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Woke up this morning after a horrible night sleep. I am full fledged sick now & Geoff is beginning his recovery. Awesome! I guess it's better than us both being totally useless & sick at the same time. After I could pull it together we walked into town to find some food & a pharmacy. I'm self prescribing us both antibiotics so this doesn't get worse & last much longer. Plus I'm almost out of ibuprofen already. We didn't find an open pharmacy so we decided to find food. We ate at a little comedor in the town center. I had a plato tipico which is served all day long & can be any meal & consists of: eggs (however you like them), refried beans, fruit, cheese, fried plantains, & tortillas. I have eaten a lot ... read more
Our vessel.
Hoping for calm seas.
Hola Panajachel!

This morning we woke up & both feel crappy. Dangit! We're both dragging a bit & still trying to get some sightseeing done. Ugh. We ate a delicious homemade cinnamon roll & headed out to catch a boat to another little town on the lake called San Marcos. When we woke up this morning we noticed little white caps on the water. Since we've been here the lake has been competely flat & calm. Today, of course, we're heading out on the boat & it's the windiest day they've seen in some time. San Pedro is located in a little valley that is protected from the wind. When we got out of our little valley, the waves were huge! It was ocean-like. Unlike any lake waves I've ever experienced. A little nuts for the small fishing ... read more
After taking a few waves
San Marcos
They take great pride

Up at 6am today as usual. With a headache. Popped my usual pill mixture (ibuprofen, sudafed, sometimes omeprazole) & tried to sleep some more. I headed out & got us some breakfast. Geoff sounds terrible. Poor thing. Sat out on the deck & ate our delicious breakfast with yummy coffee. A chocolate Americano. MMMM! For 90cents. Perfect price. It's a beautiful clear blue sky day. We're going to walk around a bit & find a place on the lake to lay in the sun & be lazy today. My throat is a little scratchy so now I'm nervous. There's a karaoke bar (we assume) right near us. We heard singing all afternoon yesterday. It's only 9am & they are already at it. It is cracking us up. The music & singing are terrible & the sound ... read more
Mayan daily life.
Walking down the street

This morning we made delicious breakfast sandwiches & headed out to find the McDonald's in town. We'd been told that it was the most beautiful McDonald's you'll ever see by this British couple in Lanquin. We found it quickly, after I asked for directions to it. It's true. The most fancy McD's we'd ever seen. First of all, it was huge, probably 3 or 4 times the size of your typical Ron's. There was the usual counter & seating arrangement. Plus a McCafe set up like a Starbucks off to one side. A McInternet with a handful of computers for the patrons to use. A huge play area & seating area for kids. Also a gorgeous courtyard with a couple of fountains & more seating (with cast iron tables & chairs). The view from the courtyard ... read more
Our first view
Not sure that guard rail

I woke up with the sun this morning. Surprise surprise. I decided to go out & take some photos of the streets of Antigua while everyone was still in bed, I hoped! Geoff decided to stay in bed. Another surprise. ;) I'm so glad I did though. The streets were relatively empty & the sun was just coming up over the mountains. It was stunning. The only people out were locals heading to work & a few other tourists with the same idea as me. I snapped a bunch of photos, all the while keeping my guard up. It seems like everyone takes a gander at your purse or bag. Or maybe I'm being overly paranoid. Tough to tell. It was nice to be out before all the cars/buses/tuk tuks/motorcycles/ & people were out ruining the ... read more
...and the volcanos too!
Not all of us
Best French Toast

This morning we are up early (5am) & have decided a new rule. No rum drinks the night before a travel day! Ouch. We packed last night (see rule #5) & were out the door before the sunrise to meet our shuttle to Antigua. We decided to spend the extra dough to take a tourist shuttle & avoid the sardine-fest of the chicken buses. This way we go direct,no stops & no changing buses. We would have had to take 3 different buses to Antigua & it already takes 7 hours to go directly. Not up for that. I'll pay $6 more, yes please! In typical Guatemalan fashion, while we tourists were all ready to go & waiting a few minutes early for our shuttle, the shuttle driver showed up right at 6 & was totally ... read more
Our favorite travel snack...
Our first Guatemalan volcano...
Guatemala City

In the middle of the night last night was our first semi-scary experience. We had our ear plugs in because 80's fest lasted really late. I woke up because I thought I heard something. As I woke up I heard what sounded like the end of a knock on our door. I just sat there, scared! Then I saw a guy walk by our window (thank goodness there was a porch light on) & I'm not sure if he went into the loft above our room or away entirely. At this point, I wake Geoff up & we have a whisper fest. He sits there for a minute, doesn't hear anything, & falls back asleep. I, on the other hand, was completely paranoid & remembering every terrible story I've ever heard about things that go bad ... read more
The whole gang

Woke up to a beautiful morning & a beautiful setting. We are nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by green mountains & sitting right next to a rushing river. There was a bit of fog this morning but it lifted & has been a sunny, warm day. After doing another thorough sweep of the floor for scorpions, I was able to get out of bed. Won't step down without looking now, that is for sure. We enjoyed breakfast here at our hotel. The restaurant is set right on the river. It definitely caters to the tourists. Not only is the menu on a chalkboard, all in English, the prices are about 2x as much as town. However, our huge breakfast with 2 coffees cost us $8. (Our dinner last night with 2 beers was a little ... read more
In our room
View from our room
The Conch Sink

Slept in a bit today. Finished up the pics. Ate a couple of tacos in flour tortillas, which was different & goodbye Flores, with lighter backpacks after our expensive & heavy package was sent (primarily due to the conch shell Geoff found in Mexico on the beach). Tuk tuk'd to Santa Ilena & got to the bus station. Again, herded by 3-5 guys surrounding out tuk tuk. Geoff said, "guys let us at least get out, give us a minute." They backed up about 1/2 inch so that was nice. We were herded into the oficina where we were told it would cost us 300 Quetzal to get to the city of Coban & that bus didn't leave for 2 hours & wouldn't get us to Lanquin which is where we'd like to end up tonight ... read more
Crossing the river to Sayaxche
The boat

I feel like saying Happy New Year! I don't know why. Happy almost new month! This morning we got up & had salty eggs & the most delicious drink. They're called Licuados here & they blend fresh fruit with either water or milk & serve. Yummmm! I had a Papaya Licuado this morning with water. MMMMM! Mircos came to gather us up calling to us "hey gringos." :) That's us! We gathered our things & headed for the road to catch our mini bus. After walking in the hot hot sun for about 25 minutes a bus arrived & picked us up. We paid our $1.50 each for the hour bus ride into Santa Ilena, the town just next to Flores. The ride was fairly uneventful & we were just grateful that the bus wasn't jam ... read more
Topes (speed bumps)
Quite the Traveler isn't she...

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