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We headed out this morning without a shower. I still feel clean from the multiple showers a day at PBR. Plus, shared showers are not my fav. We went on the search for Baleadas. Since today is our last day in Honduras & we've been told there aren't any in Nicaragua we have made that a priority. We sat in a little Comedor & had coffee (cup with saucer, love it!) & a baleada. Not as good as Mayra's on Jewel Cay but I can't imagine any will ever hold up to hers. Then we began our search for a cigar factory. Danli is supposedly the town in Honduras known for cigars. However, after asking different people & being pointed in different directions & getting several looks like they had no idea what a cigar was, ... read more
WA apples on the streets of Danli, Honduras?
Iglesia in Parque Central
Los Indios Cigar Factory

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Central » DanlĂ­ March 10th 2011

I didn't pack a thing last night. I wanted to just relax & pretend we didn't have to leave. So, we had to get up at the crack of dawn to pack today in order to be out on our 7am boat. We got it all together & still made time for one last hot shower. Must take advantage of the luxuries when you have them. We sat in the restaurant with Mike & Will & had some coffee & fruit. They tried to talk us into staying another day. ;) Would love to but we must get moving. Everyone walked us out to the dock & hugged us goodbye. It was like leaving family. Then off to La Ceiba in our little boat. After the 1.5 hour boat ride where the wind was blowing directly ... read more
Last look back at Cayos Cochinos.
Looking towards La Ceiba.
On the bus.

Our last day here. I was up with the sun. I want to enjoy every last second we have here. For our last dive day the guys have chosen one of their favorite dives for our morning dive, Ceto's Daughter. It was great of course. The visibility was not as great because of the wind last night but we saw a Spotted Eagle Ray & a Leopard Flatworm & another baby!!! A baby Smooth Trunkfish! We are on baby patrol here in Cayos Cochinos. Got this one on video too. Yippeee!!! Back home & we were dropped off for our Dorkel in the House Reef. The PTs (damn Pelagic Tunicates) were working overtime today, but they didn't ruin our fun! We saw a huge Grouper that tried to scare us off by opening his mouth & ... read more
A Comb Jellyfish.
Queen Angelfish.

Still flying high from the night dive. Loved everything about it! We slept like absolute babies last night. Sooo tired from 4 dives in one day. Whew. It's really a workout. Mike said that supposedly you burn 2000 calories on an average 45 minute dive. Maybe that's why I need to eat so much of the delicious food they're serving here..... Just us gang 'o silly kids at breakfast. It's so much fun. Mike was telling us how there are groups who come & rent the entire resort out so they can have it all to themselves. We just lucked into it & are enjoying every second of it. Lucky us! (It's kinda like our bus luck. We have the best bus luck. Almost without fail we will arrive at the bus station or transfer station ... read more
A photo of us on the dock...
Beverages between dives.
The dock

Another beautiful, clear, sunny Caribbean day. Can't complain about a thing. Also, another delicious breakfast, homemade muffins with cinnamon, yum, & delicious fresh squeezed juice. And always good company. Our first dive this morning was Keper's Bluff. It is the most perfect conditions today. The sea is so calm that Rio was saying it was 1 inch swells. It was perfect & beautiful. As usual, we saw a handful of fish that we had never seen before. The reef here is just so alive & so stunningly beautiful. I guess that's why we're still here. We were going to leave this morning but Rio cut us a deal & it wasn't too hard to talk us into staying. We have decided to stay here & skip Roatan. I think it's worth it. The reef can't be ... read more
Enjoying the surface interval between our first and second dives.
Rio & his parasol.
Returing to Plantation Beach Resort after our morning dives.

No headache this morning. Thank goodness. That would have sucked. But to be safe I still took an Excedrin & had a second one on standby. I do not have time for headaches right now. : )) Another delicious breakfast. I can't get over how perfect the fruit is in the Caribbean. Nothing like it. We talked about our dive plan for the morning & discussed all the things I hope to see. It's a fun game to try wish for what you may see out in the ocean. I enjoy it. This mornings dive is at "The Hospital." When I asked why it was called that (as I ask why every dive site has its name, I just like to know) Will said, because we're going to tie a line to you, the nurse, & ... read more
A view of the resort on our return from diving.
The pathway from our patio.
The dock from our patio.

It is so peaceful here. Listening to the waves break at the shore from our room is really really nice. Breakfast was delicious: scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, beans, tortillas, good coffee. They make everything here from scratch. The bread, the juice, yummy! It's fun to sit at a big table with everyone too. It definitely creates conversation & makes it fun. This morning we waited for one of their boats to arrive from La Ceiba carrying their Dive Master & Instructor. They arrived & we got out on the boat to dive with them. Their names are Mike & Will & they are both British & super fun. Our dive this morning was at "Lionshead." It was beautiful. It is amazing what a difference it makes to dive in an area that is protected. It is ... read more
On our way to dive Lionshead.
Map of the island.
The pathway up to our room.

We had to set an alarm for 5:30 this morning. But for some reason I decided to wake up wide awake at 4:30. Whatever. Quick pack & walk to the ferry. The ferry line was pretty long & I'm really not judging, it just seems to be fact, that when the locals are involved in a transaction with one another it takes 15 times as long as when it's with a tourist. The line sped through once this lady and her kids were done. It's weird because it's not usually that they are chit chatting or anything. I can't figure it out. But, we have learned patience is the only virtue in this part of the world because time schedules are rarely adhered to in any way. Which is really ok because we generally don't have ... read more
Our boat to Cayos Cochinos.
The view from our room.
The lovely patio outside our room.

Up early to enjoy our last few hours on the island. Glad we did the recon mission last night because we had crap everywhere! Literally everywhere. Now it's at least all within 2-3 rooms of the house. We made a nice veggie omelet with some bacon on the side & toast. Tiki sat at the table again & asked for bacon. She got some of course. She's just too cute. Then began the pack up. It didn't take too long thankfully & we were able to sit & enjoy the beach & watch the ocean for a bit longer. While watching the ocean we saw a pod of dolphins in the distance jumping & playing in the water. So that was a nice bonus. There's an outside shower that has great water pressure & plus it's ... read more
Adios Captain Morgan's!
About to board boat #3 to dive!
Just finished diving Black Hills.

We woke up this morning with the sun of course, since we are outside. The cutest thing was waking up with Tiki sleeping at Geoff's feet. It makes me miss Eddie. So sweet. Sleeping outside was super fun but the dew of the morning was really wet. It seemed like it had rained a bit even though I know it didn't because I looked at the stars all night. Oh well, worth it for the view. This morning we made our first George Bowl's since home. Modifiied of course, but still pretty good. Then it was basically: well what do you want to do with your own island for the day? Pretty simple day really. Snorkel around the island, read, nap, play with Tiki, make grilled ham & cheese, make rum drinks, drink beer, journal, read, ... read more
Geoff & Tiki waking up....
 Caribbean George Bowls.
Morning shade session.

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