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January 2nd 2019
Published: January 2nd 2019
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Sloppy mess out there today..! Early flight out of Akureyri - it was a balmy 7C at 7am... that's one way to get rid of all their snow!

Flight was quick and smooth. I really like Air Iceland - they have fun little quirks, much like everything else in Iceland I guess. For example, in each seat pocket is a book for you to write your "North Adventure" and see what others have done on their visit too. Anyway, once in Reykjavik I dropped my stuff off at the hostel and continued on my way. It was raining in Reykjavik, which puts a slight damper on the plan to explore. Nevertheless I ventured out towards the city centre and roamed about for a few hours. I went to Tjornin to watch some of the ducks and swans - there wasn't anyone out feeding them, so they were quite spread out. There were, however, a lot of pigeons in one spot. And there was a cat who noticed this flock of pigeons. He went on full stalk/hunt mode and got quite close, but was not successful lol. Probably a good thing.

I went down towards the harbour, grabbed an Icelandic hot dog (the onions and the sauces, yum) for lunch and roamed around there for a bit. Saerta Svinid (nice little gastropub) has a pig outside, and it was dressed up in a Santa outfit for Christmas which was fantastic. I also found the Christmas cat here in Reykjavik - it's certainly more catlike than the one in Akureyri lol. I think I prefer the more abstract one though. I also had a good laugh at this elf/troll projection video thing they had going on at Hlemmur Square, on one of the walls. It was two cartoons just doing dumb stuff to each other, like farting in their faces, kicking their bums, etc. What a city.

For supper I went to my fav - Svarta Kaffid - and they didn't disappoint, they never do. This time the choice was tomato or reindeer soup - they always have a veggie option and a meat option. I opted for the reindeer, sorry Rudolph. I've had reindeer before (in Norway) and I have to say it's quite nice lol. From there I went over to their book store chain and grabbed a hot chocolate and some cake for dessert while I people watched for a bit. I love sitting at the window, especially considering this place is right on the main shopping street.

I fly out tomorrow, so this is the last entry for this trip - short and sweet. I'll be back in March - school trip again to Europe once more. See you then!

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3rd January 2019

Happy New Year, Julie. Entertaining and informative as usual. Glad you had a good trip. See you in March.
6th January 2019

Thanks Joan - happy New Year to you and the family as well :)

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