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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 11th 2019

It was overcast today, so no mountain views to be found. I decided to go to the "Swiss Museum of Transportation" which is a museum and more. I only skimmed the actual museum and I still spent over 6hrs here... it's massive! The museum itself is split into 4 parts: train/rail, car, boat and aviation/space. (The aviation was by far my favourite part!) There's also an IMAX screen, a planetarium and the "Swiss Chocolate Adventure" lol. I think I started backwards which worked in my favour because I was pretty much alone in the aviation part for almost an hour lol. Kind of perfect because I made good use of the freedom and did all the simulations haha. This has to be the most hands-on and simulation-filled museum I've ever been to - it's amazing! Quick ... read more
Helicopter simulation
Rescue helicopter
The giant cube for the space simulation

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 10th 2019

I had to pick one mountain to do near Lucerne (weather is supposed to be too overcast tomorrow, so no views), so since I have the "1/2 fare pass" and since I was excited for the cogwheel, I headed off to Mt Pilatus which looms not far over Lucerne. Tickets were a bit of a shit show. I woke up early to take the first cogwheel up the mountain. I already had my ticket, but then when you arrive in Alpnachstad you need to exchange your ticket for one with a scan code... if you go later in the day they have a separate line for this, but since it was just opening, I was stuck in line with people buying tickets and asking questions. I missed the first ride, sigh. 40min later, I was finally ... read more
Lake on the way up
Hi cows!
View from the summit

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 9th 2019

Ok trying to repack my bag last night was an adventure haha... that doesn't bode well. But it closed - that's what matters! Anyway, train ride to Lucerne, as per usual, was beautiful - it went along Lake Zurich for a bit, then Lake Zug. So many lakes. Fun fact, I find it fantastic that "see" is "lake" in German. Another fun thing about the train? The graffiti! You're going too fast for pictures, but you still see them all thru the tunnels and stations. Arriving in Lucerne, I didn't feel like venturing to the hostel and hunting for someone (since the office is closed 11am-4pm), so I left my bags at the train station and wandered around town. Ok I love it here. Like proper LOVE it. Lucerne is legit gorgeous. Flowers everywhere, beautiful buildings ... read more
Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge
Swan before the attack lol

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich July 8th 2019

I took a different way into the city today - go figure there was some demonstration so my tram was detoured and of course all the announcements were only in German. I followed my GPS dot on Google Maps and hoped for the best lol. Thankfully the detour ended two stops before my stop. I love taking trams, btw. It gives you a more intimate view of the city - little neighborhoods, people getting their groceries, kids dribbling ice cream everywhere, all that good stuff lol. Anyway, I ventured out on my boat cruise today - stifling hot in the sun, so it was gorgeous on the water and the breeze did absolute wonders. I made sure to sit in the shade - it's the first time I've been chilly all week! I was so content ... read more
Lake Zurich
Lake Zurich
Lake Zurich

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich July 7th 2019

You know what's a weird little travel thing I love? Sitting on the train platform when the high speed trains go by - I love the gust of wind, I love the sound (whistle mixed with a slight clickity-clack). Anyway, short one today. I didn't "plan" today I simply went into the city to wander around for a bit. I overheard some people talking about the "Festival" yesterday so I'm like k cool, day planned lol. I got off at the main station and just wandered down towards the waterfront and sure enough - Festival! Turns out it's a big deal - like it only happens once every 3 years for 2 days kind of big deal. Basically the entire core is shut down with rides, food stalls, music stages, and games. There were also dragon ... read more
View down the canal/part of the festival
Ferris wheel in front of Fraumunster Church
Dragon boat

Europe » Liechtenstein July 6th 2019

Liechtenstein! Ok I had to go, it's too much fun to say and when else would I pop over? It's only about 90min from Zurich - the train ride is gorgeous, bringing you along Lake Zurich (which isn't that vibrant, but it's more the towns and just seeing how everything is built up on the banks) and along Lake Walen (which is the classic vibrant turquoise). Lots of people out paddleboarding and kayaking today! It was super hot again (mid 30s)... this evening though it was supposed to pour rain, so hopefully the humidity will break. Anyway! Train brings you to Sargans where you then switch to a city bus. I took it to Vaduz, but then transferred to go up to Rizlina where I had my first proper "wow" moment of this trip looking at ... read more
View from Rizlina
Hi from Rizlina
Overlooking Triesenberg

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich July 4th 2019

Yesterday was a bit of a travel adventure. I'll explain at the bottom - but first today! Today I went full guns a blazin' - Rhine Falls and Uetliberg mountain. Rhine Falls are continental Europe's largest... I'll admit the pictures beforehand made them look dinky, but even though they are short they are POWERFUL. I will forever love the roar of a good waterfall - it's so soothing yet mighty. The mist didn't hurt either, with this heat. The viewing platform pretty much puts you inside the fall, you're that close. It's amazing. I listened and just soaked it all in for about an hour before a giant gaggle of tourists showed up and the vibe died lol. Back to the city I go. I've quickly learned the chocolate shops in the touristy areas often give ... read more
Rainbow at Rhine
Rhine Falls
Rhine Falls

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 9th 2019

Here comes another March Break - here comes another travel escapade with the kiddos. It's a smaller group this year, only 20 which is nice. And they are a super sweet group. They were funny to watch at the airport - we got there super early so some played cards, some were playing this super weird game on their phone - we were cry-laughing it was such a dumb game. They really are a lovely bunch. They are not a well traveled group (for the most part) which is exciting because they take such joy in the little things that you tend to overlook when you travel a lot. For example, it was so cute watching them just before takeoff - a bunch of the girls were waving goodbye to someone down on the tarmac. Adorable. ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík January 2nd 2019

Sloppy mess out there today..! Early flight out of Akureyri - it was a balmy 7C at 7am... that's one way to get rid of all their snow! Flight was quick and smooth. I really like Air Iceland - they have fun little quirks, much like everything else in Iceland I guess. For example, in each seat pocket is a book for you to write your "North Adventure" and see what others have done on their visit too. Anyway, once in Reykjavik I dropped my stuff off at the hostel and continued on my way. It was raining in Reykjavik, which puts a slight damper on the plan to explore. Nevertheless I ventured out towards the city centre and roamed about for a few hours. I went to Tjornin to watch some of the ducks and ... read more
Yule Cat
Yule Cat
He looks even more sad surrounded by Christmas decorations

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri January 1st 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Ok. So. Last night was fabulous. The walk up to the bonfire was way better than anticipated - the sidewalk, thankfully, was cleared most of the way. Clearly priorities were in check haha. About 20min into the walk I ended up being adopted into an Icelandic family lol. I don't know if people feel bad I'm alone or if I look lost half the time, but I find that I'm often adopted by groups haha. Fine by me! We cut through this park and there we were - not that you could miss it - the glow can be seen from quite far away! It was smaller than the one in Reykjavik last year, but I much preferred this one because you could tell it was local and not just a show. ... read more
Akureyri waterfront
Hello bonfire!

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