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Happy Birthday Eddie! For whatever reason I have to wake up before the alarm goes off. I worry it won't go off & we'll miss our flight. So I woke up at 5:15. Up, quick pack & out front to catch a cab. We snapped some photos & caught a cab fairly quickly. I think we were a little overzealous on our arrival time. The airport is teeny tiny & we showed up 1 hour early. The check in counter wasn't even open but at least they had the waiting area open for us neurotic American types. Glenn & Carrie were on our flight & we chatted with them while waiting. We are definitely going to go visit them at their winery in E. Washington when we get home. They're big fans of wine & cheese, ... read more
Ready for takeoff.
Goodbye Corn Islands!
Fried chicken & rice in bags, ready to sell.

After the middle of the night reading session we both slept great. We woke up well rested. We both were wide awake around 6am. I think we've just been sleeping more than enough lately. We had breakfast with Ana & the kids. Lola & Surya were using my computer to play games & they were teaching me things about how to use my computer. Pretty funny. After breakfast we packed up & reorganized. We were comfortably moved into our little cabana so it took some time to pack. We paid Ana, said goodbye to everyone, took some last minute photos of everything one more time...Especially the puppies. They are so adorable & they were sleeping & snuggling together. Precious! Then we strapped on our backpacks & headed into town on the trail. It was really hot ... read more
Hen in the kitchen running behind Geoff.
Puppies sleeping.
The big stack of books we read here.

The pics: A view of our shower from the front, the path toward town, a house along the path (so many are made of metal), 3 pics of the bay in front of town, the path to Ensuenos along the beach, me & the beach in front of Ensuenos, dinner table for us, Us sitting out front before dinner enjoying our drinks, Us at our dinner table, Vegetables & cheese for course one with our plantain chips & lime beverage! Yum!, Amazing Lasagna, Us with Chef Andrea after dinner. Today we slept until 8am. We slept a very long time, something like 10 hours! I think it's because it's overcast & cloudy & cool. Plus it's still raining pretty hard which makes it difficult to even want to go outside. It feels like the whole world ... read more
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10

Photos: The first is of Rosa's delicious breakfast, the next few are from Little Corn Baseball, the lady with the white bucket is the beer vendor, the huts out back are the food vendors, Photo 8 is the announcer with his bull horn, the boat the baseball players are leaving on, lastly Letitia putting my hair wrap in (it's basically colorful string wrappe around a chunk of my hair). This morning we walked the length of the beach to Rosa's for breakfast. It isn't raining anymore but is still a bit cloudy, which is actually kind of nice because the sun is hot! Rosa's food is so good. We had huge plates of eggs & gallo pinto & a coffee & a huge bowl of fresh fruit, all for $3. Love it! After stuffing our faces, ... read more

Hi All! Apparently Travelblog is updating their site & there are still some kinks to work out. So for now I can't add captions the photos. We're just going to post the blogs anyway. We've put them in order of events during the day. For example, today's photos are of the daddy dog & his baby girl pup playing, our cabana, Felipe working on my necklace, Geoff on a palm tree, us in our cabana, me cracking up at something Geoff said, dinnertime. Geoff woke up before me today! This is the first time since we left home that this has happened I think. Wow. I didn't even wake up when he got out of bed. Amazing. Probably because this bed is so ridiculously comfortable & with the constant cool breeze I sleep so well. This ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

I woke up this morning to another beautiful, sunny day. It's warm & breezy & tropical & I love it. We are spending another day doing as much of nothing as we can do. Sometimes that is just the best way to spend your time, in our opinion anyway. Plus, we are both on some sort of reading binge. I have already read 2 books & I think Geoff is on his 3rd. Busy busy. The wind has picked up tonight & the seas are no longer calm. So we made a good decision to take another day off. We shared a veggie omelet this morning. It wasn't as great as the cheesy one, but still good. During breakfast we talked with Ana about travel, life, the choices we all make, people & their influences on ... read more
The front of our cabana with the door and window closed.  Just love the handpainted touches everywhere.
And the front with the door & window open.  This is how it looked most of the time.
The dining room at Derek's Place.

Up early today to dive. This bed is so comfortable here & the breeze is so cool, I think I could sleep forever. The breeze just blows directly into our cabana & straight through the room right off the sea. It keeps the bugs away & provides for a pleasant nights sleep. And the sound of the waves crashing all night, just lull you into deep sleep. I could stay forever. Really. This morning we said goodbye to Derek & the fam, who all sit out in their open air kitchen area in the mornings, & headed down the path toward town. I love starting the morning with a walk through the densely filled forest of palm trees & tropical plants. We saw a huge hermit crab on the ground under the brush. Apparently he didn't ... read more
Dive Little Corn's front door.  Maybe our front door should look like a dive flag???
A view of Little Corn as we head out.
On the boat and ready to dive. Those wetsuits sure are cute.

Today we are taking a day off from all the work of diving. ;) We need a day of rest. And we just want to chill & enjoy the quiet & beauty of Derek's Place. It is ridiculously peaceful & beautiful here. This morning we had breakfast here at Derek's. It is super chill here. We had breakfast with Ana (Derek's wife) & their kids Lola & Surya. There is also Marc, the kids tutor, who just arrived from Barcelona, Spain. The kids get a tutor every 2 months alternating being taught in English & Spanish. Cool idea. It's like being part of the family here, but you're paying to stay. We all eat at the same table together. The kitchen is their kitchen & we are just their guest. We each had an omelet with ... read more
The view from our porch.
Sitting on the wood/rock chairs enjoying the sun.
The view to the right of the wood chairs

Woke up before alarm. Sooo sleepy still. Like I hadn't slept in weeks. My body is so tired from 5 dives in the last two days. It's amazing what a toll it takes on the cuerpo (body). We packed up, brought our bags to the main lodge/restaurant, drank coffee, ate Laki (our fav cup of noodle but spicy, hope I can find it at home), paid our tab & headed to the dive shop. We walked to the dive shop where we found everyone a bit hung over from the night before. Last night was the grand opening ceremony of the new baseball stadium on Big Corn Island & practically everyone went to it. So this morning is a bit of a cluster & everyone is quite slow moving. It's kind of funny. We got started ... read more
Up early and ready to dive again today.
Another beautiful day on the Caribbean!
Hiking the trail back to town for the evening's festivities.

We slept like babies last night. Sooo tired from 3 dives in one day. It really wears you out. I woke up & spent some quality time on the deck staring at the sea. I had a delicious cup of coffee. Real coffee, brewed, not the instant stuff that has become a staple in our lives in the coffee center of the world. Oh well. It still does the trick. After Geoff was up we walked into town a bit early to find bread for our PB & bananas. Everyone here talks about coconut bread. They all love it & we went searching for it. Several stores & houses have signs that say they make/sell coconut bread, but all of them were sold out. It must be really good stuff... Along our walk in town we ... read more
Hair trim between dives. Perfect!
The dive plan for "Shark Hole"
Sign in front of Bridggette's Restaurant

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