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Sitting on our little deck typing early this morning & just happened to look up & through a wide gap between two palm trees where something very large just jumped out of the ocean. I don't have a clue what it was but it looked like a stingray. Is that possible? It was pretty far out in the ocean but I saw it in the air. I wonder what it was. Unless there's some sort of rectangular looking fish out there too.... Up early for breakfast. Walked to The Shack. Not the best food (I think we have just been spoiled with amazing cooks along the way & a decent cook is apparent) & super slow (as we will learn all food is on this island but that's because what you order is made right then ... read more
"Blowing Rock"
Fried Chicken on a bed of plaintain chips topped with salad (coleslaw).
The Carribean was glass calm.

My broken finger still hurts. I broke it in Guatemala around the 1st of February. Almost 2 months ago. Shesh. At least it doesn't hurt to brush my hair anymore but it's still sensitive. Little taps on things in just the right way & I get shooting pains. And it looks really funny. I have this huge knob off the side of my finger now. I guess my dreams of hand modeling are shattered. In our taxi to the airport at 5:15 am. Super excited. On our way to the airport we saw a skyscraper with a huge lit figure representing General Sandino on the side of the building. Pretty cool looking. At the airport, our luggage was overweight by 12 pounds. Not surprising when you're carrying Gary around. They only charged us $.50 a pound ... read more
Our plane to Big Corn Island
We made it to Big Corn Island, but still have a 45 minute boat ride to Little Corn.
The panga to Little Corn.

This morning we have some errands to run. We have to withdraw a substantial amount of money because there aren't ATM's on Little Corn Island where we will be spending over a week & will need a lot of money. So, we found the ATM we need & for whatever reason it let us withdraw a huge sum of money in one transaction. Usually we can only get $185 at a time. But today we got $300 at a time! People must spend money here. Next stop the book exchange to get some new books for our Little Corn time. We turned in a couple books we've read & got a couple new ones. The typical exchange rate is: give two books, get a new book. Last stop, food. We went to a different comedor, out ... read more
Rebecca's Inn, our hostel in San Juan del Sur.
The lobby at Rebecca's and our shady hideaway.
Tummy Time!

This morning we ate at another one of the comedores in the market. So much food for so little money. Geoff was all excited about having fried eggs. It's weird but they aren't easy to get & impossible to make in shared kitchens with pans that everything sticks to no matter how much oil you use. So, surprise surprise he had fried eggs & gallo pinto. I had an omelet & gallo pinto & it was all good. We then hiked up to the top of the point overlooking SJDS where there is a huge Jesus statue. We had to go see Jesus! The hike up was very very hot & very uphill. We walked in the shade whenever possible & had to do a lot of water & catch your breath stops. The view from ... read more
It's already 90 degrees and we've decided to hike to that hill in the distance.
A beautiful spot & worth every bit of effort to get there.
The view from the top!

Sadly, we are leaving Ometepe today. I'm going to miss it. I love the small villages & the farm animals that are abundant everywhere. Especially on the main highway. I am really falling in love with pigs & cows & horses & especially ponies! So cute! I have also fallen in love with Gecko speak. They sound like birds making a long winded cheeeep cheeeep but I just love how they announce their presence in the room. We haven't seen roomate snake in about a day. I guess he doesn't like having company. There are these blue birds, called Urracas, that make a lot of noise, almost like they're yelling, & actually seem to follow us around when we are out walking. They're beautiful with a big tuft of feathers on the top of their heads ... read more
Our ferry backing into the dock on Ometepe.
Inside the boat.
Welcome to San Juan del Sur!

I'm sitting here this morning in the restaurant overlooking the lake, up before the employees arrive, watching the birds collect twigs for their nests. I really love having the mornings to myself. I'm almost always up before everyone else but when I get to sit outside & enjoy the activities of the wildlife in the mornings, that is my favorite. The birds are all always so busy in the mornings & they sing & sing & sing while working. Now, after sitting out here alone for over an hour, the employees are here & I am already working on my second cup of coffee. Thinking about my third.... Geoff woke up & joined me in the restaurant. Maybe TMI for some people but Geoff mentioned that usually within the first two hours of any given day ... read more
Waiting for the bus to Punta Jesus Maria.
This should have been the beginning of our trek, but the bus driver forgot us again.
Volcanos and Farm Animals

We've decided to leave this morning & head to another little town on Ometepe. Mix it up a bit. So, we did our usual packing & had our last yummy breakfast. We have been running a tab here, which so many places like to do, so I'm a little scared about the total. Plus, I've learned to add it up myself after they give me the total. Something about math skills here. No judgement but it is really an issue. For example, when you buy something at any little store, & they have to make change for you, they definitely bust out their oversized calculator to figure it out. Even if the change is something obvious like it costs 195 & you give them 200. Out comes the calculator. It's kind of a trip & has ... read more
Geoff packing in our cute little room.
Kassandra gets plantain chips & a juice bag. Yippee!!
Turist Information

Our room here has the most genius fan setup. They took a regular fan & hung it from the ceiling directly over the bed & it rotates. Perfect. A MacGyver ceiling fan. It really makes sleeping in this heat a little easier. And helps to limit the mass quantity of bug bites Geoff wakes up with. This morning we had breakfast with Karen & Justin. I gave them all the pics I've taken so far on Ometepe since Karen lost her camera. That would suck. It was our farewell breakfast. They're heading to Granada today. Back to me & Geoff taking on the world alone! :) I had a delicious omelet full of veggies & Geoff stuck with his scrambled eggs & gallo pinto. We each had a lot of coffee. Addicts! We said our goodbyes ... read more
Our room...
& our bathroom.
Our restaurant at Rancho Merida.

We reconvened at the restaurant for breakfast & it was ready pretty much at the time we asked. That's great service for Island time combined with Nica time. I'm impressed actually. Water bottles purchased from Margarita's Bar & we were on our way. The first part of the walk took us down a long, dusty road toward the city of San Ramon. We arrived at the entrance to the waterfall park after about 45 minutes. The entrance to the park is really pretty & well maintained. We paid our $3 to get in & began our 3 kilometer climb to the waterfall. It was pretty much straight uphill & we guesstimated it was really more like 4-5 km but at least it was early enough that the sun wasn't blazing hot yet. We started to wonder ... read more
Kung-Fu Chicken
The entrance to the waterfall hike.
Half way to the top and it is HOT!

Waking up in a town that you arrived in at night is always a treat in the morning. It's like Christmas. What did we get?!? The total population of Isla Ometepe is 35,000 which isn't much since it is the biggest island in Nicaragua & has 2 very large volcanos on it. One on each end. It's really beautiful. All the pueblos on the island are very small. At breakfast this morning we met Justin & Karen from Seattle! We're all heading to Merida this morning together. We caught the local schoolbus & began the 1.5 hour, only 12km distance, ride. The roads on the island are really the worst we've seen. Reminiscent of the road to Punta Allen, Mexico. Big rocks, big potholes, really bumpy, slow ride. (I just heard a donkey make his hee ... read more
There are handpainted maps of Ometepe all over.
Just another ordinary transport service...
Gary's on the bus & waiting for us, all ready to go!

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