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Today we are on a mailing mission. We have to package up another box with our hammock and a bunch of trinkets, cross our fingers, put it in the hands of the Nicaraguan mail system, & hope it gets home! Of course, our mail experience was a bit of a journey. We get to the post office with box in hand, very very well taped (like half the roll on the box because the one box that made it home, we were told, was in bad shape) & find out we need a copy of our passport for them to attach to the package. OK. Off to find a fotocopia store (they're all over for some reason, maybe because of this need?). Find one, buy some OFF, pay for the copy & head back to the ... read more
Our transportation to Isla de Ometepe.
Loading cargo onto the Hilario Sanchez
Looking good...

I think I'm becoming a serious coffee addict. All these early mornings & free coffee. It does not bode well for limiting my coffee consumption. When we get back to the US & I have to pay big money for coffee, we are in trouble. After Geoff finally woke up (about 2 hours after me...) we made George Bowls. Yum! I swear, sitting at this kitchen table is so entertaining. The people watching is unreal, just in our hostel. I love it. We headed out into town with a picture of the map from our book, where I highlighted the things I wanted to see today. I can't help it, I've been up for hours & had ALOT of coffee... We visited the Convent & Iglesia of San Francisco that has been restored & turned into ... read more
Catedral & Nica Flag.
Convento y Iglesia San Francisco.
A beautiful palm tree garden inside the Convento y Iglesia de San Francisco.

Hi y'all! We've been out of touch for awhile. We've been on Little Corn Island & haven't had any good internet access. So beware, there are about to be a lot of blogs uploaded all at once. Sorry! Especially because none of them are short-winded. What can I say, I have a lot to say... But here's where we left off.... xoxoxo Up before the sun today to catch an early bus out of town. Pack up session begin! Our packs are a bit heavier at the moment with our new hammock. But worth it! We caught a cab out front since the bus station is a couple miles from our hotel. A little too much walking for first thing in the morning. The bus "terminal" (aka the local market aka a big dusty field full ... read more
Pigs for sale!
Beginning our walk to Laguna de Apoyo
La Laguna.

I spent hours typing this morning while Geoff slept. There's free coffee which is always bad & good for us. I just keep drinking & typing & by the time Geoff wakes up I'm totally wired. It is a system that works well though. Once Geoff woke up around 9:30 (because I woke him up) we headed out into town. We were on a mission to see the local market & the neighborhood known for making hammocks. The neighborhood is Barrio San Juan & many of the houses there had their wares hanging on their porches or in the front room of their house. While walking around we were stopped by an older man who invited us onto his porch to watch his nephew making a hammock. It was not as interesting watching the young guy ... read more
School's out!
El Gallo, Mas Gallo!

It's another beautiful, hot, sunny morning. Supposed to be around 90 degrees today. It basically feels like that temperature as soon as the sun is on you at all. This morning we had breakfast & coffee at Oasis overlooking the ocean. I did some typing, Geoff did some reading & then we went swimming. The current is pretty strong this morning so I only went knee deep, a little nervous from yesterday apparently. Another round of packing up followed the swim. We watched our bus drive by a second too soon for us. So we just hung out & enjoyed the shade for another hour waiting for the next bus. We said our goodbyes to the Minnesotans & headed out. The bus was packed with school kids on their way to start their schoolday at 12:30. ... read more
It's so hard to leave places like this!
Everything you could ever need.
Our tab at Oasis.

Another lovely, sunny day. Just can't complain. We walked into "town," which is one street with two lanes right next to the beach, and ordered breakfast at a little comedor set in the sand. The food took a long time to arrive & in that time we witnessed all kinds of interesting things. We watched two local guys walk down the road, drinking beer (at 8:30am), in their underwear (one with tightie whities, one with boxers). The best part was probably when boxer dude had his free hand (the other hand was holding the beer) in his shorts (through the fly no less) for a good solid few minutes while talking with someone in our comedor. Good morning! Ick. Not long after that a little kid & his dad were walking to their fishing boat, right ... read more
Plato tipico en Nicaragua.
Drinking beer in your underwear...
Raccoon Baby!  Would you believe this is someone's pet?

This morning we made our second Central American George Bowls. They were fantastico! Perfect way to start the morning. I walked around this morning early & tried to find some coffee. Love my morning walks! I found some right next door but only after I'd already walked everywhere & was on my way back to the the hostel. We packed up our life & stuck it all in a locker so we could go to the Fundacion Ortiz Museo (museum). It is a really beautiful museum in downtown Leon that takes up the corners of 2 large city blocks. The museum has current artists as well as ancient art from all over Central America. It was a nice change of pace from our usual touristy attractions. There were six cute little gardens throughout & beautiful chandeliers. ... read more
Inside the Museo Fundacion Ortiz
El simbolo de la ciudad de Leon.
Goodbye Bigfoot, Goodbye Leon!

I woke up early & spent the morning attempting to catch up on journals. It is too easy to fall behind & I am currently working on 5 days ago. It also makes it hard to remember all the details. I guess it's just too bad I'm having too much fun to find time to journal.... By the time Geoff got up I had already finished breakfast, had two cups of coffee, & journaled for a couple of hours. The wifi here stinks otherwise I would have played online probably. Today we are going volcano boarding. Several people we've met along the way have raved about it & that is part of why we are at this hostel. For $30 per person we get our room, a t-shirt, 2 mojitos each, & a trek to the ... read more
Our transportation for Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro.
Filming "La Monde de Gros" during our ride to the volcano.
Approaching Cerro Negro in Big Foot's truck.

I really wish I had the ability to sleep past 630am. Oh well! I got up and walked around town. I like seeing the towns first thing in the morning. It's always more peaceful. Plus I like to just watch the town wake up while I walk in search of coffee. This morning I had someone ask me for directions so that was kinda funny. But, since it's Sunday, nothing is open & doesn't look like it's going to open any time soon. Shoot. Went back to our hotel & we got packed up for our bus ride to Leon. We bought a couple little pastries from the grocery store across the street & walked to the bus terminal. It's already hot & it is only 830 in the morning. Whew. We walked into the bus ... read more
Our peace, love, happy room at Bigfoot.
Catedral Leon

This morning we spent some quality time in a cute coffee shop down the street from our hotel. They make a really perfect cup of coffee. And we utilized their wifi to work on blogs. We then spent the morning walking around looking for a tourist office or tour office because we wanted to visit a coffee farm (finca). As usual directions from locals are a bit challenging. Take a right at the pink house, go straight, you'll see it, etc. The other main issue is that signage is not a huge concern for many businesses in C.A. Oh well, we saw the town, walked a bit & finally found the tour office. The guy there gave us good advice on a self-guided tour of one of the bigger fincas nearby. Lots & lots of coffee ... read more
Mmmm Donuts!
Typical Snack Shack

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