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July 4th 2019
Published: July 5th 2019
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Yesterday was a bit of a travel adventure. I'll explain at the bottom - but first today! Today I went full guns a blazin' - Rhine Falls and Uetliberg mountain.

Rhine Falls are continental Europe's largest... I'll admit the pictures beforehand made them look dinky, but even though they are short they are POWERFUL. I will forever love the roar of a good waterfall - it's so soothing yet mighty. The mist didn't hurt either, with this heat. The viewing platform pretty much puts you inside the fall, you're that close. It's amazing. I listened and just soaked it all in for about an hour before a giant gaggle of tourists showed up and the vibe died lol.

Back to the city I go. I've quickly learned the chocolate shops in the touristy areas often give free samples... so... that was fun. For lunch, one of the grocery chains has a department store downtown with a flat price buffet - as much as you can fit on a plate. Challenge accepted. I loaded that baby up full of everything, before grabbing some super fresh raspberries (yum) to go and headed off to Uetliberg, a small mountain on the outskirts of town.

The SBahn takes you up the mountain itself (bless), however this particular line doesn't seem to have AC which is highly unfortunate lol. I hiked around the top for a bit but didn't do the full hike that I'd planned - originally I was going to do the 2hr walk to this other peak (it's pretty flat between the two, so it's not a hard hike, just long) and they call it the "Planet Trail" - they have model planets and all these info signs, and it's spaced out so that 1m = 1 million km. However, between the heat (wah) and the fact I'm just tired from travelling yesterday. I only went about 20min~ before turning back. I did get a lovely view over the valley, Zurich and the lake.

I'm now laughing at the forecast for tomorrow because it's the *ONE DAY* I had prebooked a ticket for the train (to go to Liechtenstein) and the weather forecast says: "A drenching t-storm in the PM; storms can bring flooding downpours, large hail and damaging winds." Alright then... good thing I'm going early in the morning - hopefully I beat it back!

Ok so yesterday I got switched to an exit row for the flight to Reykjavik - hello more than double the legroom! Perfect way to start a trip!

Icelandair was uncharacteristically almost an hour behind scheduled departure. Not a problem though since I had a 6hr layover lol. I spent my layover people watching and eating Skyr... my dream-time spent at an airport tbh. Omg. And then some American family started asking me about Skyr and it is embarrassing how happy that made me. I'm going to blame the lack of sleep on that one lol.

Flight to Zurich was same old. I used both flights to finally start watching "The Crown" and am glad it's living up to the hype. I did manage to sleep for an hour or two... so... that's something.

Arriving in Zurich I strolled on down to catch the S16, all proud that I knew what to take without looking at the massive board. I even knew what platform! ... then like 5min after it didn't come I realized "Ausfall" meant cancelled lol. And then next one was also "ausfall"ed. Bother. There was some other regional train too that I knew I could take, but one guess if it was coming 😉 Instead of waiting almost an hour for another S16 I'm like screw it, I'll go to the main station - I had 3 trains I could take from there. While waiting, this old lady comes up to me all happy and saying hello as if I knew her.


I'm not exactly up for random chit chat on the best of days - I've been travelling almost 24 hrs, I'm wearing earbuds, it's 30+ degrees out and I have my giant backpack... but none of that deterred her LOL.

She's Swiss/Canadian citizenship, currently living here. My carry-on suitcase says "CANADA" so she figured a fellow Canadian would be up for a chat. I got a lifetime story, a total rundown on everything she misses about Canada, she wanted to hear all about teaching, she told me all about the suburb I'm staying in (and where to get groceries lol) and decided we were sittingtogether on the train. I couldn't resist her cute old lady charm lol. As a parting gift, she gave me her number (aw) and a GIANT container of cherries. Adorable intro to Switzerland!

And the Air BnB is cute. I have my own room in an apartment but my hosts weren't there last night (or this morning for that matter). Cute, but no AC... or fan... so I'm glad I brought a portable fan haha. Even at night it's still quite toasty here with the remnants of their heatwave. Hosts weren't home last night and still haven't seen them today so... I'm good with that - place to myself lol.

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