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Up before the roosters & the sun today (5am!). The sky is clear & the stars are out in abundance. We waited in front of our hostal with Micros & watched numerous mini-buses drive by us. One finally stopped, asked for our ticket, handed it back to me & pointed behind him & drove away. I guess he wasn't our driver. Eventually our driver showed up. Jorge drove us to Tikal & we slowly watched the sky change color from black & starry to grey & brighter. The drive was beautiful a 2 lane road of dense jungle. We arrived at the gate to Tikal at 6am & waited for them to allow us through. Once we arrived to the parking lot (after 2 checkpoints where Jorge had to show a piece of paper to a ... read more
Sunrise from Temple IV
View from Temple IV
Temple V

Up with the sun & the birds. At least it didn't rain on us last night! Woo hoo! & the stars were incredible of course. Out here in the boonies. We've decided to leave today no matter what the weather has in store. Time to get to Guatemala & I'm afraid of getting stuck here like our European friends. (not really, but I am starting to feel a bit old with all these early 20 somethings in abundance). After a nice dip/bath in the river we had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs & toast with the amazing Mennonite butter (I wish that traveled well so I could keep it with me at all times) & some Marie Sharps jelly. We arranged for our ride to SI so we could catch a bus to the border. ... read more
First Mini Bus ride
View of Lake Peten Itza
First dinner in Guatemala

Up with the sun again. It rained allllll night. I would wake up ocassionally & listen for awhile to decipher whether I was hearing rain or the river or both. It was a fun game that helped me fall right back asleep again. I also woke up to the smell of coffee brewing from below the loft. My favorite morning treat! Non travel days I enjoy multiple cups of coffee. Yumm! It smells so good here in general. The plant life is so green & it smells fresh. Especially after the rain. Everything also looks greener & more vibrant after each rain. Smiling plants. They made us a yummers breakfast of banana pancakes & scrambled eggs. The dairy all comes from the Menonites & I could probably just eat the butter with a spoon. They also ... read more
The Cave Entrance
In the Cave

Up early today. Our plan was to be on the 6am bus but we passed out without setting an alarm. Thankfully the roosters & birds always wake up with the sun & we woke up at 6. So we caught the 7am bus out of Placencia heading to Dangriga. It was a beautiful sunny morning & tough to leave... Onto the bus, it was a shorter version than the usual buses & was quite crowded by the time we went through the local villages. It also had no overhead storage so all the backpacks, boxes & bags were stacked on top of one another on the spare tire in the back, next to the emergency exit. Everyone uses the bus. After spending most of the day on the bus (5 in total) I realized there are ... read more
Marie Sharp's Factory
Bus to Dangriga

I woke up with the sun & woke Geoff up to go watch the sunrise. First one we've gotten up for yet. It is warm already & clear blue skies with a few clouds on the eastern horizon. The bay is so completely flat it sorta looks like an ice rink but warm...Walked for some coffee, since we decided we're staying today to rent kayaks & trek around the cove in the calm water. Off tomorrow though, inland, into the jungle & toward Guatemala & all the bugs! woohoo. I LOVE bugs. Got coffee, got offered weed for like the 146th time and played on some teeter totters in a park. They are soo much fun. I think I want one in my yard. We just finished a delicious egg, butt bacon (that's what the package ... read more
The Beach
The Beach
Butt Bacon

Today we decided to get up at the crack of dawn & attempt our own self guided tour to Red Bank where supposedly there is a large concentration of Scarlet Macaws. The local tour groups wanted $120 US for a half day trip, too much$$$. So we caught the 6 am bus out of town & began our adventure. We had to transfer busses at the junction on the highway & then we were dropped off at the end of the dirt road that led to Red Bank Village. We were told it was a 4 mile walk down the road to the village. We started our walk....& hoped that someone would drive by & we could hitch a ride. Didn't happen. So we walked. The terrain in the area reminded us of Eastern WA & ... read more
The Hike

Woke up to another beautiful warm rainy day (everywhere we go, it rains & the locals say "it hasn't rained in so long, but there we are in the rain almost daily). I walked down to De Tatch restaurant & got a cup of coffee & they had cocoa so I added that. Best cup of coffee! We bought some groceries at the local market & made breakfast at home. I had a delicious egg white sandwich on The Bakerman's bread with some cheese & lime flavored mayo & a little coleslaw. Walked around town & checked out some little shops & went back to Lydia's to read & wait out the rain. Finally in the early afternoon the clouds parted & the sun came out & it was HOT! Yippee!! We went promptly to the ... read more
To the Beach

This morning I woke with the sun, Geoff slept, I read. Then the most beautiful drumming started from the church next door. It sounded incredible. The service started at 7 & ended around 830 & it seems that most of it was spent drumming & singing. I went outside & checked it out but felt bad going in late so I just listened from outside. They were singing hymnals but to the rhythm of the drum alone. (Later we saw King & I told him about the music & he told me he made the drum for the church, it's a garifuna style drum). Awesome! It was still pouring down rain. I drug Geoff out of bed & we had breakfast downstairs. I had two cups of coffee (which was a mistake as I learned later, ... read more
Catching the Bus
Bus to Placencia
So Fitting.

Today we got up without the alarm but still woke up early. I always wake up with the sun. Once it hits our windows I can't sleep anymore. I went out to get some coffee & snacks & fully slipped in the mud flat onto my knee. Ouch. I was standing at the counter waiting for my coffee & let out a big sigh. The man next to me said, why the big sigh? I showed him my bloody knee & said, because I just fell down. Phew, glad I didn't get caught sighing for no good reason. He told me to go wash it off in the ocean & I'd be ok. So, that's what I did & so far he was right. ;) We packed up & waited for our water taxi to Belize ... read more
Plane trip

Today we awoke with the roosters again. Didn't get a sandwich from amor y cafe since we were moving a bit slow this morning. I felt like I could sleep another 5 hours at least. Still tired from yesterday. We got to the shop & today our dive masters were seriously on a roll & ready to roll as compared with the go slow crew from yesterday. We were with George, Eli & Willem today. The group of divers was all young, which made for a completely different feel on the boat & everyone was pretty experienced divers too. We had a few slices of bread & some cheese & called it a breakfast. Yum. The water was smooth as glass today. I slept almost the whole way out to the Blue hole which is about ... read more
The Blue Hole
Just dove The Blue Hole

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