard that a lot in Nuremberg too when the bus was 70 min late. I was giving it 10 more minutes before I was going to march into the ticket stand, cancel my ticket, walk back to the train station and pay the 40 euro to take a train to Cologne instead. ... read more
Looking up, way up
Up above one of the doors
Statues above the main entrance

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