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We had our last Baleada at Mayra's this morning. Geoff thinks it was the best one yet. They're always so good. After packing up we headed to the Captain Morgan's dock & enjoyed the morning breeze. Barry, whose family owns the two Cays, picked us up in his boat around 10 am. We stopped by his dads house on our way out. He & his dad & their spouses live on the end of Pigeon Cay, which is attached to Jewel Cay by a bridge. His dad has set up an in ocean aquarium. It's pretty neat but some of the fish in there were looking a little too big for their pen. I kind of wanted to help them escape. After meeting the family, we headed to Little Cay where we will spend 2 nights. ... read more
Think we brought enough food for two days?
About to snorkel around the cay.
Geoff starting the BBQ for our fish.

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila February 28th 2011

I'm sitting out on our little deck this morning in front of our room listening to the school kids playing stick ball one house over. I can hear the occassional wave crash & watch people walking down the path. Birds chirping. This place is really heavenly. Sipping on my coffee from Mayra's. Life couldn't get much better I don't think. After Geoff wakes up we are heading into Utila to get some money & food supplies for our Island adventure. We can only pull out $250 at a time here, which is 5,000 Lempiras. Sadly, they still get spent & we are almost out of money again. There's not an ATM on Jewel Cay so we're out of luck. We're going into Utila with Donald, who makes daily morning trips to Utila for the locals & ... read more
A list of dive sites near Utila
Painted wall map of Utila.
Huge Knife sitting in the aisle of the grocery store.

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila February 27th 2011

Our last dive day today. Well here around Utila anyway. Bittersweet. But we talked Mike & Liz into diving again this morning with us so we are super excited (we tempted them with talks of Whale Sharks, which we did not see, oh well, still fun). They somehow were placed on the list of divers without asking which worked out well because the boat filled up quickly last night. The usual morning, up early, coffee, baleadas at Mayra's (plus one para llevar (to go) for in between dive 1 & 2), set up equiptment, wait on dock. Nice mornings. Today we are diving at one of the sites we asked for because we had read it was a great site. It's called CJ's Dropoff. It really is a dropoff, wow. It's a wall dive & it ... read more
Geoff's daily weightlifting regimen.
On our way to CJ's Dropoff.
Us geared up

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila February 26th 2011

Up & at 'em early. Diving again this morning. Have to be ready on the dock by 730ish. Although we never leave until about 815-830. But that's ok. We're becoming very quick at assembling our gear. It's such good practice to have to put it all together every morning & switch tanks on the boat after the first dive. It helps the comfort level for sure. Although I wish I was a little stronger. The equiptment is heavy! Today we are fun diving only. We are now officially Advanced Open Water Divers! Woohoo!!! Today we are diving with Jason as our DM & our group is all AOW Divers, so he said we get to go deep on our first dive! Yippee! It's just us, M&L, & Kelly from Canada. Our first dive was at The ... read more
Our gear is ready to go.
Queen Triggerfish
Looking toward the surface

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila February 25th 2011

It is so peaceful & quiet here. I slept like a baby! Also helps to have a comfy mattress. :) The usual morning, up early, baleadas at Mayra's, set up gear, waited on dock. Loving it! My arms are sore from carrying tanks & weights & gear. Whew. It's a workout on land. Weightless underwater though! Today we started our morning with a longer than normal boat ride, about 25 minutes instead of 10-15. We headed to the Southeast side of Utila to dive the Halleburton Wreck Dive. We dove to 100ft & sat next to a huge freighter ship that was sunk off the shore of Utila. In the sand we did another game where we drank out of an apple juice can with a straw. On the boat Naja had gone over the steps ... read more
Branching Tube Sponge
Azure Vase Sponge
Coral Reef Panorama

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila February 24th 2011

I still managed to wake up at 6 even though we aren't diving again until this afternoon. Although we were in bed by 10 pm. The sun sets at 5:30 & it gets dark quickly. And after an afternoon of diving it's easy to sleep. We had breakfast at Mayra's restaurant. Baleadas of course. It's just tough to beat a delicious breakfast for 75 cents. I want to learn how to make homemade flour tortillas. The morning we spent lounging on the dock, emailing, reading. Another stress free day in paradise. We got our dive equiptment together again & waited for our boat to arrive. Today we headed to Spotted Bay Dive site & our worked on our "peak performance buoyancy." This was so fun! We dove down to a sandy bottom & each swam through ... read more
The menu @ Mayra's
Kassandra decided to have
Our instructor Naja

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila February 23rd 2011

Up at the crack of dawn to start our diving adventure!! Sooo excited! Especially to leave the Bavaria. Adios! We packed up & headed out. Of course we bought a Baleada for breakfast from a woman on the street with her makeshift stand. It's what people do for breakfast & I love it. We arrived at the shop & waited for it to open. Once Naja, our dive instructor showed up, we found out that we actually won't dive until the afternoon. But we are still heading over to Jewel Cay this morning. We got on the boat & headed west. Jewel Cay is on the southwest end of Utila. It's so beautiful out here. The water is so many wonderful shades of blue & so clear. Thankfully today there aren't any clouds, although it is ... read more
The dock at Captain Morgan's
Preparing our equiptment for the dive.
Diamond Cay from the dock.

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Bay Islands » Utila February 22nd 2011

This morning we got up & walked into town to buy a cooler for the rest of our trip. We've been lugging around food & drinks & have talked about a better way to carry things. So, we found ourselves a nice little Coleman (Geoff named him Gary) & we are set. Of course, we had to stop at the Baleada stand & get one for breakfast. Sooo yummy! I am hooked. Back at the hotel we made a plan with everyone else about our travel day. Peter shared his fav breakfast of Club Social crackers with peanut butter & bananas. Pretty tasty. We all packed up & headed into town to catch a cab to the highway for our bus to La Ceiba. After wheeling & dealing a bit, & turning the first cab driver ... read more
Passing the hours at
Our ferry to Utila.

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Tela February 21st 2011

We woke up to a beautiful, clear, sunny, blue sky day!! Yippee!! We rounded up Peter & headed to Garifuna Tours to go see Punta Sal. We ran into Mike & Liz ordering food & they were heading to the shop too. I had my new favorite breakfast this morning. Baleadas (not sure of spelling). They took flour tortilla dough, hand patted the tortilla, cooked it in front of me & filled it with beans, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, seasoned chicken & a huge slice of avocado. All for the price of $1. I plan to live off these for the rest of my time in Honduras. So good. At the tour office, we were told the tour was sold out. First the girl who worked there they would get another boat if one more person ... read more
Bright blue Lizard.
That crab couldn't hide from us.
About to begin our hike

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Northern » Tela February 20th 2011

Oh the Honchos (roosters for those of you who haven't been following along). They never stop their doodling. Sadly, it's a little bit overcast & drizzly this morning. We are really looking forward to the sun. It's been awhile it seems. Breakfast on the restaurant deck overlooking the bay was really nice though. Working on our plans for the Bay Islands. Where to stay, where to dive, how to get there, etc, etc. It's so fun to plan the next steps. We don't usually have to plan this much but with the diving & the fact that the Islands are the most touristy place we will have been in Honduras, we have to actually make reservations! What an unusual concept. After breakfast we headed into town & walked along the beach. The beach goes on forever ... read more
Local women with buckets
Mr. Taco

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